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Queer Eye Season 7 Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast And When To Watch

One of our favorite Netflix original series is Queer Eye. The most recent episode was likewise excellent. Our Fab Five doing the do-si-do in good ol’ Texas, fun times, and valuable life lessons filled Season 6. However, with more than a year having passed since its release, all eyes are on Queer Eye Season 7.

When will the seventh season of Queer Eye be available? Understandably, fans would want more new seasons of a feel-good show like this one.

To keep you all informed about what is to come in Queer Eye Season 7, we have included all we currently know about it below.

Is Queer Eye Season 7 Renewed?

The Queer Eye cast is back on our screens after an excessively extended absence. This time, they’re going to New Orleans to offer some people a much-needed confidence boost while also upgrading their houses and clothing. It was announced that Queer Eye Season 7 would premiere in May 2022.

In a humorous video sent to Twitter by Netflix, the Fab Five are seen touring the nation to make this announcement. It indicated that the Queer Eye Season 7 was in production and that auditions were being held for potential make-betters to join the cast. As was to be expected, the announcement of the renewal excited the supporters.

Is Queer Eye Season 7 Renewed?

Netflix additionally released a first-look image and the Queer Eye Season 7 official poster in addition to the release date. The guys appear extremely stylish and prepared to alter people’s lives.

So get out your tissues because we’re about to ride another emotional roller coaster that will undoubtedly cause us to cry—both happy and sad tears. The last time Queer Eye was on our screens was two years ago.

What Will Queer Eye Season 7 Be About?

Two years ago, the preceding season was made available. Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France traveled to Austin, Texas. The group helps people from all walks of life step into their confidence and begin to occasionally put themselves first in the feel-good show, which is adored by millions of viewers. They are currently bringing their magic to New Orleans, one of America’s most lively cities.

Recently, the season’s synopsis was also made public. Each episode’s subjects are frequently picked because of the great amount of good they do for their society. The Queer Eye cast aims to confront the fact that they frequently fail to take care of themselves. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t help the world. The show isn’t averse to addressing occasionally contentious issues as well.

What Will Queer Eye Season 7 Be About?

The quintet’s interaction with humans entails this. Initially, they might not feel at ease being surrounded by five fantastically homosexual people who hold very different political philosophies. In a nation that seems so divided, they treat everyone with respect and care, attempting to build bridges rather than establish walls.

A different part of the person’s life is the topic of each host. Porowski addresses nutrition and wellness, while France discusses clothes and Van Ness takes on personal grooming.

While Berk goes all out and completely renovates their home or business, Brown discusses overcoming personal challenges. The pandemic-era filming of their final season took place in Texas.

As they collaborated with individuals who had been at the vanguard of the struggle against Covid-19, which had a toll on their emotions.

Although the virus is a permanent fixture, many people now have their lives back to normal. So, as the ensemble travels to New Orleans, the concert can resume being as lively as ever.

The Cast Of Queer Eye Season 7

You can bet that the Fab Five will make a triumphant comeback in Queer Eye Season 7 to not only deliver witty one-liners but, of course, to offer people all around the world gorgeous makeovers. The Queer Eye food and wine expert is Antoni Porowski.

He was raised speaking Polish, English, and French and was born to Polish parents in Montreal, Canada. After becoming Ted Allen’s chef, he got a job on Queer Eye. Antoni resides with Joey Krietemeyer, his partner.

The Queer Eye’s resident interior designer and decorator is Bobby Berk. He began his creative career at the Denver-based Bombay Company and then worked for Bed, Bath & Beyond. In 2006, he opened his online store, Bobby Berk Home, and two years later, in Los Angeles, he established Bobby Berk Interiors + Design.

In addition, Bobby experienced homophobia as a child while growing up in Missouri and Texas. Karamo Brown, who works with Queer Eye, is an authority on culture.

The Cast Of Queer Eye Season 7

He is a Texas-born TV personality who debuted in 2004 on the MTV reality show The Real World: Philadelphia. Karamo actively supports the Never Again MSD anti-gun movement. Jonathan is the Queer Eye grooming expert.

Along with the podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, he also developed the web series parody Gay Of Thrones. Tan France is also the Queer Eye’s resident fashionista.

He was raised in Manchester and London before relocating to the US in 2015. His parents are Pakistanis, and he was born in Doncaster, England. Before starting his own womenswear company, Kingdom & State, he worked at Zara and other stores.

Rob and Tan both reside in Salt Lake City, Utah. The members of Queer Eye also had difficulties while filming the current season.

When And Where To Watch Queer Eye Season 7

When And Where To Watch Queer Eye Season 7

Netflix has revealed the release date for Queer Eye Season 7 on Wednesday, April 12. Mark May 12 on your calendars since that is almost one month away when the new season debuts.

When the Fab Five return to our screens, we can’t wait to see all of their amazing transformations and touching scenes.


We get new nominees every season, as well as new places to fall in love with. According to Netflix, the Fab Five will visit New Orleans, Louisiana, in season 7. While we can anticipate some vibrant hues and warm weather, we can also anticipate tearful moments.

The next episodes of the show, according to Tan, made him cry more than any other time on the show, making this the “hardest” season he’s ever worked on.

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