Resident Evil: Death Island - Release Date, Plot, and More

Resident Evil: Death Island – Release Date, Plot And More

Once again we are back with a game so popular and you might know the name Resident Evil: Death Island which will be done completely by CGI.

Though many anime fans are skeptical about using CGI for anime this is going to be crazy as all resident evil characters are coming to fight the most ferocious villains of all time.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Resident Evil: Death Island.

Resident Evil: Death Island - Release Date, Plot, and More
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Resident Evil: Death Island Release Date

Resident Evil: Death Island movie is going to premiere on July 7, 2023, and the chances are high for it to premiere worldwide.

Resident Evil: Death Island Plot

Dr. Antonio Taylor, a prominent scientist who has been abducted by an unidentified group, is being rescued by Leon S. Kennedy, a trained agent of the Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.

Nevertheless, a woman in black who appears to be out for revenge on him halts his pursuit. She thwarts Leon’s advancement and escapes with the doctor using her enhanced combat abilities and weaponry.

In the meantime, a horrific zombie outbreak in San Francisco has descended upon the city, causing havoc and panic. The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) has tasked Chris Redfield, a seasoned agent, with determining the infection’s origin and halting its future spread.

Resident Evil: Death Island Plot
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He soon learns, though, that there is something else totally to blame for the spread, not a known virus or parasite. The only thing the sick folks have in common is that they had recently visited Alcatraz Island, the notorious prison island.

Chris and his group plan to sneak into the island to learn more. However, they are unprepared for what they discover there, which is a hidden laboratory where horrifying experiments on human volunteers produced horrible creatures who wander the island.

They come across Dr. Taylor, who has been turned into a potent bioweapon by his captors, among them. To destroy the evil that is causing this nightmare and preserve the planet, Chris and Leon must work together.

Resident Evil: Death Island Cast & Staff

The cast & staff of Resident Evil: Death Island has been revealed already which we have shared below.

Japanese staff

  • Director: Eiichirō Hasumi
  • Screenplay: Makoto Fukami
  • Cgi Director: Tomohiro Shimizu
  • Music Composition: Rei Kondō

Japanese companies

  • 3DCG Animation Production: Quebico
  • Original Creator: CAPCOM

English cast

  • Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers
  • Kevin Dorman as Chris Redfield
  • Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy
  • Nicole Tompkins as Jill Valentine
  • Stephanie Panisello as Claire Redfield
  • Salli Saffioti as Ingrid Hunnigan

Resident Evil: Death Island Cast Comments

The following cast comments have been revealed by the official website of Resident Evil: Death Island, which you can read to get in-depth information on the upcoming film.

Directed by – Eiichiro Hasumi

“Continuing from “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, I was able to immerse myself in the world of Resident Evil again, and it was a very exciting production period.

The staff members were almost the same, so this time we aimed to create a work that would be especially enjoyable for users who have been familiar with Resident Evil games for many years, and the staff worked together to take on the challenge of scaling up to screen size.”

Resident Evil: Death Island Cast Comments
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Screenplay – Makoto Fukami

“Following “Resident Evil: Vendetta”, I was allowed to write the script for the new Resident Evil movie. I am a big fan of the original game myself, so I am overwhelmed with emotion to be able to return to the world where B.O.W.

Right after “Resident Evil RE:3” went on sale, I started writing the script (while playing the game a lot).

It is the completion of a perpetual motion machine that plays biohazard and saves energy to work on biohazard. Playing games is part of my job. I am also looking forward to the video by the wonderful staff.”

Resident Evil: Death Island Character Sketches

Leon S. Kennedy

“On the first day of his assignment to the Raccoon City Police Station, he was caught up in a biohazard and did everything in his power to rescue survivors.

Later, he was scouted as a government agent and belongs to the organization “DSO” under the direct control of the President of the United States, and is on top-secret missions every day.

He excels at survival ability and has both high physical ability and judgment. By successfully rescuing Ashley, the daughter of President Graham who was once kidnapped, she has gained tremendous trust from the president.”

Resident Evil: Death Island Character Sketches
credits: youtube

Chris Redfield

“A former member of the Raccoon City Police Special Forces S.T.A.R.S. Like Jill, he is one of the founding members of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), an anti-bioterrorism unit.

He plays an active role as an ace with excellent observation and insight, outstanding combat ability, and survival skills.

Although the once hot-blooded man has calmed down with age, he still retains a strong sense of justice. He has strong feelings for his comrades, and is admired by many of his subordinates while being held in awe as a living legend of the BSAA.”

credits of the character sketches and descriptions of Resident Evil: Death Island goes to the office staff members and their official website.

Is there any Resident Evil: Death Island Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, a short teaser was revealed last month and its visuals will keep you at the edge of your seat asking for more.

RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) | Coming Summer 2023

Where to Watch Resident Evil: Death Island?

You will exclusively be able to watch the movie in theatres while we also expect Hulu to stream it after its official global release.


There are on few days left for the release of Resident Evil: Death Island and the expectations are high after watching the teaser, let’s hope that it will be a mind-blowing experience this summer.

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