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Somewhere In Queens: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Somewhere In Queens: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Somewhere in Queens is an American comedy film.  Ray Romano, who also wrote the screenplay with Mark Stegemann, is in charge of directing it. On June 10, 2022, it also had its grand premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Ray Romano has been in front of the camera for a very long time.

He has been a well-known figure in the US for many years due to his sitcom success. Additionally, he’s been working on many more independent projects recently, exercising his acting chops a little. Moreover, with his first directorial film, Somewhere in Queens, he is taking a step back for the first time in his career.

If you were curious, he would also be acting in the film. Romano still identifies as a Forest Hills resident despite moving away from the area to pursue comedy and television roles.

What Is The Plot Of Somewhere In Queens?

Leo Russo, featured in the movie, leads a simple existence in Queens with his wife and only son. He was raised in the New York neighborhood of Forest Hills. The area is one of many that gained notoriety for its highly diverse population and focus on local identity. Russo, who feels unimportant in his life, enjoys watching his talented son play basketball for his high school while living vicariously through him.

The Plot Of Somewhere In Queens

He also discovers that he eagerly awaits every game. Russo discovers his mission as a scouter and offers his son the chance of a lifetime. He will also do almost anything to get his son to pursue basketball in college.

However, an unexpected tragedy might prevent his son from executing his ideal strategy. A basketball scholarship that could change his life is also in jeopardy.

The Cast Of Somewhere In Queens

Somewhere in Queens is led by Ray Romano as Leo Russo. He features alongside Laurie Metcalf, who portrays Angela Russo. Romano earned three Emmys for his work as Raymond. It was for the sitcom.

Everybody Loves Raymond. Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series was one of them. He is also well-known for his work as Manny’s voice actor in the Ice Age movies.

The Cast Of Somewhere In Queens

Another seasoned actor is Laurie Metcalf, who has appeared in Roseanne and its most recent spinoff, The Conners. She appeared in both Hackes and The Big Bang Theory more recently. Metcalf additionally received her fourth Emmy for this. She is a Lady Bird actress who has received an Oscar nomination. Moreover, she also portrays Angela Russo in Somewhere in Queens.

Tony Lo Bianco from The French Connection, Sebastian Maniscalco from About My Father, and Jennifer Esposito from The Boys are the other actors who appeared in Somewhere in Queens. The film also stars Jon Manfrellotti, Dierdre Friel from New Amsterdam, and Sadie Stanley from The Goldbergs. With this film, Jacob Ward also makes his big-screen debut.

Is There A Trailer For Somewhere In Queens?

Romano is spotted in a recognizable setting in Somewhere In Queens. Packing up and moving from Long Island, where Everybody Loves Raymond, to Queens, where Long Island takes place.

Romano also portrays the middle-class owner of a construction company in the newly released trailer. Understandably, he anticipates that his son Sticks will eventually take over the business.

Somewhere in Queens | Official Trailer | In Theaters April 21

If only the youngster weren’t a top NBA prospect with evaluators following him around after games. However, the trailer only tells a portion of the narrative. The story is densely packed, and Romano refers to his wife’s vaginal area as “the shoot.”

It also tells the tale of his son’s relationship with Sadie Stanley, a young girl who dared to request more meatballs at Sunday dinner. In addition, his relationship fails, as it makes young love so frequent.

As a result, both his basketball performance and his chances of going to college declined. Romano then acts just like any other sitcom father would. He begs his son’s ex to accept him back so he can improve his basketball skills once more. Romano seems to have found the ideal charming material for him to polish his directorial skills with Somewhere In Queens.

Additionally, it’s the kind of comedy we enjoy watching from the comedian. It also outshines what his colleagues do, such as criticizing comedy on college campuses. Moreover, Romano tried to appeal to the Gen Z audience by inviting Sebastian Maniscalco to the event.

When Will Somewhere In Queens Be Released?

On April 21, 2023, Somewhere In Queens premieres in cinemas. In New York City, the movie’s principal shooting started on April 19 and ended on May 14, 2021.


Given that it features his perspective on the oppressive Italian-American family, Somewhere in Queens has all the makings of a classic Romano drama-comedy. The movie, however, focuses on a family issue that is both important and relatable.

It is about a parent trying to do what they think is best for their kid to give them a better future. It also has the humorous elements that Romano admirers adore.

Fans will get a semi-glimpse into Romano’s life in multiple ways. They will also experience a piece of the comedic family dynamic from Everybody Loves Raymond.

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