Not Dead Yet Episode 7 Review: Time to Meet Papa Serrano!

Different streaming platforms and networks are trying their best to bring the old American sitcom format, which was admittedly one of the most popular. Although we aren’t getting the 22 episodes per season like we used to in the era of How I Met Your Mother, The Office, or Friends.

Nevertheless, we can still catch glimpses of the old format in the new shows, and one of the most recent shows that is pulling it off effortlessly is Not Dead Yet. Despite the slow start, Not Dead Yet has made its way to our hearts, which brings us to episode 7!

Not Dead Yet Episode 7

Not Dead Yet Episode 7 titled “Not Out of The Game Yet” has to be one of the most heartwarming episodes so far, because it featured a family member of Nell’s and that plot line always makes a way in everyone’s hearts.

In this review and recap, we will talk all about Not Dead Yet Episode 7, and there might be some light spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched episode 6, you can read all about it right here.

Nell is Still in the Game!

Not Dead Yet Episode 7 saw plenty of character development for two characters: Nell and Lexi. If you have been following our reviews, you probably already know that we have a soft spot for Lexi, and frankly, if you are watching the show, you probably do too, or at least you will after Not Dead Yet Episode 7.

The episode starts on a shaky note where it is established that Nell is officially broke. She is broke enough that she has to steal tomatoes, try and steal Edward’s Hulu password, and barely eat anything for lunch. Things only get worse for Nell when she crashes her car, realizing she’s going to have to pay for that too, on top of her delayed student loan payments.

Nell is Still in the Game!

However, the silver lining in Not Dead Yet Episode 7 is the obituary she has to write, which might come as a shocker, because Nell usually hates having dead people around, but it was different in this episode.

Nell has to write an obituary of a sportscaster she always admired, and who also bought Nell and her father closer when she was younger. Speaking of her father, remember how we mentioned being introduced to Nell’s family member?

It was Nell’s father, who left her several missed calls but she refused to answer because the last thing she needed was him seeing her in this state.

Nell hasn’t been completely honest about her life, and her father is under the impression that she is doing more than great in life right now, but that clearly wasn’t the case.

Nell’s father

Nell’s father decides to show up at work when she doesn’t answer his calls and of course, Nell wasn’t going to tell him the truth about her life, so instead, she tries to fabricate her life at work, and that adds to the hilarity in Not Dead Yet Episode 7.

Despite Nell’s efforts, her lies don’t hold up for too long, thanks to her roommate Edward, who is frankly just concerned about Nell and terribly at picking up social cues. Nell’s father offers her to come back and take over his restaurant, live a more stable life, and it this really puts Nell into deep thought about the life she has built for herself so far.


Meanwhile, back at the office, performance reviews are looming over everyone, all thanks to Lexi’s father, so clearly fatherhood was the underlying theme in Not Dead Yet Episode 7. Lexi doesn’t want anyone to lose their jobs, but performance reviews are a must as her father was virtually present, with just his voice on a speaker.

As the reviews proceed, we ultimately reach Nell’s performance review, where she admits that she initially was going to ask Lexi to fire her, but she changed her mind. Nell gives a mini monologue about writing and her job, which makes Lexi realize that her father hasn’t been a part of the reviews for the last several hours.


Nell decides she isn’t out of the game yet, and Lexi decides to fire her father instead of anyone who works for her. These two women have shown a lot of character development in these last seven episodes, and we have loved every second of it.

Not Dead Yet might not be the funniest show out there, but it is definitely a source of comfort for many people, and that’s all thanks to the writers and the characters that they have created.

Once again, Sam and Edward were brilliant in this episode too, being supportive and caring friends in their own way, which showcases that people show love and concern in different ways, but at the end of the day, Nell has a lot of people who care about her, despite her broke and coffee-spilled life.  

 Sam and Edward

The one thing we didn’t like about Not Dead Yet Episode 7 was the absence of Cricket, who has become one of our favorite characters, and the episode simply felt incomplete without her smile and wisdom, but hopefully, we get to see more of her in the next episode.

We are liking the fact that Not Dead Yet isn’t focusing too hard on romantic relationships, and is more engrossed in platonic relationships and friendships, however, it wouldn’t hurt to give Nell a brief love interest, and maybe that will happen sometime in the next episode because Nell deserves some kind of miracle that turns her frown upside down.

So far, Not Dead Yet Episode 7 hasn’t been our favorite episode, but it is definitely up there, and in the next few weeks, we should know whether or not this show is getting renewed for another season!


We will be back again next week to recap and review Not Dead Yet Episode 8, but until then, we would love to know in the comments section what you thought about Episode 7, and whether or not you think Not Dead Yet should be renewed for another season!

Not Dead Yet Episode 7

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