Selling Sunset Season 6

Selling Sunset Season 6: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

With its drama, controversies, and breathtaking luxury houses, season five of the Emmy-nominated reality series Selling Sunset has everyone fascinated. Fans were naturally thrilled to learn the renewal news of Selling Sunset Season 6 and Season 7.

Following a group of gorgeous female realtors who work for the prestigious Oppenheim Group, Selling Sunset provides an inside look at the competitive LA real estate market. In the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, it is the top agency.

Sadly, a few beloved cast members won’t be back for season 6. However, in a surprising turn, we’ll be introducing two fresh names to the real estate industry. From plot to cast, here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming season of Selling Sunset.

What Will Be The Plot Of Selling Sunset Season 6?

There are currently no facts available regarding the plot of Selling Sunset Season 6. However, Chrishell hinted that “We all need therapy” in the forthcoming season. Therefore, it appears that it will be a spectacular one. It’s probable that the pregnancy experience of cast member Heather, who recently gave birth to a baby boy earlier this year, will be featured in the upcoming season.

Boss One of the main plotlines in Selling Sunset season 5 involved Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell, whose newfound love stunned the Oppenheim Group. Christine and her coworkers’ conflicts were rising in the meantime. There was also talk on Heather’s nuptials to HGTV personality Tarek El Moussa. It was revealed that Chrishell and Jason had called it quits during the Selling Sunset Reunion Special.

What Will Be The Plot Of Selling Sunset Season 6?

As Jason sobbed over the news, we spotted his supporters sobbing as well. Currently, Chrishell is dating Australian singer G Flip. However, how will season 6’s collaboration with her ex-Jason turn out? Since season 5, there have been many changes, including the end of certain relationships and the beginning of others, violent altercations, and fallouts. Could season 6 perhaps see the introduction of a new “villain”? We’ll have to find this.

The Cast Of Selling Sunset Season 6

Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan, Davina Potratz, Amanza Smith, and Chelsea Lazkani, who grew close to Christine Quinn when she joined the firm in season 5, are the realtors who will return for Selling Sunset Season 6.

Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet are returning for the upcoming season as well. The Oppenheim Group’s Brett and Jason Oppenheim, Heather Rae El Moussa, and Tarek El Moussa will also make an appearance.

Realtors Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi will join the Oppenheim family in seasons 6 and 7, adding two new cast members to the show. Originally planned to appear in the first season of the show was longtime Oppenheim group employee Nicole, who has worked for the company for more than ten years.

She admitted that she used to be a member of the main cast. In all honesty, she merely had second thoughts moments before they were set to begin filming.

The Cast Of Selling Sunset Season 6

She simply wasn’t prepared to share every aspect of her life, particularly her customers and business. Model and realtor Bre, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, is another member of the opulent cast.

She will also be bringing her five-week-old son, Legendary Love, onto our screens. Bre discussed her move from the modeling and acting world to the vast world of real estate while sharing her son with actor and TV personality Nick Cannon.

In season 5, Queen Bee Christine Quinn’s employment status with the organization remained uncertain. She has subsequently affirmed that she won’t return for the Selling Sunset Season 6.

Additionally, announced is Maya Vander’s absent from the upcoming season. Vanessa Villela, who is now engaged to Nick Hardy, may be relocating to London, thus it is unsure if she will appear in the upcoming season. She did not, however, appear in the teaser for the date announcement.

When And Where To Watch Selling Sunset Season 6?

When And Where To Watch Selling Sunset Season 6?

On Friday, May 19, 2023, Selling Sunset season 6 will premiere on Netflix. Mark your calendar and make time for it. As usual, the premiere of the new season will occur at midnight PT.

Is There A Trailer For Selling Sunset Season 6?

Netflix decided to announce the release date for the highly regarded reality series Selling Sunset Season 6. The streamer unveiled a teaser trailer in advance of the reveal that is all about power, confidence, and, of course, luxury. In the show, a team of real estate agents visit, sell, and renovates some of the priciest and most stunning homes in Los Angeles.

Is There A Trailer For Selling Sunset Season 6?

They look for houses they can purchase on the market as well. The focus of the Season 6 trailer is on women. The Oppenheim Group, the organization that serves as the focus of the series, is owned by Jason and Brett Oppenheim. They are both nowhere to be found. However, in all honesty, we’ve been watching those women for five seasons.

Furthermore, we frequently avoid focusing on the scenes at the Oppenheim offices, where the brothers Jason and Brett frequently appear. As usual, the trailer gives absolutely no indication of the drama or the homes we’ll get to see in the upcoming season. This means that we will have to temporarily control our curiosity.

Selling Sunset: Season 6 | Date Announcement | Netflix

Instead, it focuses on the beloved and familiar real estate salespeople. It opens with Chrishell Stause and features Bre Tiesi as a newcomer. The women are seen roaming around the home and blowing their horns. Also seen is Heather El Moussa, who declares that she will be a rock star mum just as she is at work while rocking a very pregnant body.


To keep fans entertained while they wait, Netflix has officially announced the release date for Selling Sunset’s sixth season and released a drama-filled teaser. That’s right, Netflix will finally bring back your favorite real estate agents for a sixth season, and much to the delight of fans, it’s coming sooner than you might think. About Selling Sunset Season 6, are you anticipating it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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