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Odekake Kozame: Release Date, Plot, and More

Odekake Kozame: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Are you looking for some laid-back kids’ anime to watch with your kids? Then why not try Odekake Kozame anime which will be released soon?

We know that you first want to know whether the anime is appropriate for children or not so we have prepared this article to share all the latest news along with details of its story so that you can rest assured that kids will have fun watching it.

Odekake Kozame: Release Date, Plot, and More
credits: Odekake Kozame manga

Odekake Kozame Release Date

The official website of Odekake Kozame revealed that the manga will get an anime adaptation that will release in the summer. The exact date of Odekake Kozame’s release has not been revealed yet.

Along with the website a Twitter account was launched as well and they even shared visuals.

The manga was first released by Penguin Box on Twitter in June 2021.

In August 2022, the second volume of the compiled book was made available in Japan, and the upcoming third volume is set to be released on May 30.

Odekake Kozame Release Date
credits: Odekake Kozame official website

This manga portrays the charming and nostalgic everyday escapades of a youthful shark character.

To commemorate the anime adaptation of the manga, the author has shared a little message with the fans along with illustrations:

“Odekake Kozame will get its anime adaptation! I would like to thank all of you who have always supported the manga and the people involved in the production for making this happen.

Thank you so much! I would be very happy if you could enjoy the adventures of Kozame in the Yauo town, which has a little nostalgic atmosphere, in the anime as well!”

Odekake Kozame Synopsis

The narrative revolves around Kozame-chan, a small shark character, and their delightful escapades in the charming town of Yauo.

This town exudes a comforting and nostalgic aroma that adds to the overall ambiance. Kozame-chan engages in a range of heartwarming activities, including participating in radio exercises, exploring festival stalls, and cherishing moments with friends.

Odekake Kozame Cast & Staff

The cast has not been revealed yet, and the staff is also yet to be revealed. Once they announce the cast & staff members we will surely update the same here.

Odekake Kozame Staff Comment

penguin box comment

“Odekakeko Zame will be animated this time!
Thanks to all of you who always support us and those who have been involved in the production.thank you very much!!

Odekake Kozame Staff Comment
credits: anime news network

I would be very happy if you could enjoy the animation of the little shark’s adventures in the nostalgic atmosphere of Yagicho! !”

Where to Watch Odekake Kozame?

You will be able to watch exclusively on TV channels of Japan or Hulu. The delivery and broadcast information has not been shared yet.

Is there any Odekake Kozame Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, a short teaser was revealed which you can check out. The anime looks wholesome and is a must-watch for kids who love anime.



In conclusion, the eagerly anticipated anime adaptation of Odekake Kozame promises to captivate audiences with its heartwarming story and delightful characters.

The adventures of Kozame-chan in the nostalgic town of Yauo are set to unfold, offering a charming and wholesome viewing experience. With the official website and Twitter accounts now life, fans can stay updated on the latest news and enjoy the teaser visual and trailer, building excitement for the release.

As we eagerly await the premiere, it’s clear that Odekake Kozame has all the ingredients to become a beloved and cherished anime among viewers of all ages.

Nadia Zabin
Nadia Zabin

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