Schmigadoon! Season 2 Apple TV+: Plot, Cast, Release Date, And More

The countdown has started for our return to the musical world of Schmigadoon! With just a few weeks until its debut, the streamer has just unveiled Schmigadoon! Season 2 initial trailer. Josh and Melissa, our favorite backpacking couple, are going to appear in Schmigaco, a different but no less opulent musical universe, in the new season.

The songs for the American musical comedy television series Schmigadoon! were all written by Cinco Paul, who also acts as the showrunner. The show was developed by Paul and Ken Daurio. Additionally, the show debuted on July 16, 2021, and it is available on Apple TV+. A second season of the show has been renewed.

What Will Be The Plot Of Schmigadoon! Season 2?

Mel and Josh came upon the magical town of Schmigadoon in season one. It is a location that is firmly bound to a show from the Golden Age. The plot of the musical series centers on a couple who unintentionally enter a parallel universe where everything is a musical. They must integrate into the musical world by singing and dancing with the joyful crowd as they attempt to return to reality.

What Will Be The Plot Of Schmigadoon! Season 2?

Josh and Mel will, however, travel to Schmicago for their upcoming journey in season two. According to the official logline, it is the “reimagined world of the ’60s and ’70s musicals”. As a result, the audience will probably see parodies of popular musicals from that era, including Chicago, Mary Poppins, and West Side Story.

This marks a slight change from Season 1 when the show concentrated on and gave tribute to the 40s and 50s, the Golden Age of musicals. Like Season 1, the newest batch of episodes is likely to include more unique musical compositions.

The Cast Of Schmigadoon! Season 2

It’s been confirmed in an announcement, as you can undoubtedly already assume, that Strong and her hilarious co-star Keegan-Michael Key will be making a comeback for Schmigadoon! season 2. The two stars are thrilled to be back on set and shooting the next chapter of their tale.

The primary plot appears to transport the cast to Schmicago, a different world. However, it has been verified that everyone will return for another round of entertaining musical performances and extravagant attire in Schmigadoon! season 2.

This includes Ariana Debose, who was also the recipient of an Award in 2022. She will portray Emma Tate in the role. In addition, Mildred Layton will once again be played by Kristin Chenoweth, Betsy McDonough by Dove Cameron, and Jorge Lopez by Jaime Camil.

The Cast Of Schmigadoon! Season 2

The second season will also include appearances by Jane Krakowski as Gabriele Von Blerkom, Ann Harada as Florence Menlove, and Alan Cumming as Mayor Aloysius Menlove.

Additionally, Schmigadoon! Season 2 will feature Martin Short as the Leprechaun and Aaron Tveit as Danny Bailey. The only two original cast members who have not been guaranteed to return are Liam Quiring-Nkini, who plays Emma’s son Carson, and Fred Armisen, who plays Reverend Howard Layton.

Even though this ensemble already features a stellar cast, Schmigadoon! season 2 has also added two other incredible newcomers. Tituss Burgess and Patrick Page will also join the ensemble, according to an announcement. Their character details, though, have not yet been made public. Patrick Page has portrayed some incredible characters on Broadway.

In contrast, Tituss Burgess is probably best known for his Emmy Award-nominated performance as Titus Andromedon in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Schmigadoon! Season 2 already appears to be fantastic, and we can only think how much more information there will be.

Is There A Trailer For Schmigadoon! Season 2?

Josh and Melissa are shown in the trailer returning to their normal jobs and being back in the real world. The monotony of everyday living can’t quite fill their joy tanks, though. When Melissa suddenly declares that she desires Schmigadoon, the couple is out enjoying a picnic. They were able to discover true love in the first season because of the world’s joyful inhabitants and vibrant colors.

Josh agrees, and the two head into the woods in the hopes of being transported back into the world of their adored musical character, which features happy endings. Schmigadoon is replaced by Schmicago, which is the exact opposite of the former and features darker musicals with more sex and violence.

Since these musicals don’t have happy endings, they have doubts about achieving happy endings there. The couple becomes heavily involved in this new musical scene, and Josh is even falsely accused of murder.

Is There A Trailer For Schmigadoon! Season 2?

Without a doubt, Schmicago is just as classy as Schmigadoon. Josh and Melissa must also figure out how to fit in. When Melissa joins a local cabaret, she is seen learning about the power of happiness, which includes getting naked. Along with the recreation of sequences from Chigaco, the trailer also includes variations of numerous famous musicals from the 60s and 70s.

When And Where Can You Watch Schmigadoon! Season 2?

The first two episodes of Schmigadoon! season 2 will be available on Apple TV Plus on Wednesday, April 5. The new season will consist of six episodes in total, with one showing each week after the multi-episode premiere. Schmigadoon! season 1 is currently available for catch-up viewing on Apple TV Plus.


Classic movie musicals have long been a favorite of many people. Additionally, that was initially one of the main factors contributing to its high viewership.

The concept of a modern-day couple being transported back in time and suddenly thrust into this strange world of vintage musicals appealed to many people, which is another reason.

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