Shin Yaranai ka: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Shin Yaranai ka: Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Finally, another anime for gays have arrived after a long time, Yes we are talking about Shin Yaranai ka and this one will make you laugh your guts out, you should try reading the synopsis we have shared, and if that doesn’t convinces you to keep it on your watchlist then; it would be disheartening for us as we are sure of that this gay anime has the potential to rise to popularity as soon as it gets released.

Now if you want to know more, then; don’t hold back and just jump into the article as we unveil the release date, synopsis, and more.

Shin Yaranai ka
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Shin Yaranai ka Release Date

Shin Yaranai ka or also popularly known as Kuso Miso Technique is a Japanese gay manga that has risen to popularity and is currently released in online forums instead of any popular magazines like Shueisha, the reason behind it is unknown.

We think, that; maybe the illustrator or artist has a tight budget and cannot afford it, as the anime project has received crowdfunding for production.

The official website has not revealed any specific dates of its release but; till now it has shared a trailer, staff, and cast list. Looking; at the sources and information, it has been found out that the anime relies heavily on crowd funds, and they require 8 million yen which; is a huge amount.

Plus, the animation production work will start in May, and to produce one OVA episode we can expect the release by Fall or Summer 2023, as it takes at least 3-4 months for one OVA to prepare.

Shin Yaranai ka – Plot

Now it’s story time! The story focuses on an average prep school student named Masaki Michisita who makes his way to the bathroom in the park.

Despite him being on the verge of urinating in his pants, okay that was too far fetched scratch that, and let’s say despite him being in a rush he still takes the time to stop and gawk at a handsome auto mechanic named Takakazu Abe sitting on a bench.

Abe utters “Yaranai Ka” which means “Shall we do it?” and by that, we hope you know what he means, and thus the story begins with the bizarre yet spicy encounter. It is said that the anime will explore both one-shot mangas and will also consist of Yamakawa’s elemental works to make the story engaging for the viewers.

Shin Yaranai ka - Plot

The official website has also shared a small introduction which you can read below:

“Do you remember the phrase “do not do it”? The legendary comic “Kusomiso Technique (by Junichi Yamakawa)”, which created the net meme “Yaranaika” in the early 2000s, will be the first “official” animation.
The title is “Shin-yaranaika”

In “New Yaranaika”, the short story “Kusomiso Technique” is animated as a middle part. Incorporating the elements of Junichi Yamakawa’s work other than “Kusomiso Technique” and original development, it will be produced as a work that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The story of “New Do you want to do it?” As cramming school student Masaki Michishita sprints toward the toilet in the park, he catches the eye of a good man sitting on a bench, Takakazu Abe. overlapping gazes.

Abe invites Michishita to try brief wrestling. Michishita, who is weak against good men, follows Hoi Hoi… their great adventure begins!”

Shin Yaranai ka Cast Comments

From the singer “Isaji”

No way, my chest, and buttocks can’t help but get hot when Kuso Miso Technique is animated in the world of Reiwa! I am who I am today because of this work, so I am very happy. From now on, I sincerely hope that the Kusomiso technique will continue to be successful.

Shin Yaranai ka Cast Comments

From singer Kaito

Whoa! Good anime…This time, I will be in charge of the song for the insert song in the play. I’m happy that my favorite work will be made into an anime, but I didn’t expect to be able to participate in the song!

I think that the buttocks are tightened. I will do my best to live up to the expectations of Kuso Miso Technique fans, so please be patient with me.

Is There Any Trailer for Shin Yaranai ka Released Yet?

Yes, a trailer has been released; for it, and you can check it on youtube,


Where to Watch Shin Yaranai ka?

The OVA is still under production, so; the broadcast information has not been decided yet, once it gets decided we will surely update the same. You can still try checking Crunchyroll as we hope they will license it in the future.


All we can say is that if you are looking for something to spice up your gay anime list then Shin Yaranai ka should be on your list.

Although the character design and animation do not look great as it’s coming from a small production house we should try showing some support by watching it.

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