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'Barbie' Fame Ryan Gosling Reportedly in Talks for Marvel, Set to Play Nova

‘Barbie’ Fame Ryan Gosling Reportedly in Talks for Marvel, Set to Play Nova

After Barbie, looks like Ken has joined forces with MCU!! The untitled Marvel movie is teasing fans for another Marvel adventure. Barbie fame Ryan Gosling is rumored to play Nova aka Richard Rider in the anticipated Marvel.

Marvel’s upcoming movie has started to hunt down their cast and Ryan Gosling is been looked up to the role of the Nova Corps officer from Galactic forces.

Has Ryan Gosling been finalised for Marvel’s Nova?

From recent reports on the MCU’s next phase, Ryan was spotted at the Marvel office. It is said to have a meeting with Kevin Feige. As per the tweet from Daniel Richtman, it is rumored that the actor has been approached for Nova’s role. The official confirmation from the makers is yet to be made.

In Gosling’s previous interaction with media, the Notebook actor seemed disinterested in working with Marvel. But for the Ghost Rider reboot, the actor affirmed to come on board.

Has Ryan Gosling been finalised for Marvel's Nova?
PIC credits: Disney+

Talking about Nova who was opted from Rhomann Dey, from Xander planet survives the war, but now is dying. He appoints Richard Rider, a high schooler in New York to save the planet and take over the forces. He teams up with superheroes like Spiderman and others to save the planet.

In the comics, there have been some instances of secret invasion Skrulls. If the movie happens in the coming year, then there are chances for a Secret Invasion season 2 with Nova.

Ryan Gosling
PIC credits: Warner Bros.

Apart from this, Ryan Gosling’s Barbie created a milestone, becoming the highest grosser of 2023. They won many Golden Globes and Critics Choice awards recently.

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