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Action movies are always popular in the film industry, and Jalmari Helander’s newest film, Sisu, is sure to keep that trend going. It makes sense that John Wick: Chapter 4—the most recent installment in the current fan favorite franchise—has gotten the most attention from action movie fans.

It will undoubtedly rank among the greatest blockbusters of the year. Lionsgate is about to release another movie that appears to be quite Wickian in character in response to the demand for some more entertaining action movies. Sisu transports viewers to Finland during World War II.

Following a TIFF premiere, Jalmari Helander’s action-packed extravaganza made a huge splash in 2022. It will shortly receive a more extensive theatrical release. Here is everything we currently know about the new movie Sisu, including information about the cast, the trailer, and the release date.

What Will Be The Plot Of Sisu?

A lone prospector meets Nazis on a scorched-earth withdrawal in northern Finland during the waning days of World War II. The Nazis soon realize they are dealing with no ordinary miner after stealing his gold. However, the Finnish term “sisu” has no exact translation.

Additionally, the one-man death squad will go to extraordinary measures to recover his gold no matter what the Nazis throw at him. Even killing every last Nazi in his way is part of this. We have a straightforward setup of an unassuming individual being stretched to the limit, similar to the first John Wick movie or Nobody.

What Will Be The Plot Of Sisu?

The prospector’s previous life as a soldier in the Finnish army is depicted in the Sisu trailer. We can assume that he turned to prospect as a method of finding peace and solitude after the war took both his family and his home away. Sadly, everything changes when he encounters a Nazi troop vehicle.

Thankfully, the prospector’s dog is unharmed, but the loss of his source of income forces him to directly confront the last members of Hitler’s army. There is some evidence that the prospector’s sheer tenacity may motivate others to battle as well, even though it may initially appear to be just a revenge movie. A clear shot shows several civilian women holding German submachine guns.

The prospector also has a mythical character because people talk about his antics a lot. He might serve as a symbolic leader for a feeble fighting group trying to expel the last of the Nazis from Finland. It’s not difficult to understand why, given his propensity for self-immolation and his capacity for tossing explosives and pickaxes into planes.

The Cast Of Sisu

Jorma Tommila will portray the prospector’s main role, Aatami Korpi. He earlier worked with Jalmari Helander on the controversial Santa Claus movie Rare Exports from 2010. Before Sisu, he appeared in several combat movies. It features Raid, Priest of Evil, and Private Eye Vares.

It is safe to assume that he will do a fantastic job of depicting the furious prospector. The SS Senior Storm Leader Bruno Helldorf will be portrayed by Aksel Hennie, whom you might recognize from The Martian or The Cloverfield Paradox. He’ll probably be one of the major antagonists.

The Cast Of Sisu

The few moments we see him in the trailer, along with Jack Doolan and Tatu Sinisalo, they all have an almost comedic level of malice. Thank goodness, not even a Nazi would shoot the prospector’s cherished canine. Instead, we’ll witness them die in several gory methods.

We can state this knowing that Sinisaslo was probably crushed by a tank’s treads. Onni Tommila from Big Game and Rare Exports, as well as Mimosa Willamo from Aurora and Lake Bodom, are additional ensemble members we can anticipate seeing. Vincent Willestrand and Arttu Kapulainen from The Unknown Soldier and Deadwind are also a part of it.

When And Where To Watch Sisu?

Sisu is releasing in theatres on Friday, April 28, 2023, marking the beginning of Aatami Korpi’s rage against the crumbling Third Reich. Just one month after John Wick: Chapter 4 opens in theatres nationwide, Sisu is scheduled to follow suit.

When And Where To Watch Sisu?

Additionally, this guarantees that 2023 will be a feast for action lovers. At this point, Lionsgate has not revealed any plans for a streaming or VOD release.

Is There A Trailer For Sisu?

The prospector Aatami Korpi and his adorable dog friend are swiftly introduced in the Sisu trailer. We pray he ends up like the dog from the first John Wick movie from 2014. His diligent digging and mining efforts are eventually rewarded when he quite literally finds a lot of gold.

Is There A Trailer For Sisu?

The distance to the closest bank, which is about 563 miles away, is the only thing preventing him from a large payday. This is the start of a several-day cross-country journey through Nazi-occupied Finland. Another challenge for Korpi comes in the form of the invaders, as he is halted by a group of Nazi soldiers. They make an effort to take his rightful income before mercilessly killing him.

The fascist thugs soon realize that Korpi is no ordinary miner as he drives his knife into a gunman’s skull. As some of his fellow Finns have noted, Korpi was once a formidable military commander. It was before the destruction of his family and house. Korpi probably desired a quieter existence after he tracked down everyone accountable.

Sisu (2023) Official Red Band Trailer - Jorma Tommila, Aksel Hennie

He desired an existence that, as a result of his encounter with the Nazis, has now become unbearably loud. An especially vicious SS officer has now become interested in Korpi. All of the Nazi troops still present in Finland are being sent by the officer to track him down and recover his priceless gold.


Sisu is primarily a Scandinavian movie. The producer and a sizable portion of the cast are all native Finns. In addition, Nordisk Film, a Danish film studio, was responsible for the movie’s original distribution.

In the US, Lionsgate will be in charge of dissemination. The term “Sisu” has a long past, and its use is closely related to Finland’s historical circumstances and independence.

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