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Sanctuary Netflix: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

A brand-new sports drama from Japan titled Sanctuary is based on the intriguing world of sumo wrestling. In May 2023, Netflix will release it. Everything you require to know about Sanctuary is being tracked by us. The Netflix release date is the most significant, although the plot, actors, and trailer are all included.

A new Japanese Netflix original drama Sanctuary Is written by Tomoki Kanazawa and directed by Kan Eguchi. The project’s executive producer is Daisuke Fujita, and Slow Tide is the series’ production company.

What Will Be The Plot Of Sanctuary Netflix?

Sumo is a full-contact sport in which two rival wrestlers try to throw each other outside of a circular ring. It is regarded as a national treasure of Japan. They can also accomplish it by putting pressure on the other person to contact the ground with any portion of their body other than their feet. One of the earliest games in Japanese history, it has its roots in long-ago agricultural ceremonies.

In the Emporer’s court, it was also a well-liked form of entertainment. Later on, the Samurai used sumo matches as a kind of military combat training. In some warlords’ courts, particularly those of Oda Nobunaga, the sport once more gained popularity. All Sumo wrestlers are required to abide by a tight set of rules for the sport to continue today.

What Will Be The Plot Of Sanctuary Netflix?

The wrestlers must live in sumo training stables called Heya due to their rigorous lifestyle. According to the plot summary taken from IMDb, Sanctuary is about a man who is pushed to the brink of a cliff.

He approaches a sumo rikishi with the idea that wealth, a woman, and fame are all interred in the ring. Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming Japanese original series Sanctuary for fans worldwide.

A young adult drama is being produced about the secretive world of Japanese sumo wrestling. The series centers on a young offender who trains to be a sumo. He quickly finds himself headed towards a wrestler carrying a secret without a voice.

According to Netflix, the show offers a grim glimpse inside the world of professional sumo. There are a lot of young men in the world who want fame, money, women, and power.

The Cast Of Sanctuary Netflix

Bagari has been portrayed by Chase Yi. Before this, he portrayed Zhang Fei in the Netflix original movie Dynasty Warriors. Chase Yi was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on May 24, 1992.

He is a Los Angeles, California-based Asian-American actor, writer, singer, and filmmaker. He co-founded Doyen Artists and received a degree in poetry from UCLA. It is a movie production firm that specializes in narrative and business projects.

According to reports, Koyuki has been cast in an undisclosed part but will play someone’s wife, most likely Bagari’s. Koyuki is a model and actress from Japan. She gained notoriety with Jun Matsumoto in the drama Kimi wa Petto.

Along with the success of the movie The Last Samurai, she also experienced tremendous popularity. Pulse, a 2001 movie directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, also featured Koyuki.

The Cast Of Sanctuary Netflix

Shôta Sometani is supposedly playing one of the Sumo wrestlers in an unidentified role. A Japanese actor from Koto, Tokyo, is named Shota Sometani. He is well-known for playing the lead in the films Himizu and Parasyte. Sometani was a young actor. He has worked in both film and television. In 2009’s Pandora’s Box, a film version of an Osamu Dazai novel, he played his first major main role.

The character of a Master has been cast for Pierre Taki in the nameless role. Takkyu Ishino and Pierre make up the Japanese synthpop duo Denki Groove. Pierre serves as their frontman. He routinely makes appearances as an actor in movies and TV shows. In addition to these amazing actors, the Sanctuary Netflix cast also includes several other actors.

When And Where To Watch Sanctuary?

When And Where To Watch Sanctuary?

Yes, on May 4, 2023, Netflix will release Sanctuary. All episodes are scheduled to release on that day, as is common for series on the streaming service. Early in 2022, Sanctuary began filming in Tokyo and finished earlier this year. It had Tomoki Kanazawa’s script and was directed by Kan Eguchi.

Is There A Trailer For Sanctuary Netflix?

Below, you may access the Sanctuary trailer from the Netflix Japan YouTube channel. This first look includes a lot of sumo wrestling as you might expect, as well as what appears to be a glance into the darker aspects of the sport.

We do get a decent glimpse at our protagonist and his strange lifestyle, even though there wasn’t much to figure out. A sports drama series with eight episodes, it is based in the niche world of Japanese sumo wrestling.

Sanctuary | Official Trailer | Netflix


Netflix is increasing the amount of content it produces in Japan. It is the richest market in all of Asia, and it is where more and more shows are launching their international careers. Get ready for some intense Sumo action.

With its most recent Japanese releases, the streaming juggernaut experienced extraordinary success. It keeps the pace going and features The First Love or Alice in Borderland.

Do you anticipate watching Sanctuary when it debuts on Netflix? Tell us in the comments section below.

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