Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Release Date

Rising of the shield hero Season 3: Release Date, Plot And More

The Rising of the shield hero Season 3 debuted as one of the best revenge anime along with the isekai genre in it, also where the MC starts as weak and steadily rises to the top. We hope you must have enjoyed season one but as everyone else seasons 2 left you quite disappointed things are going; to get better as the team is coming back with season 3. So, let’s quickly get into our main stuff.

Rising of the shield hero Season 3
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Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Release Date

The team has announced that season 3 will come this year in October, although the exact dates have not been announced yet. The team has also announced the change of directors for season 3.

Hitoshi Haga, who directed four episodes of the first season, will be the third season’s new director, becoming the series’ third director after Takao Abo from the first season and Masato Jinbo from the second season.

Rising of the shield hero Story so far

The story started with our protagonist getting teleported to a different world when he grabs an old book in a library, a normal isekai plot you see but here things start getting different. In the new world he and 3 other guys are chosen to be a hero, the main character Naofumi is a shield hero which is considered to be the weakest among all.

The king decided to help the shield hero by giving him extra money for his journey and then the heroes left with their party but Naofumi only has a girl in his party due to his low popularity.

The next day when he woke up he realized he is robbed and the girl made a false accusation of the hero saying he tried to do bad things with her. Later it was revealed that the girl is the princess and the king and the princess made a trap for the hero.

Naofumi getting blamed for all the wrong things decided to take revenge on the king. Although betrayed Naofumi met Raphtalia and Filo who are demihumans and decided to stick with Naofumi on his journey to become stronger.

Rising of the shield hero Story so far

Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Staff and Cast

We are expecting many of the original cast and staff to return, you can check the cast list of confirmed ones below.

  • Director: Hitoshi Haga
  • Series Composition: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Script: Keigo Koyanagi
  • Music: Kevin Penkin
  • Original creator: Yusagi Aneko
  • Original Character Design: Seira Minami
  • Character Design: Franziska van Wulfen, Masahiro Suwa, Sana Komatsu
  • Design Assistant: Kōta Sera
Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Staff and Cast

Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Cast Comments

Continuing the worldview of the first and second seasons directed by Tadashi Towa, the third season will feature new episodes and dramas, and by depicting the growth of the characters and how they face new challenges, the appeal and depth of the story will be further enhanced. I want to withdraw. looking forward to it.

In collaboration with Sana Komatsu (character designer)

“Franziska, we will design characters that will appear in the third season.
I carefully express the nuances of the original design and draw while worrying every day so that I can take over the animation version design that Mr. Suwa built in the first and second seasons as much as possible.

Just like Naofumi fights with his friends, a large number of staff are working together to produce the third season. Many new characters will appear, and the story will become even more interesting, so please look forward to it!”

In collaboration with Sana Komatsu (character designer)

Franziska van Wulfen (character designer)

“Following Mr. Suwa, I am very honored to be in charge of character design for “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3” along with Mr. Komatsu! Many new encounters await Naofumi and the others this season.

I hope that the fans will look forward to seeing how the new characters they meet will be incorporated into the anime version of the original work. All the staff is working hard, so please look forward to it!”

Is there any Rising of the shield hero Season 3 Trailer Released Yet?

Yes, the trailer for Rising of the shield hero Season 3 has been released and is available on youtube.

Where to Watch Rising of the shield hero Season 3?

You will be able to watch Rising of the shield hero Season 3 on HIDIVE or Crunchyroll. As of now, the streaming platforms haven’t confirmed its stream, once; confirmed we, will update it here.


Changing directors will not have any impact on the anime if the production team is not given enough time to prepare the source material.

Another point they must make sure of is that the source material should be covered completely. Season 1 was covered at a good pace but it looked like Season 2 was rushed.

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