Oh Belinda

The teaser for the modernized version of the classic 1986 movie Oh Belinda was released recently. OGM Films produces a brand-new fantasy comedy from Turkey for Netflix.

Hakan Bonomo will write it, and Deniz Yorulmazer will direct it. It will go for approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes. When a young actor agrees to participate in a commercial, her ideal existence abruptly enters her character’s world.

At the 23rd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, the 1986 movie was also presented in a competition. Golden Oranges were also awarded Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

Here is all the information we currently have about the upcoming film, from plot specifics to the cast of Oh Belinda.

Oh Belinda Netflix

What Will Be The Plot For Oh Belinda?

The story depicts a young actor, much like the classic, whose ideal existence is upended when she chooses to appear in an advertisement. In addition, she unexpectedly enters the universe of her character.

The Plot For Oh Belinda

The actor soon realizes that this time, the character’s existence in the movie is her reality.

Is There A Teaser For Oh Belinda?

Serap, a current and accomplished theater performer, is seen reading the script for her forthcoming shampoo commercial shoot in the teaser. According to the script, Mrs. Handan, who plays her, is a fantastic housewife with a son and daughter.

It’s because, in addition to working full-time in a bank, she also makes dolmas every evening. Additionally, since she hates the traditional roles assigned to women, Serap finds the word offensive.

It involves cooking, cleaning, and looking after children. She doesn’t play the stereotypical part and lives a free-spirited life. However, she agrees to participate in a newly released Belinda shampoo commercial.

The shooting proceeds mainly without a hitch, but the director doesn’t like her performance when she uses shampoo in the scene. He also feels that she must grasp the ambiance or the situation. The actress decides to commit entirely and become involved in the final shot.

Is There A Teaser For Oh Belinda?

She eventually becomes fully conscious of a different existence. Additionally, the actress now resembles the Belinda character she was playing in the television commercials, complete with a typical husband and two kids. In a desperate effort to go back to her past, she looks for people from it.

However, despite her best efforts, not even her partner, Suat, can accept that she is Serap. We’ll soon learn whether she will be able to return to her real life or if she will be stuck playing the part eternally.

The Cast Of Oh Belinda

Neslihan Atagül is the lead character in the forthcoming film. She is an actor from Turkey best known for playing Kara Sevda. It is a television series distributed to more than 110 nations and was the only show from Turkey to receive the 2017 International Emmy Award.

She also played the protagonist in the movies Araf and Senden Bana Kalan, as well as the television show Fatih Harbiye. The actress has also won many honors and awards throughout her acting career. The Tokyo International Film Festival’s Best Actress Award is also included in this.

Serkan Çayoglu is the next actor to join the Oh Belinda ensemble. He is a Turkish actor of German descent best known for his work in the films Kiraz Mevsimi, Yeni Hayat, and Halka.

He finished his studies at the Economics Department of Erlangen University in Germany. The actor also began working as a model while he was a university student.

The following significant figure in Oh Belinda’s cast is Necip Memili. He is a Turkish actor and a theatrical studies graduate of Çukurova University State Conservatory. 

The Cast Of Oh Belinda

He began acting for the Adana Seyhan Municipal Theatre as an amateur actor in 1999. His major television debut also included a part in the Arka Sokaklar series. Critics also gave Necip high marks for his portrayal in Şahsiyet. Meral Çetinkaya portrays the character after that on the list of cast members of Oh Belinda.

She is a Turkish actor as well. Since 1962, she has made appearances in over twenty movies. Beril Pozam, Efe Tuncer, Gamze Karaduman, and Sacide Tasaner are additional ensemble members.

When And Where To Watch Oh Belinda?

It is a critically acclaimed remake of Atif Ylmaz’s 1986 picture and stars actors of the highest caliber. On April 7, it will be available to stream on the OTT platform Netflix.


The iconic version of 1986 Oh Belinda is just one of the many films created during the prosperous years of the movie industry. It was made on a tight budget with some rough edges, but despite that, it stood out from the competition at the time. What would happen if our existence abruptly changed to something completely different?

That’s not just a bad dream, that is a genuine difference in reality, and it appears that you adjust to it. Belinda will undoubtedly be one of the cast’s best performances in the forthcoming movie.

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming version of the iconic film because of the prior one. Stay tuned for more information.

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