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Rebel Moon Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

Rebel Moon Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

As a result of the unprecedented triumph of Zack Snyder’s film Army of the Dead, streaming juggernaut Netflix will collaborate with the director. Zack has found a new home with the streaming service, which is offering a variety of exciting new projects, following his extensive tenure at Warner Bros. and DC. Rebel Moon, his upcoming movie, is expected to be a dramatic two-parter with potential spin-offs.

Snyder, a devoted Star Wars fan, initially meant Rebel Moon to be a Star Wars film. He came up with the concept of selling Rebel Moon as a more sophisticated interpretation of the George Lucas world. After Walt Disney Co.

acquired LucasFilm in 2012, that plan was abandoned. Snyder then arranged for Rebel Moon to be transformed into a completely new world through a deal with Netflix and Deborah Snyder’s production company Stone Quarry.

When And Where To Watch Rebel Moon?

The release date for Rebel Moon has officially been verified as December 22, 2023, which is good news for the fans. It’s time to start renewing those Netflix subscriptions because the action movie will be streaming on the site for the first time. Since it is unlikely that this release date will change, we can also thank our fortunate stars.

This is because Rebel Moon’s shooting was completed in December 2022. So, if everything proceeds according to plan during post-production, the movie won’t have any trouble staying on schedule. If any new developments affect the present schedule, we’ll keep you informed.

Is There A Trailer For Rebel Moon?

SAVE THE DATES | 2023 Films Preview | Official Trailer | Netflix

There isn’t an official Rebel moon teaser yet, but Netflix has debuted a sneak preview of the movie. In their 2023 movie preview video, the streaming juggernaut gave viewers a teaser clip of Rebel Moon in January 2023.

The video was punctuated by mentions of Extraction 2 and the forthcoming Chris Evans film Pain Hustlers, along with Rebel Moon’s announcement. The brief clip features a striking spacecraft, numerous action sequences, and a few explosions. As we wait for a formal trailer, there is a lot to look forward to.

The Cast Of Rebel Moon

Anthony Hopkins, a two-time Oscar winner, will provide the voice of Jimmy, a mechanized robot that once guarded a defeated king. Fans who are familiar with Hopkin’s work would say that his performance on Rebel Moon is consistent with the renowned actor’s professional trajectory.

One of the most renowned and esteemed actors in England is Anthony Hopkins. His most well-known performance was as the spooky Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lamb and its successors, Hannibal and Red Dragon.

In the movie Mission: Impossible II, he also portrayed Mission Commander Swanbeck. In addition, in 2021, he received his second Academy Award for playing the title character in Florian Zeller’s well-regarded drama The Father.

Furthermore, Kora is portrayed by Sofia Boutella. She is the young lady tasked with organizing a defense force to face off against Regent Balisarius’ troops. For her part as Gazelle in the action espionage comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service, Boutella is best known.

The Cast Of Rebel Moon

She is renowned for playing Jaylah in the science fiction action movie Star Trek Beyond. Climax, Hotel Artemis, The Mummy, and Atomic Blonde are a few of her additional filmography accomplishments.

General Titus, played by Djimon Hounsou, will be a character member of Rebel Moon. This character’s specifics are still largely unclear. Hounsou is an actor with extraordinary ability and skill. His performances in movies like Blood Diamond and Amistad are what made him most famous.

As Korath the Pursuer, Hounsou has appeared in several MCU films, including Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy. Regent Balisarius, the vicious and cunning interplanetary warlord who intends to lay siege to a colony in a faraway galaxy, is portrayed by Ed Skrein. In the third season of Game of Thrones, Skrein played the character Daario Naharis, for whom he is best known. He gained notoriety for his role as Deadpool’s adversary Ajax.

What Will Be The Plot Of Rebel Moon?

Rebel Moon might have been a Star Wars feature if the title makes that assumption. Rebel Moon was originally intended by Snyder to be a stand-alone Star Wars film, but his proposal was eventually rejected.

Due to this, Snyder altered Rebel Moon’s plot to establish its sci-fi universe, which draws an interesting comparison between Snyder and George Lucas through Rebel Moon.

What Will Be The Plot Of Rebel Moon?

In Netflix’s brand-new epic space sci-fi movie Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder’s penchant for grandiose narrative is on full display. The plot begins when the evil Regent Balisarius threatens a comparatively peaceful colony on the edge of a galaxy.

Residents of the colony send out a young woman with a mysterious past in a desperate effort at redemption. Its purpose was to locate warriors from nearby planets who could support the rebellion.


Eric Newman, Deborah Snyder, and Zack Snyder will create sweeping science fiction and fantasy. Kurt Johnstad and Shay Hatten, who also collaborated with Snyder on the Army of the Dead, wrote the screenplay for Rebel Moon.

The movie will also be directed by Snyder. Kurosawa and Lucas share a similar aesthetic, and Kurosawa was a major inspiration for the development of Star Wars.

However, Rebel Moon will surely stand apart from Star Wars thanks to Snyder’s distinctive style as a director.

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