Shetland Season 8

Shetland Season 8: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

The resignation of DI Jimmy Perez marked the end of Shetland’s seventh season. This favorite detective drama could have easily ended because of that. Fortunately, the BBC has enough faith in the show to have renewed it for Shetland Season 8 despite the absence of the show’s longtime leader.

Additionally, the BBC was nice enough to inform us of this renewal before the premiere of season seven.

As a result, we weren’t left to wonder what would happen to the show without Douglas Henshall. What does this entail for Shetland’s future, though? Without Jimmy, how will the show continue? Join us here as we provide all the information you require regarding Shetland Season 8 on the BBC.

What Will Be The Plot For Shetland Season 8?

The popular suspenseful crime books by Ann Cleeves are the inspiration for the television series Shetland. It features tales of crimes and enigmas. The central character of Shetland is Detective Jimmy Perez, who works with his squad to solve some intriguing cases.

In the close-knit and occasionally hostile Shetland, Perez and his colleagues solve murders. Shetland’s seventh season marks Douglas Henshall’s final one as Jimmy Pérez.

The seventh season’s climax shows Jimmy doing a heroic action to eventually leave the police department. New evidence and suspects are presented as the investigation into the deaths of Connor and Bryd continues.

After a protracted cat-and-mouse game, Jimmy and his crew can extract a confession from Ally, which reveals Jamie Narey’s identity. Jamie is finally apprehended by Jimmy’s crew as he runs away carrying a bomb.

What Will Be The Plot For Shetland Season 8?

He acknowledges killing Connor and Bryd. He maintains his innocence, nonetheless, in the murder of Roger. Jimmy learns that Roger was inadvertently killed by Lloyd’s girlfriend Alison in a different event.

Jimmy resolves to assist Lloyd after realizing that he is innocent and does not want to jail him. For Lloyd to flee before the authorities show up, Jimmy releases him and returns his passport to him.

Even though Jimmy is pleased with the right and honest thing he did, his career is now coming to an end. What will occur in Shetland season 8 next is tough to predict.

Many fans are wondering about what will happen next in the wake of Jimmy Pérez’s departure. However, according to BBC, the show will go in a different path and might even have a new lead.

The Cast Of Shetland Season 8

As DI Ruth Calder, played by Ashley Jensen, a native Shetlander who spent 20 years working for the Met in London, returns to the Isles. She expresses her utmost joy in joining Shetland as DI Ruth Calder.

Because of how popular the show is and how much DI Perez, who was adored by viewers, left, she is conscious that she has to fill very big shoes.

Ruth will change the dynamic among the existing characters, and there will also be a couple more intriguing new characters to appreciate.

The world that has been constructed and the show’s integrity will, however, continue to be very much in the same vein as the previous seven seasons. Ruth will collaborate closely with DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh, a regular on the show.

Ashley will be a fantastic addition to the outstanding Shetland cast, according to Gaynor Holmes, the BBC’s commissioning editor. We can’t wait to welcome Ashley into the Shetland family because she is a successful and well-liked actress who is well-known internationally.

The Cast Of Shetland Season 8

For the eighth season of Shetland, Phyllis Logan, known for her appearances in Guilt and Downtown Abbey, will join the group. The following season will also have appearances by Dawn Steele, well-known from Holby City, Granite Harbour, and Jamie Sives from Annika. The extra cast members are Sherwood, Ann Louise Ross from River City, and Don Gilet from EastEnders.

Furthermore, Season 8 of Shetland will feature Lorraine McIntosh, who is well-known for her roles in Outlander and My Name Is Joe. Alongside the series regular cast, the guest cast will appear. DC will be portrayed by Steven Robertson.

Lewis Howden, Anne Kidd, Angus Miller, and Sandy Wilson. Additionally, it will include Eubha Akilade as PC Lorna Burns and Conor McCarry as PC Alex Grant.

When Will Shetland Season 8 Be Released?

The BBC revealed that filming for these new episodes will begin at some point in spring 2023 when Shetland Season 8 renewal was announced. Therefore. This indicates that the show will probably return to our televisions later this year.

When Will Shetland Season 8 Be Released?

The new season’s release date hasn’t yet been made public, according to the official streaming sources. However, don’t worry, as soon as we have any new information, we’ll update this page with the Shetland Season 8 release date. So remember to check back.

Is There A Trailer For Shetland Season 8?

Shetland Season 8 has been announced, and production has already started. The public hasn’t yet seen a trailer, though. On the BBC One YouTube account, the Shetland Season 8 trailer is anticipated to be posted soon. To see a preview of what to expect in the most recent season, fans can watch the trailer.

After the release date is made public, fans may anticipate the release of the Shetland season 8 trailer. You may probably view the Shetland Season 7 trailer till then to get a sense of the show’s overall storyline.

Shetland Series 7 | Trailer – BBC


We’d like to conclude by saying that Shetland is a show you ought to watch at least once in your life.

This Scottish criminal thriller series has been recognized with several prestigious prizes in addition to being nominated for many others.

Shetland has breathtaking scenery. Shetland is a great watch for fans of crime thrillers thanks to a combination of strong acting and captivating storytelling.

The Shetland Islands’ harsh geography and gloomy climate make it incredibly simple to commit any crime. Give Shetland a look if you enjoy dramatized crime stories that are gripping and exciting.

Are you anticipating Shetland Season 8? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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