Sharper: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

Apple TV has produced some incredible titles in 2022, and by the looks of it, they want to keep that momentum going in 2023 as well. This brings us to one of their most recent endeavors, Sharper. It is an upcoming thriller that will be directed by Benjamin Caron and produced by Jessica Switch, Erik Feig, Julianne Moore, and Bart Freundlich amongst others. This already has our hopes high considering just how talented the people behind the camera are, and that combined with the cast will definitely make Sharper one of the most-watched thrillers of 2023!

Sharper has a lot going on for it, whether it’s the storyline or the versatile cast, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Sharper, from the plot, to the cast, to the release date and much more:

What Is The Plot of Sharper?

It is all about money, power, and everything in between. First, let’s take a look at the official synopsis provided by Apple TV before we dive into the smaller details about Sharper:

“No one is who they seem in Sharper, a neo-noir thriller of secrets and lies, set amongst New York City’s bedrooms, barrooms, and boardrooms. Characters compete for riches and power in a high-stakes game of ambition, greed, lust, and jealousy that will keep audiences guessing until the final moment.”

So, we know that The Movie is set to be a thriller involving a whole lot of money, but as we look into some of the smaller details which add to the big picture, one thing, or well, one character that stands out the most is Max. By the looks of it, Max is a con artist, and it would be reductive to call him a thief, but in Sharper, he is set to scam his mother’s billionaire boyfriend. The scam is going to be an ongoing plot of Sharper, with a few subplots that will tie all the ends together. For example, Max cannot possibly pull off this heist on his own, and he will need a partner. Could it be his girlfriend? There are also several other characters involved in Sharper. For starters, we have Max’s mother, and the two clearly seem to have a very complicated relationship.

The Plot of Sharper

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of moving parts in Sharper that will add to the story, and as the synopsis suggests, the characters will compete for riches, and ultimately, it is a game about ambition, lust, jealousy, and greed. It is also a thriller, which means there could possibly be a character death towards the end of it, we never know, but we can definitely keep guessing until it releases!

The Cast of Sharper

The cast of Sharper is something that has attracted several people towards this movie, which could have otherwise slipped under the radar, and that’s just the popular opinion that’s been going around. Let’s start with Max, who seems to be the center of attention in Sharper. This character will be played by the Golden Globe nominee Sebastian Stan, who truly has a separate fan base of his own. Stan is best known for his role as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has recently gained critical acclamation for his role as Tommy Lee in the controversial series Pam & Tommy.

The Cast of Sharper

Moving along to his mother, we have actress Julianne Moore, and by the looks of it, this is a star-studded cast already! Moore is best known for her roles in movies like The Big Lebowski, Carrie, Still Alice, and Hannibal. Frankly, the list could go on and on. But Moore’s involvement with Sharper has certainly set the expectations high.

Joining Sebastian Stan and Julianne Moore in Sharper, there are other talented and versatile cast members which include Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, and John Lithgow. While the cast of Sharper isn’t necessarily big, these give actors and actresses are more than enough to give us a compelling story. While we can place these characters into the plot of Sharper, we are certain there will be several twists and turns which will change our perception of their characters!

When and Where Can You Watch Sharper?

We are aware that a lot of people have been waiting for the release of Sharper for a while now, but luckily that wait has now ended! If you don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day and want to spend that time watching a brilliant thriller, then Sharper has you covered. Sharper is slated to release on the 10th of February in select theatres. However, if your city isn’t one of them, you don’t have to worry. Because only a week after its theatrical release, on the 17th of February, Sharper will be available to watch on Apple TV. So, we recommend marking your calendars and checking in with your nearest theatres about whether or not Sharper will be releasing there.

Is There a Trailer for Sharper?

You’re in luck because Apple TV recently released the official trailer for Sharper and with Ariana Grande’s popular song, “7 Rings” playing in the background. The song 7 Rings seems more than appropriate for Sharper because this movie is truly all about money, power, and how everyone wants to be the richest and at the top. But not everyone can claim the throne. The official trailer gives us a good glimpse at what we can expect from the movie with some brilliant acting from Sebastian Stan, who seems to have really found his niche in this industry. So far, judging by the colors and tones of the trailer, we know Sharper isn’t going to be about romance, but there surely will be deception along those lines. We will also witness a complex mother-son relationship, which has become glaringly obvious from this trailer. If you haven’t watched the official trailer of Sharper just yet, we highly recommend watching it, not just for the cast, but also to see for yourself how this story is going to progress.


We all love a good thriller, and even more so if it involves money, lust, and greed. Those three components all make for a brilliant movie, and we do not doubt that Sharper is going to be one of the more brilliant thrillers. Do let us know in the comments if you’re as excited about Sharper as we are!

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