Shrinking Episode 9 Preview: Release Date, Time And Guide

Apple TV is on a winning streak this year, and one series that has been a part of this successful roster is Shrinking. After 8 successful episodes, we are nearing the inevitable end of this comedy-drama, and yes, we are sad as you are about it.

Nevertheless, everyone is looking forward to Shrinking Episode 9, because this series keeps getting better and better with every episode. For those of you who have not watched Shrinking yet, this comedy-drama follows the life of grieving therapist Jimmy and the different relationships he has around him. It is fun, funny, and everything you’d want from a series featuring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford.

Shrinking Episode 9 Preview

So, here’s your episode guide for Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9, and everything you need to know ahead of its release, from the release date, to what you can expect from this upcoming episode and where you can watch it.

There will be some light spoilers of the previous episodes, so make sure you proceed with caution if you haven’t caught up with the first eight episodes yet.

What Happened in Shrinking Episode 8, and What Can You Expect from Episode 9?

Lucky for you, we have reviewed Shrinking Episode 8 right here, so you can read about everything that went down in the episode. Existing relationships and newly formed friendships were explored in Shrinking Episode 8, and we are hoping to see more of that in the upcoming episode.

We saw a different side to Gaby with her little angry meltdown at her ex’s art exhibition, who seems to be thriving without her, but luckily, she had Liz and Sean by her side. On the other side of town, Jimmy, Paul, and Brian go looking for an upset Alice who is spending time with a college boy.

What Happened in Shrinking Episode 8, and What Can You Expect from Episode 9?

Since these episodes escalated in the previous episode, the repercussions will be explored in Shrinking Episode 9, especially Jimmy’s relationship with his daughter, Alice, which has been fairly unstable this entire season.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the first season, we hope Jimmy and Alice can meet each other in the middle, and for once, grieve the loss of Tia together. Shrinking Episode 9 might also shed light on Paul’s health and his relationship with his daughter, Meg, which has been hanging by a thread. Lastly, we’re hoping to see more moments of Gaby and Liz together, because this female friendship is warming our hearts!

Shrinking Episode 9

We know that Jimmy and Gaby’s one-night stand and Alice’s confession to Sean might seem like closed chapters given the previous episodes, but we can’t help but wonder if the writers will revisit either of those pairings in Shrinking Episode 9, but we will just have to wait and see!

Which Cast Members Can You Expect to See in Shrinking Episode 9?

Of course, the star of the series Jason Segel will be part of Episode 9, but if there’s one man who has definitely stolen the show, it is Harrison Ford as Paul, and we can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the upcoming episode.

The other cast members you can expect to see in Shrinking Episode 9 are Lukita Maxwell, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie, and Christa Miller!

Which Cast Members Can You Expect to See in Shrinking Episode 9?

How Many Episodes Does Shrinking Season 1 Have?

This comedy-drama could go on and on, and we would watch every single episode, but sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Shrinking Season 1 has a total of ten episodes, which means there are only two more episodes of this brilliant series remaining, and hopefully any loose ends will be covered in the last two episodes.

When and Where Can You Watch Shrinking Episode 9?

Sometimes we wish that Apple TV would follow Netflix’s usual pattern and release the entire season together, but the anticipation is well worth it and we have something to look forward to every week.

Shrinking Episode 9 will be available to stream on the 17th of March, Friday. The episode will be available on Apple TV. Shrinking Episode 9 releases at 5 am GMT and around midnight PT! So, make sure you watch the episode before we review it.


Apple TV’s Shrinking has definitely been one of our favorite series in 2023 so far, and we can’t wait to watch Shrinking Episode 9.

Do let us know if you will be watching this episode with us, and if so, what are your predictions for the upcoming episode?

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