Spy Classroom Episode 1 Flower Garden: Unbiased Review

Spy Classroom Episode 1 Flower Garden: Unbiased Review

Spy Classroom is the new winter anime series recently aired in January. The Anime series is a light novel adaption with a plot just like the Assassination Classroom anime series. People who have watched assassination classroom before might not find Spy Classroom as absorbing as Assassination Classroom because it is on a different level. This Spy Classroom review is straight from the shoulder, and I will walk you through the various elements of the first episode. It’s up to you whether you want to watch Spy Classroom.

The best spy in the world- Klaus, has taken in a bunch of washed-out students to accompany him on an impossible mission. But what lies ahead is a life-threatening journey filled with betrayals and lies. I will break down episode 1 into small parts to share vivid descriptions and accurate scenes from the story.

Spies Are Indispensable Assets

Spies were crucial elements in the cold war as they could steal intelligence that could act as leverage for nations. In Spy Classroom Episode 1, 10 years have passed after the great war ended, and since then, spies have become an indispensable asset to the military as they are swift in completing covert operations and impossible missions. Spies dedicate their hearts and soul to maintaining peace between countries, while evil spies are trying to ignite a war between nations. To produce highly combative professional spies, nations have established several spy academies to train youngsters into the best spies in the world.

Lily’s Provisional Graduation in Spy Classroom

Spy Classroom Episode 1 starts with a washed-out spy girl named Lily (codename: flower garden) studying in one of the spy academies in the Denver republic and getting directly invited to a spy team by the cabinet.

As the story unfolds, Lilly gets provisional graduation and is called upon by higher authorities to join a team of spies. At first, Lily’s positive attitude toward the promotion doesn’t raise any suspicions about the mission assigned to her. Everyone realizes that all of the invited students were a washout which leaves everyone puzzled.

Klaus and His Lessons

Klaus appears when all the spies gather in the room and reveals that they have one month to train themselves for the impossible mission he named operation Lamplight. He mentioned that he was their mentor and that training would begin the next morning.

There was a lack of introduction to Klaus. But we hope to know more about him in upcoming episodes. Everyone was astonished when Klaus unlocked all the locks within a second, while Lily said it would take her 15 minutes to open one single lock. 

Spy Classroom Episode 1 Review

The students, bewildered by his performance, asked him about the methods, but as Klaus lacked teaching skills, he was unable to explain them and asked them to learn by themselves. This very act of Klaus aroused suspicions and gave birth to many theories as students started thinking of themselves as sacrificial pawns. Even though Klaus could not teach but it didn’t mean he was not trying because, at night, he would read self-help teaching books for them, evident from the scene when lily enters to propose her plan.

Lily’s Plan To Strike A Deal With Klaus

Lily, upon realizing that she is just a sacrificial pawn determines to defeat Klaus and strike a deal with him to let her and others go. So she prepares a trap which slowly unfolds as the story progresses. She invites Klaus, saying that it is a recreational activity for others and him to connect more. The next day only Lily appears for the recreational activity, and she asks Klaus to join her for a boat ride (which was set up by Lily herself). She planned to use the boat to isolate Klaus so he could not ask for help or run away.

Spy Classroom - Official Trailer

As they reach the middle of the lake, Lily attacks Klaus with a deadly poison, which paralyzes Klaus but not kills him or makes him unconscious. Lilly expresses her concerns and tries to make a deal for his life, but Klaus ruins her plan by revealing that he has already foreseen the plan and has already set his trap. He also explains to her that Lily and others are not sacrificial pawns, and he must protect them throughout the mission.

Furthermore, Lily also reveals her motivation and that she was the sole survivor of the experimental testing ground of poison gas, which made her immune to poison. The boat starts sinking because of Klaus’s trap, and Lily has no antidote upon her, so she has no choice but to row to the other side of the lake by herself.

A New Day A New Beginning

This incident forged a new bond between Klaus and Lily as they got to know more about each other. Later on, the next day, he also appoints Lily as the leader of the spy squad. He comes up with an idea and encourages the spies to come up with their methods to defeat Klaus (similar to the assassination classroom).

Spy Classroom Episode 1 Review

The story pace is slow, and there is too much screen time for Lily, which many fans have complained about. Fans are more eager to know about Klaus and are hoping for unexpected plot twists and battles in upcoming episodes.


In my personal opinion, episode 1 is good but could be better. Spy Classroom doesn’t have a compelling story, plus the visuals are not as great as assassination classroom, but they were good considering it as a light novel adoption. I also agree with other fans that Lily is very optimistic about everything, which is not realistic at all. You can watch the Spy Classroom anime series on HIDIVE, Disney+Crunchyroll, and other anime streaming websites.

Lastly, the screen time of Klaus in Spy Classroom should be more because many fans are watching the series because of him. If you feel the same, then let me know what you think will happen next in the upcoming episodes of Spy Classroom through the comments section below.

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