Stan Lee: Marvel's Upcoming Documentary and Everything We Know About it

Stan Lee Documentary: Release Date, Cast, Trailer More

Today, Marvel is one of the biggest names in the entire world. Anyone and everyone know about Marvel, whether that’s the Marvel comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even Marvel merchandise. This brings us to the most important person who gave rise to this entire franchise, to begin with, the creator of several Marvel comics and movies, often known as the Godfather of Marvel, Stan Lee. He is one of the most known figures in the world, even after his death. Although Stan Lee passed away, leaving all fans and an entire industry heartbroken, his legacy continues.

2023 marks the 100th birthday of Stan Lee, and although we truly wish he was here to celebrate that with us, doesn’t mean we cannot honor him, his legacy, and everything that he left behind for many generations. Marvel Studios recently announced that in honor of Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, they will be releasing a documentary about his life, and fans are thrilled about this decision. So here’s everything we know about Stan Lee and the upcoming documentary by Marvel Studios: 

Stan Lee: His Work and Legacy

Before we dive into talking about the documentary, we ought to tell you exactly why Stan Lee is being celebrated in the grandest manner possible. To put it simply, Stan Lee was a comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer, who was responsible for the rise of Marvel comics, which eventually gave birth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People have often expressed their thoughts regarding Stan Lee, and how without him, there would have been no Marvel. He was the reason Marvel comics expanded from a small publication to one of the biggest and most well-known comics all across the world for generations now. His career goes all the way back to 1939, when Lee was assistant at Timely Comics, which later went on to become Marvel Comics in the 1960s. A little fun fact that a lot of people don’t know is, that his actual name was Stanley Lieber, but he used Stan Lee for comics, and eventually changed it to his legal name! 

Stan Lee: His Work and Legacy

Stan Lee has been with Marvel comics since its inception, and one of the first characters that he and his frequent co-creator Jack Kirby created were the Fantastic Four. Lee and Kirby were also the brains behind The Avengers. It didn’t matter which superhero was created in the Marvel comics, Stan Lee was either the creator or the co-creator, which means he was involved in the decision-making of all the characters that we love and know even today. Of course, these characters have evolved a lot from when they were first created, but a reflection of Stan Lee is often seen in them, and that’s what makes him such an important part of the entire Marvel universe. Lee didn’t just create characters and stories, he made sure that his audience engaged with the comics, and despite creating Superheroes, he hoped that his readers could relate to the characters and their human traits. 

What Will Marvel Studio’s, Stan Lee Documentary Be About? 

As we know, this documentary by Marvel Studios is being created and released as a celebration of Stan Lee’s 100th birthday, and although he isn’t here with us today, everything that he has ever created continues to stay on, and it must be acknowledged, and that’s exactly what the Stan Lee documentary is going to be about.  Disney+, Marvel Studios, and other social media handles have been using the following caption to describe the gist of the upcoming documentary:

“100 years of dreaming. 100 years of creating. 100 years of Stan Lee. Stan Lee, an Original documentary, is streaming 2023 on #DisneyPlus.” 

This caption has left the fans a little emotional, especially after losing Stan Lee in 2018. This documentary will highlight his work, and his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we can definitely expect some celebrities who worked closely with him to talk about Stan Lee and his work, and of course, the legacy that he has left behind for generations to come. Stan Lee wasn’t just the man behind the comics, the stories, or the characters, he was also the face of Marvel, and even after his death, he will continue this role for as long as the franchise lives. 

When and Where Can You Watch the Stan Lee Documentary? 

As of now, neither Marvel Studios nor Disney+ has released an official statement regarding the exact release date of the upcoming documentary, but it has been confirmed that it will release in 2023. However, if we had to guess, the documentary could release on Stan Lee’s birthday, which is the 28th of December, exactly one year from now, or the 12th of November, which is his death anniversary. These are only speculations based on important dates, but it could be released sooner too. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we learn more about the Stan Lee documentary, and especially the release date.

Just like all other productions by Marvel Studios, the Stan Lee documentary will also be available to stream on Disney+. As of now, this documentary isn’t getting a theatrical release. We know it isn’t Marvel’s style to create documentaries unless they’re showing fans behind the scene or making of footage, but if there’s one man who deserves a documentary by Marvel Studios, it’s the man himself, Stan Lee. 

Marvel is also celebrating Stan Lee’s birthday month in a unique way, and you can read all about that right here.

Is There a Trailer for the Stan Lee documentary?

Marvel Studios and Disney+ released a teaser of the documentary and it has left the fans a little emotional. There are glimpses of his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a little glimpse into what we can expect from the upcoming documentary. Since it’s a documentary, we can also expect interviews from people who worked with him, worked for him, and most importantly, his fans. Once there’s a release date, we’re more likely to be able to watch a full trailer, it’s only a matter of waiting a little longer. 

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If you have read a Marvel Comic or watched a Marvel movie, you can thank Stan Lee for that. Lee has left behind enough for generations to be able to consume for decades to come, and we can’t thank him enough for that. This documentary will be an attempt at honoring him in the best way possible, and surely, he would have loved this!

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