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Oshi no ko Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

Oshi no ko Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

After waiting ages for another rom-com anime like Kaguya-Sama Love is War, the author has shared some exciting news for all rom-com lovers. Oshi no ko (“Children of Our Favorite” or “Their Idol’s Children”) – a Japanese manga series by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, finally got an anime tv series adaptation. The anime series is produced by Doga Kobo, who produced much anime like Plastic Memories, 11 Eyes, My Senpai is Annoying, and other shoujo series. 

2023 filled with new anime series and anime sequels, has raised fans’ expectations for more, so the question is will it be able to rise to the top? Will Oshi no ko be better than Kaguya Sama? We cannot predict its outcome yet, but so far, according to the sources, the manga has achieved first place in the 7th “Next Manga Awards” in 2021, Best General category in the 46th annual Kodansha Manga awards, and even got nominated for 26th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and Taisho Awards.

The manga came out #7 out of the top 20 list for male readers in the 2022 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi. Oshi no ko’s popularity and compelling story grabbed the attention of the Doga Kobo production house and led to its anime adaptation. Now without any further adieu, allow me to share with you the latest news of Oshi no ko’s release date, plot, and more.

Oshi no ko Anime Release Date

Oshi no Ko has been anticipated for anime adaptation since its release, and the official news for its release has already been online. The anime is set to premiere on 12 April 2023.

Oshi no ko Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

Special News: The bonus part for the fans is that an extended 90-minute version of the first episode will be launched at cinemas nationwide in Japan on March 17, 2023. If you want to catch the extended version, then make sure to book the tickets in advance. Apart from the release date, the manga has also been confirmed to have crossed the sale of 3 million copies.

The recent live-stream event aired the full trailer for Oshi no ko: Mother and Children theatrical screenings anime along with an announcement of a new cast member on Sunday. The trailer shared a sneak peek of the YOASOBI’s opening theme song, “Idol”.

Cast and Crew Members of Oshi no ko Anime

The directors of Oshi no ko’s anime adaptation are Daisuke Hiramaki (Selection Project) and Chao Nekotomi (Love is Like a Cocktail). Jin Tanaka (The Misfit of Demon King Academy) is the scriptwriter. Kanna Hirayama (Rent-A-Girlfriend) is the character designer for the series. HIDIVE and Crunchyroll will stream Oshi no ko anime series in April.

Oshi no ko Anime Plot & Expectations

Oshi no ko follows the story of two young and brilliant daughters of idol Ai Hoshino named; Aquamarine and Ruby Hoshino. The anime adaptation covers their hardships and journey to stardom while uncovering the dirty secrets of the idol industry. The twins were once physicians in their past life and got reborn as offsprings of their favourite idol.

Oshi no ko Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

They uncover the industry’s sinful and wretched secrets as they follow in their mother’s footsteps to become idols. The trailer’s opening shares a glimpse of their past life, so we might expect the first few episodes of the anime to cover the part where they crossed the path in their previous lives.

Oshi no ko Anime – Sneak Peek

Spoiler Alert: If you do not wish to know the exact story or the beginning of the episodes, then you may skip this part.

Ai Hoshino, an infamous idle who wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret, travelled to Tokyo’s country hospital and met a gynaecologist named Goro Amemiya. She told him not to notify the media or share the news of her pregnancy with anyone else.

Oshi no ko Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

Goro took upon the responsibility of delivery of his favourite idol Ai Hoshino. Goro, filled with excitement and happiness, also promised Ai of her safe and healthy delivery. Unfortunately, 15 weeks later, Goro gets murdered before he can fulfil his promises to Ai. He awakens and finds himself in the arms of Ai Hoshino and realizes that he has reincarnated as one of her twins Aquamarine Hoshino.

We hope this sneak peek into the upcoming episodes of Oshi no ko will be enough to intrigue your curiosity to learn more about Aquamarine and whether she will be able to find the man who murdered her in her previous life.

Is there any Oshi no ko Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, you heard that right. The final trailer for Oshi no ko was released recently and has generated a strong buzz online. With the release of the final trailer, it was also stated that Oshi no ko would premiere on April 2023 (expected by early April). Plus, there will be a 90-minute special episode screening at cinemas in Japan on March 17, 2023.

Where to Watch Oshi no ko?

Oshi no ko will be aired internationally on the global anime platform Crunchyroll, and it will also be available in HIDIVE for other locations.

Is Oshi no ko Manga Completed?

The Oshi no ko manga is ongoing, and fans expect the manga to be finished soon. Oshi no ko chapters were serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump in April 2020, and as of January 2023, ten Tankobon volumes have been released. Oshi no Ko chapter 109, “Night”, the latest chapter, has been out already, which you can read at Mangaplus.


We hope that Oshi no ko will be able to fill the hole left by Akasaka’s Kaguya Sama anime. We can expect the anime to grow a strong base as the manga readers have been waiting eagerly for the anime adaptation of Oshi no ko manga. Plus, looking at fans’ excitement and forum discussions, we can say that the trailer has set the stage already, plus the chances of getting disappointed at Aka Akasaka’s famous work are very slim.

Let us know whether Oshi no ko will be on your watchlist in the comments section below.

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