Spinning Gold: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Hollywood’s film industry has been overrun with song biopics in recent years. Spinning Gold is one such movie. In movies like Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, well-watched performances by some of the most recognized stars are HD recreations of the originals.

Meanwhile, the music business would be a great epic movie topic. These films have also largely stayed great biopics with their never-ending tales of talent, betrayal, and redemption.

However, focusing on a different kind of musical authority figure might give the genre a much-needed makeover. Neil Bogart, a well-known music producer, is the subject of the movie Spinning Gold.

It forgoes the glitz of excellent performance in favor of the gritty background of this multimillion-dollar industry. You’ve come to the right spot if you’ve wondered when, how, or where to watch Spinning Gold, the new musical biopic.

What Is Spinning Gold All About?

Spinning Gold is a grand tale of fame, power, and music that revolves around Neil Bogart’s existence. Since Bogart founded Casablanca Records, he has been recognized for discovering many musicians from a wide range of genres.

Donna Summer, Kiss, and Village People are also included. Also recruited by Bogart were bands like Gladys Knight and the Pips. He also signed the Isley Brothers, who rose to unimaginable success while under his management.

In addition, Bogart was raised in a Jewish household in Brooklyn and aspired to become a singer. He founded Casablanca Records in 1973, living through its heyday in the late 1970s and its rise and decline.

Bogart’s happy times, however, were short-lived because of the damage that frequent parties and drugs did to his body. In the end, Casablanca experienced financial difficulties. Bogart released a two-record collection of audio highlights in his final, desperate effort to save the company.

What Is Spinning Gold All About?

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is among them. He distributed 500,000 copies for the song to achieve platinum status. It was useless, though, and Casablanca Records was left with thousands of unsold records in addition to a dire financial disaster.

Bogart passed away from cancer in 1982 at the age of 39. However, Casablanca Records continues to operate as a Universal Music Group division specializing in dance and electronic music.

The Cast Of Spinning Gold

The Spinning Gold ensemble consists of pop artists and experienced Hollywood actors. Jeremy Jordan, who portrays Neil Bogart, is the group’s star. The majority of Jordan’s credentials are in Broadway theater and television.

He is also best recognized for playing Winn Schott in the first three seasons of Supergirl. In addition, he is well recognized for his voice work as Varian in Disney’s Tangled: The Series.

He has mostly only appeared in musical comedies like 2012’s Joyful Noise and The Last Five Years. In the 2019 film American Son, he starred with Kerry Washington and Steven Pasquale from Rescue Me as a rookie police officer.

Moving on, Wiz Khalifa also portrays George Clinton, the frontman for the band Parliament. Khalifa, primarily recognized for his outstanding success in rap, transitioned to acting in the early 2010s.

He began by making sporadic cameos in stoner comedies like Mac & Devin Go to High School. Khalifa made a successful return to the stage in recent years after a protracted absence. A few include Big City Greens, American Dad, Duncanville, and Death in the comedy-drama Dickinson.

The Cast Of Spinning Gold

Bogart also created the Isley Brothers, and Ron Isley, the group’s founder, is portrayed by Jason Derulo. The enormous pop music career triumph of Derulo is well-documented.

His performing career is still in its infancy, though. His only on-screen roles have been in minor roles on TV series like State of Georgia, Empire, and Lethal Weapon. He will make his acting début in the dramatic movie Spinning Gold.

Al Bogart, who Jason Isaacs plays, is Bogart’s father. Isaacs has been in high demand since leaving his acclaimed role as Captain Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery. He starred parts in the World War II spy movie Operation Mincemeat in 2022, which was a busy year for him.

In Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, it was a supporting part opposite Lesley Manville, and earlier in the year, it was the lead in the CBS medical drama Good Sam.

Sebastian Maniscalco, who portrays renowned Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder, James Wolk, and Emmy Award winner Chris Redd, rounded out the notable ensemble members.

Ledisi, an R&B singer whose popularity as an actor increased considerably this year, also appears in it. It was after Gladys Knight’s critically acclaimed performance as Mahalia Jackson in Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story.

Is There A Trailer For Spinning Gold?

On December 15, 2022, the first Spinning Gold trailer was made available. The trailer teases an exhilarating story set in the 1970s that chronicles the rise and collapse of Bogart’s Casablanca Records.

When And Where To Watch Spinning Gold?

On March 31, 2023, Spinning Gold will be released in cinemas all over the US by Hero Partners and Howling Wolf Films. Unfortunately, streaming will start for Spinning Gold the following day.

It’s because there needs to be more information on when it will be available to watch and has a theatrical release.


The Bogart family has a long history of artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. Evan was only four years old when Neil passed away in 1982, but he and Tim share their father’s passion for both.

They also exhibit a significant amount of his outsized demeanor. He has experience in almost every industry over the years. Before his songwriting career took off, he worked at record companies and agencies as a manager and rapper in his early years.

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