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Not Dead Yet: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Not Dead Yet: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

In the midst of all the romance that we will be experiencing on our screens this February, we need a little bit of comedy in the mix to shake things up. We don’t mean romantic comedy, horror comedy, or romance with a dash of comedy, we mean proper, sitcom-like comedy, and that’s why we are here to talk about Not Dead Yet. Well, the title Not Dead Yet might actually sound a little bit like horror or a series about someone going through an existential crisis before their death, but that isn’t the case. Albeit, there might just be one jump scare in the upcoming series.

Not Dead Yet is being created by the very talented David Windsor and Casey Johnson, both of whom have been responsible for making us laugh and cry with the help of their shows and creations, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us when it comes to Not Dead Yet. We will explore more about the upcoming comedy series in this article, so make sure we keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Not Dead Yet, from the plot, to the cast, to the release date and more:

What Is The Plot of Not Dead Yet?

If you have not heard about Not Dead Yet before reading this article, it would be an interesting exercise to guess what the upcoming series will be about just based on the title. So we suggest you take a beat before you continue reading. If you have your guesses in, we will go ahead and take a look at the official synopsis before diving into some other plot details about Not Dead Yet:

“Not Dead Yet” follows Nell Serrano, a broke and newly single self-described disaster, working to restart the life and career she left behind five years ago. When she lands the only job she can find – writing obituaries – Nell starts getting life advice from an unlikely source. The series is adapted from the book “Confessions of a 40-something F**k Up” by Alexandra Potter.”

The Plot of Not Dead Yet

As the synopsis suggests, Not Dead Yet will tell us the story of Nell Serrano, the protagonist of the upcoming comedy series, who claims to have messed up her own life. Her love life is down in the dumps and now she has moved back home to start her life again when she ends up re-starting her career. The job market everywhere is crashing, so you take any job you get, even if it means writing obituaries, because what’s the worst that could happen when you have to write about dead people for a living?

Well, turns out writing obituaries isn’t as easy for Nell as one would think, and it starts taking a toll on her, and we will tell you just why. Here is where all your guesswork comes into play because Nell is being visited by the ghosts and spirits of the people she is writing about. It doesn’t matter if they died old or young, they are there to visit Nell until she writes their obituary. At first, Nell is convinced that she doesn’t see dead people, but turns out, she definitely does. Also, dead people can be a lot wiser and come with a whole lot of advice and life lessons for Nell.

Not Dead Yet will explore Nell’s life as she interacts with the dead, trying to navigate her own life as she has almost given up hope of any semblance of a normal life. But by the looks of it, there is still hope for Nell, and we are rooting for her. She will also have several interesting people in her life other than the dead people, and we will talk more about them in the next section of the article, so make sure you keep reading to find out everything regarding the cast and characters of Not Dead Yet.

The Cast of Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet has an ensemble cast, whether we are talking about the living characters or the dead, there are some brilliant and talented actors and actresses all across the board. We will start with our main character, Nell Serrano, who will be played by none other than the very talented Gina Rodriguez herself. You might recognize Gina Rodriguez from the popular tv show, Jane the Virgin, where she gained worldwide recognition, along with her co-star Justin Baldoni. Rodriguez is also known for her work in movies like Someone Great, Miss Bala, and Annihilation. We can’t wait to see what Rodriguez brings to the table in Not Dead Yet, because, by the looks of it, she is more than perfect and ready for this role!

The Cast of Not Dead Yet

Let us move on to the next set of cast members, who will play the role of her co-workers. Nell’s boss will be played by the very talented Lauren Ash whom you might recognize from the popular sitcom Superstore. She is clearly good at playing boss, only this time around she has a different look, and we love it. Joining Ash, we also have Hannah Simone from New Girl and Josh Banday from Upload. Viewers are most looking forward to seeing the friendship formed between Nell and Sam (Hannah Simone).

Rick Glassman will be playing the prominent role of Nell’s roommate, Edward. His character has been described as passive-aggressive and this surely will be relatable for the viewers, because haven’t we all had a roommate like that in our lives at some point? You might recognize Glassman from his work in As We See It and Undateable.

Other characters, dead or alive, will be played by cast members including Angela Elayne Gibbs, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Jessica St. Clair, Ren Hanami, Livia Treviño, and Imani Love amongst others. It will be interesting to see how their characters impact the lives of Nell, in a good way or a bad way. There will also be several guest appearances in Not Dead Yet, so make sure you keep a lookout for them!

When and Where Can You Watch Not Dead Yet?

The countdown for Not Dead Yet has officially begun and you won’t have to wait long until you can watch the upcoming comedy series. Not Dead Yet is slated to release on the 8th of February. The first two episodes will premiere on that day, followed by weekly episodes. You can tune into ABC to watch Not Dead Yet, but it also might be available to stream on Prime Video, but that has not been confirmed just yet. We will keep you updated when that happens!

Is There a Trailer for Not Dead Yet?

The official trailer for Not Dead Yet was released recently and already has close to four million views, which means people have been loving it so far and we don’t blame them. The trailer gives us a good idea of what we can expect from the upcoming series, whether it is Nell and her depressing life, or the fact that she now sees ghosts. We have also caught a glimpse at the other characters, and so far, everything looks like a whole lot of fun with a few life lessons along the way. The trailer has definitely caused intrigue amongst fans as to how Not Dead Yet will progress as each episode goes by.

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We don’t know the future of Not Dead Yet right now, but given the plot and cast, the series looks incredibly promising. We would love to know in the comments if you will be tuning in and watching Not Dead Yet because we surely will!

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