Queens On The Run Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Queens On The Run Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Queens on the Run, an exciting new Mexican action comedy, will be released on Netflix in April 2023. The storyline, cast, trailer, and Queens on the Run’s Netflix release date are all information that we have available.

Jorge Macaya is the director of the upcoming movie Queens on the Run. In addition, Martha Higareda wrote it.

Perro Azul, which includes Alexis Fridman, Martha Higareada, and Miri Higareda, has been in charge of production.

One of the most sought-after and well-liked platforms, Netflix has provided us with several intriguing movies and television shows. Additionally, this is going to be one among them.

Queens On The Run

What Will Be The Plot Of Queens On The Run?

The story of Queens on the Run tracks four women. These ladies are undoubtedly not your typical women. They travel because they want to learn more about their surroundings. They prepared for this journey while still in high school.

What Will Be The Plot Of Queens On The Run?

Furthermore, they have no notion of how things will pan out, but they are prepared to meet them head-on. This is a classic example of a women’s movie, complete with romance, action, and crazy travels. In this film, you will experience crazy and perilous exploits.

The Cast Of Queens On The Run

In the upcoming movie Queens On The Run, Paola Núñez plays an unnamed part. Paola Núñez is renowned for her work on the crime thriller La Reina del Sur, The Purge television adaptation, and Bad Boys for Life.

She recently appeared in the Netflix comedies Grandma’s Wedding and the Resident Evil adaptation. She is a Mexican actor and producer who was born in 1978.

Moving on, Martha Higareda also appears in Queens On The Run in an unnamed part. Higareda has yet to appear as the lead in a Netflix production. Fans of Queen of the South, however, might know her from her portrayal of Castel Fieto.

She is a screenwriter, producer, and actress from Mexico. Additionally, Claudia Pineda also plays an unidentified part in the film.

The Cast Of Queens On The Run

Pineda, who is well-known for her work on the television shows Natural Born Narco, The Immortal, and The Mosquito Coast, has yet to make her Netflix début. Additionally, Alejandra Ambrosi appears in Queens On The Run in an unnamed part.

The actor has yet to play the lead in a Netflix movie or series. In the soap series XY. La Revista is best known for playing Marisol Salim de Quitaño.

Valeria Vera, who plays an unnamed character in the film, completes the main cast. The actress previously appeared in The House of Flowers on Netflix.

Dr. Claudio is played by Ricardo Muoz Senior, the only actor whose character has been verified. The actor will make his Netflix Original debut in Queens on the Run.

When And Where To Watch Queens On The Run?

We can affirm that on Friday, April 14, 2023, Queens on the Run will be available on Netflix. According to reports, filming took place between August 12 and September 21 of 2022.

Given that the duration of the filming would have been just over five weeks, the timetable was incredibly tight. The shooting also took place in a variety of Mexican locations. The movie’s 96-minute duration has been verified.

Everything Else That We Know About Queens On The Run

For movie fans, the greatest entertainment combination combines comedy and action. Even though there are many movies in this subgenre, some stand out more than others. They were able to effectively leave a lasting impact on the audiences’ minds and hearts. Queens On The Run will offer the ideal balance of humor and action, as well as some hilarious moments.

Action-comedy films frequently combine various independent genres into one ambitious mainstream project. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why they are watched by millions of people around the globe.

The movies end up being entertaining, even if the outcome isn’t always thrilling. Additionally, movies about women’s friendships like this one emphasize the value of relationships between mature women.

Everything Else That We Know About Queens On The Run

The upcoming film centers on a group of women who support one another, confide in one another, and simply appreciate each other’s company. In actuality, women are more likely than males to comprehend and empathize with one another.

In light of this, here is Queens On The Run, which will shortly be released and chronicles the highs and lows of female friendship.


The movie about women’s relationships belongs to an entirely distinct genre. While Hollywood tends to focus a lot on bromances, films about women are also a lot of fun. Women’s alliances can range from close to competitive to sisterly to exhilarating.

One thing about them, though, is undeniable, and that is their importance. It is crucial for women to help one another and to build each other up. Booksmart, Hustlers, and the current film Queens On the Run are a few examples.

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