She-Hulk Finale Episode 9 Release Date

She-Hulk Finale: Everything You Need To Know About Episode 9

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is finally nearing completion with its 9th and final episode. Throughout the season, She-Hulk has received a bunch of mixed reviews. While some people have loved every second of it, others have criticized it for the little details, which is very common in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nevertheless, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law was one of the funniest shows produced by Marvel so far.

The 9th and final episode will hopefully answer some of your questions, and also tell us what the future of She-Hulk in the MCU might be. Will she return? Will she be a part of other films and shows? The options are truly endless and fans can’t wait to see what’s out there for She-Hulk. But here’s everything you need to know about the finale episode ahead of its release:

What Might Happen in The Finale of She-Hulk?

What Might Happen in The Finale of She-Hulk?

We’re hoping you’ve watched up until episode 8 so far, but if you haven’t, we can help you out. Keep in mind, there will be some spoilers in this section! Episode 8 ended with a cliffhanger and we’re hoping episode 9 might answer some of those questions and tie up the loose ends. The 8th episode featured Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil, who was undoubtedly one of the best parts of this show so far. Daredevil’s return in the finale is still a question mark, however, the predictions so far are that it isn’t likely to happen.

Nonetheless, episode 9 will be exciting. The previous episode ended with Jen winning an award after which a rather scandalous affair ensued, which led to her turning into She-Hulk in a fit of rage. Jen/She-Hulk is now surrounded by armed men and we must see how she gets out of there, while also handling the problem at hand. 

When And Where Can You Watch She-Hulk Episode 9? 

We’ve all been waiting for this day for far too long now. The best part about every MCU series is the finale and the possible end credits that will give us a glimpse into the future of this cinematic universe, which has grown tenfold over the last decade. Just like that, we’re all eager to watch the finale of She-Hulk, which will premiere on October 13th, which is less than a week away for you fans! 

As always, the episode will premiere on Disney+. We are unsure about the length of the episode, but it is possible that it might be a little longer than the regular episodes since they have a lot to cover this time around. The episode should release at 12 am PT/3 am ET/ 8 am GMT, so do set your alarms and don’t be late for the premier of the final episode! 

Will There Be a Season Two of She-Hulk? 

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not She-Hulk will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now that the character has been introduced, she will definitely feature in the MCU again, but that doesn’t guarantee another season of She-Hulk. There are several other MCU projects that she might appear in, like Secret Wars, or maybe even a Hulk film in the future. The possibilities are endless. 

Marvel hasn’t announced the second season of She-Hulk yet, and neither has it been on the roster for the coming years. However, you never know! Marvel is full of surprises and maybe they’re waiting for the series to finish and the audience’s response before they solidify the renewal of a second season. It should only be a matter of time before we find out! 

Which Characters Might Appear in the Finale of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law?

Of course, there will be Jen Walters at the front and centre as she fights the antagonists of the show. Fans are hoping to get more of Matt Murdock in the final episode, however, his appearance in the 8th episode felt like it completed his character arc for this show at least. Since episode 9 is the last episode, we hope to see Bruce Banner appear again, along with Titania, who have become a fan favourite over the course of this entire season.

Which Characters Might Appear in the Finale of She-Hulk

Since it’s Marvel, maybe we can expect a surprise or two when it comes to the “bad guy” but the creators have been fairly secretive about what the finale episode might entail. Nevertheless, we can expect to see some of the recurring characters from the previous episodes, along with potential new faces who might be crucial for the future of the MCU.


Have you enjoyed the 8 episodes of She-Hulk so far? If so, we’re certain you’re just as excited as we are for She-Hulk Episode 9. If you haven’t had the time to catch up on the 8 episodes, now is the time to do so! Let us know in the comments if you have any predictions about the final episode! 

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