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No matter what holidays you celebrate, we truly believe everyone loves a good Christmas movie. It’s hard not to love new takes on the classics, and because of that, we are really looking forward to watching Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. As if it couldn’t get any better, it turns out the new film is actually a musical, as well!

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol has been the unexpected surprise that we all needed this holiday season and we know it won’t disappoint. As you await this movie, we’re here to tell you more about it, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this special release, from the plot, to the cast, and much more:

What Is the Plot of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

The official synopsis from Netflix says, “Produced by Timeless Films in association with Axis Studios and directed by Stephen Donnelly, Charles Dickens’ ageless legend is reborn in this supernatural, time-traveling, musical adaptation of the definitive Christmas story. With his very soul on the line, Scrooge has but one Christmas Eve left to face his past and build a better future. Featuring re-imagined songs from the legendary and two-time Academy Award® winner Leslie Bricusse OBE, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is one for a new generation to sing.”

The Plot of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

All around the world, people are familiar with the general premise of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, so is there anything new we can expect from this musical adaptation of the Victorian tale? As always, the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge seems to be on a mission to make those around him just as wretched as he is, especially his employee Bob Cratchit, who only wants to celebrate and enjoy the holiday with his family. Scrooge is haunted by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley, who warns him that he must change his ways. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, who take turns showing him the error(s) of his ways and what will become of him if he does not learn to treat others with kindness and show charity. 

This retelling of the classic Ghost Story of Christmas, as it was subtitled by Dickens, is an animated musical. It will feature musical numbers from the Academy Award-winning 1970 musical film Scrooge, written by the aforementioned Leslie Bricusse OBE. The film will feature new, original songs, as well as a score written by Jeremy Holland-Smith, known for his work on the 2007 film Atonement. 

Director Stephen Donnelly shared, “There are more than enough psychedelic, time-traveling, and musical surprises to keep those familiar with the story on the edge of their seats, while the authentic essence of Dickens has been retained for those coming completely fresh to the classic tale… I can’t wait to share this new version of A Christmas Carol with the world and sincerely hope audiences embrace it this year and for many to come.”

The Cast of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Welsh actor and singer Luke Evans, who starred as Gaston in Disney’s 2017 live-action remake of Beauty & the Beast, is the voice of Ebenezer Scrooge. Evans is also a well-known performer on London’s West End, and he has been seen in several installments of the Fast & Furious franchise, as well as Hulu’s 2021 miniseries Nine Perfect Strangers.

The Cast of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

British actress Olivia Colman CBE is the voice of the Ghost of Christmas Past. She has received an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, three British Academy Television Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. She is perhaps most well-known for portraying the late Queen Elizabeth II on seasons 3 and 4 of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series The Crown. Interestingly, she portrayed Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in the 2012 historical comedy-drama Hyde Park on Hudson, about the private life of former American President Franklin D. Roosevelt. You may also recognize her as Godmother from Fleabag and, most recently, Sarah Nelson on the 2022 Netflix series Heartstopper.

Other cast members include Jonathan Pryce (The Crown) as Jacob Marley, Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl) as Isabel Fezziwig, James Cosmo (His Dark Materials) as Mr. Fezziwig, Johnny Flynn (Ripley) as Bob Cratchit, Fra Fee (Hawkeye) as Harry Huffam, and Giles Terera (The Current War) as Tom Jenkins.

When and Where Can You Watch Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

As of November 18, 2022, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is being shown in movie theatres for a limited run. The musical film will be available to stream on Netflix beginning December 2, 2022. So if Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is available in theatres near you, we highly recommend taking your loved ones to watch it, else, you can always watch it in the comfort of your own home (make sure you have some hot chocolate and cozy blankets to accompany you)

Is There a Trailer for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

The trailer for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol was uploaded to Netflix’s YouTube channel on November 10, 2022. We’re big fans of the animation, and the music sounds incredible already! It also looks like Scrooge might have a puppy sidekick of sorts, and who doesn’t love seeing a dog in a Christmas movie? The trailer boasts everything that one would expect from the perfect Christmas movie, which only makes its release all the more exciting.


With new music, colorful animation, and a classic story, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is certainly set to become a new favorite of ours to watch every holiday season. Do you enjoy musical films? What other Christmas classics would you like to see adapted or remade? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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