Spirited Movie: Release Date, Cast And More Details

You are not ready for the storm that’s about to start with the upcoming holiday movie, Spirited. This movie is the amalgamation of all our Christmas wishes that have finally come true. A holiday movie that is also a musical, what more could one possibly need? There are so many things about Spirited that will blow your mind away and although we don’t need to sell this movie to you, because we know you will watch it anyway, we’re still going to tell you everything we know about it so far.

Spirited is directed by Sean Anders, who is best known for his work in We’re the Millers (2013), Daddy’s Home (2015), Instant Family (2018), Dumb and Dumber (2014), and many more. So we know he’s a funny guy, and that reassures us that Spirited is going to be a comedy, or even better, a musical comedy. Here’s everything you need to know about Spirited, from the plot to the cast, to the release date, and much more! 

What is the Plot of Spirited?

The Movie will be based on the 1983 novella, A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, that a lot of you folks must be familiar with. It will be a modern version of this story, and of course, also a musical, which will give it a unique touch. Can you imagine all your favorite stories being turned into musicals? Well, at least we’ve got a strong start. Spirited revolves around the Ghost of Christmas Present who is making the rounds and is set out to choose one person with a dark soul, but this time around, he picks the wrong one. 

Plot of Spirited

Clint Briggs is truly one of a kind and instead of reflecting on his own pasts and doings, he makes his ghostly host relive his entire existence thus far. The combination of Clint and Ghost of Christmas Present is shockingly funny and brings about a different kind of joy and humor this time around. Since it’s a musical, we can expect to see plenty of songs and dances, but can you imagine a riff-off between the two? Because we’d sure love that! 

The Cast of Spirited 

The casting for The Movie is extremely important because comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Hollywood has seasoned actors and actresses who have done their time and made a name for themselves in the comedy genre, and the creators of Movie have done the perfect job. Clint Briggs will be played by Ryan Reynolds, who plays Marvel’s funniest superhero, Deadpool. Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds, and he can surely dance as well. What’s more exciting than Reynolds being a part of this movie, is the one playing the role of Ghost of Christmas Present, and it is none other than Will Ferrell. Whether you have seen him in movies or series, he has surely made you laugh, and we just know he’ll bring that sense of humor to Spirited as well.

The Cast of Spirited 

Apart from these charmingly hilarious men, the other cast of Spirited includes Sunita Mani, Octavia Spencer, Patrick Page, Aimee Carrero, Joe Tippett, and others. Most of these names are seasoned comedy actors and actresses in Hollywood and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in Spirited. 

When and Where Can You Watch Spirited? 

Although Spirited is a Christmas movie, you won’t have to wait until Christmas to be able to watch this movie. Spirited will be released in theatres on the 11th of November, alongside several other blockbuster movies. Spirited will always be available to stream on Apple TV+ a week after, on the 18th of November. Now’s the time to get your Apple TV+ subscription if you haven’t gotten it already! 

Is There a Trailer for Spirited?

The official trailer for Spirited is everything we hoped for. There are ghosts, there’s tap dancing, there’s music, there’s a humor and there’s a lot of banter between the two leads. The trailer of Spirited boasts an extravagant production and it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into production and the making of this movie. Make sure you watch the teaser to catch a glimpse of the madness that will welcome you very soon! 


And just like that, you have another Christmas movie added to your list to watch this winter season. Our guess is that Spirited will be a fan favorite and loved by critics too. It is only a matter of time before we find out how it fairs against other Christmas movies! Speaking of which, do let us know which movie you’re most excited to watch this winter! While you’re at it, you can also check out Falling for Christmas and Christmas With You.

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