Queenmaker On Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Queenmaker On Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

In 2023, Netflix will release a thrilling array of k-dramas. Additionally, it contains the eagerly awaited political drama Queenmaker. We’re keeping note of everything you need to know about Queenmaker, which is scheduled to arrive in April 2023. Here is everything, including the Netflix release date, actors, and trailer.

A forthcoming South Korean political drama on Netflix is titled Queenmaker. Oh Jin Suk is the director, and Moon Ji Young is the scriptwriter.

Are you anticipating Queenmaker’s arrival on Netflix? We are also thrilled. So let’s get begun without further ado.

What Will Be The Plot Of Queenmaker?

The story of Queenmaker centers on the center of two ladies who join hands. Hwang Do Hee is a successful professional who has worn 5-inch high heels nonstop for 12 years. Oh Seung Sook, a labor law lawyer who is also known as a crazy rhino, is the other.

What Will Be The Plot Of Queenmaker?

Oh Seung Sook is the president of both the foundation for Worker’s Solidarity with Rights and the workers’ union. Additionally, she is also a well-known YouTuber who shows little desire for power. However, Oh Seung Sook will be chosen as Seoul’s mayor by Queenmaker Hwang Do Hee.

The Cast Of Queenmaker

The character Hwang Do Hee is played by Kim Hee Ae. For the actress from The World of the Married, it will be her Netflix debut. It will be her first thriller in nearly three years as well.

You’re One-of-a-Kind, Basics of Love, and Perfect Love are some of the other well-known shows Kim Hee Ae has acted in. In the 1983 movie The First Day of the Twentieth Year, Kim made her acting debut.

Oh Seung Sook is portrayed by Moon So Ri in Queenmaker. Moon So Ri has previously appeared in supporting roles before landing her first main role in a Netflix series. Both the drama The School Nurse Files and the motion picture Seoul Vibe starred him.

She is a screenwriter, director, and actress from South Korea. Her praised performances in Oasis and A Good Lawyer’s Wife are also what makes her most well-known.

The Cast Of Queenmaker

Baek Jae Min is played by Ryu Soo Young, who makes his Netflix début in Queenmaker. The most current and well-liked dramas by Ryu Soo Young include My Father is Strange, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo, and Here’s My Plan.

He is a South Korean actor who debuted on television in 1998 while still a college student, appearing on a cooking show.

Ma Jung Seok is played by Kim Tae Hoon, who has previously appeared in several Netflix Originals. The two seasons of Kingdom, Persona, and Navillera are among them. Ki Do Hoon, Lee Kyung Young, and Kin Kyung as Seo Min Jeong are among the Queenmaker secondary actors. Son Young Shim is portrayed by Seo Yi Sook, and Soo Ho is portrayed by Won Tae Min.

When And Where To Watch Queenmaker?

Now that the official teaser trailer has been released, we can officially announce that Netflix will release Queenmaker on Friday, April 14, 2023. Upon release, all 12 episodes will be streamable. From early December 2021 to late June 2022, there was filming.

The entire shooting was done in South Korea. Additionally confirmed is the overall number of episodes, which stands at 12. The length of each episode will be roughly 60 minutes.

Is There A Trailer For Queenmaker?

Netflix recently released the trailer for Queenmaker.

Queenmaker | Official Teaser | Netflix

Everything Else That We Know

Going large or going home seems to be Netflix’s business strategy, at least when it comes to Korean television shows. In 2022, the broadcasters increased the scope of their original content and their licensing arrangements with Netflix’s Korean TV series. It introduced several now-favorite dramas to the platform and renewed a number of their most well-liked shows.

Sweet Home, All of Us Are Dead, Single’s Inferno and Squid Game are among a few of them. The streamer has since also unveiled its most extensive selection of K-content. Now let’s add up the highly anticipated Korean TV series that is reported to be coming to Netflix in 2023.

Everything Else That We Know

Many of Korea’s biggest actors have joined the casts of must-see shows like spooky thrillers, romantic comedies, and historical action epics. The majority of this year’s releases have set a high standard, so it’s time to anticipate the forthcoming K-drama Queenmaker.


There is no denying that everything Korean has swept the globe. Furthermore, binge-watching is a universe unto itself when it comes to it. There is an abundance of material available on Netflix and other major streaming services. We have compiled all the information on the eagerly anticipated Korean drama series Queenmaker after another exciting year.

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