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Summer House Season 8

Summer House Season 8: Is It Officially Confirmed? Everything We Know

A 2017 reality TV show called ‘Summer House’ is based on a common theme where different individuals take part in. With a gathering of different friends at one location titled ‘Summer House’ in New York’s popular Hamptons town, the series has taken off really well. Especially two major launches titled ‘Winter House’ and 2023’s Summer House have created all the buzz.

In this blog, we will share the latest updates of season 8 of Summer House. Before that, let us have a quick recap of what all has already taken place. 

Summer House Season 1

Summer House Season 1

The first part of Summer House was released on 9th January 2017. It had the following cast members-

Kyle Cooke
Lauren Wirkus
Cristina Gibson
Stephen McGee,
Ashley Wirkus
Everett Weston
Jaclyn Shuman
Lindsay Hubbard

Not a lot of people know that these actors were brought together later in season 5 of a similar series called Vanderpump Rules. This took place in the 10th venture of season 5. Coming back to Summer House season 1, it shared a total of 10 episodes, named-

No. of EpisodesTitle of the Episode
1Summer House 
2Codependence Day
3Flirting With Disaster
4The Wrath of Wirkus
5Wine, Whining and Wieners
6Model Behaviour
7Hoedown Showdown
8Sprained Relationships
9The No Good, Very Bad Rose Day
10Winter is Coming

A quick summary would say, A bunch of residents from New York decide to lease a summer residence in Montauk, New York. Ashley and Lauren invite their friend Stassi, who becomes interested in Kyle. Meanwhile, longtime pals Everett and Lindsay grow closer, and the newcomer, Carl, explores his options in the dating scene.

Summer House Season 2

Summer House Season 2

The crew reunites for another summer in season 2 but room assignments create an initial hiccup. Stephen gears up for Gay Pride attendance, Lindsay relishes her freedom, and Lauren and Danielle grapple with mixed emotions about cohabiting with Carl. 

The new individuals here include Amanda Batula, Amit and Danielle with the rest of the cast from season 1.

As the housemates make their way back to the Hamptons, Kyle and Amanda encounter challenges in their relationship. The summer house regains its carefree atmosphere, but Amanda, growing increasingly frustrated with Kyle’s actions, opts to give him a solo weekend. Meanwhile, Lindsay reconnects with her ex, Eve.

Summer House Season 3

Summer House Season 3

Released in 2019, a quick summary of season 3 of the show will include the following-

Upon their return to the Hamptons, the housemates bring along a batch of new friends. However, paradise doesn’t last long as unresolved tensions between Kyle, Lindsay, and Danielle create ripples throughout the house, prompting their recent additions to question their choice of joining the summer share.

Summer House Season 4

Summer House Season 4

Released in 2020, season 4 begins as the following-

The summer kicks off with a surprise as Carl elevates his friendship with Lindsay. While the seasoned housemates relish the juicy gossip, newcomers Luke and Jules find themselves questioning the nature of their summer commitment.

As house leaders Kyle and Amanda attend a family marriage, the rest of the “kids” are geared up for a wild time. Lindsay’s friend Danielle joins the festivities, while Luke goes all out to woo Hannah, despite her pursuit of commitment from someone else.

All the episodes of season 4 were special because it was slightly newer than what people were already viewing on the show. They were titled as the following-

No. of EpisodesTitle of the Episode
1The Big Bang
2Mice Will Play
3Worst. Date. Ever.
4Red, White and Ewwww
5Hamptons Vice
6Caged Heat
7Love Her, Boy
8Exes and Oh-No’s
9Pledge Master, Beer Lord 
10Clique Bait

Summer House Season 5

Summer House Season 5

In season 5, Lindsay endeavours to elevate her connection with Stephen, Paige contemplates whether Perry is the right match for her, and the housemates discover that Luke is introducing a new girl to the house.

Summer House Season 6

Season 6 of the show starts as-

Amanda becomes suspicious of Kyle’s after-hours antics, causing concern among their friends. Paige’s world is set ablaze as an old flame reappears, while Lindsay unveils a surprising revelation to Carl that catches everyone off guard.

Furthermore, the annual bash hosted by the housemates is in full swing. Despite a significant disagreement, Amanda directs her attention towards having a good time, while Kyle finds it challenging to embrace the party atmosphere.

Summer House Season 7

Summer House Season 7

Season 7 had mainly Amanda dealing with her husband. Throughout the season, Amanda shared her concerns about potential fertility issues. The summer concluded with a poignant moment between her and her husband.

Release Date of Summer House Season 8

The upcoming eighth season of Summer House can delve into the aftermath of Lindsay and Carl’s terminated engagement as well as the intense altercation between Lindsay and Danielle in the seventh season. 

Production for season 8 is currently underway, capturing the cast revelling in Hamptons festivities throughout the entire summer. Anticipated for an early 2024 release, Summer House season 8 is expected to follow the familiar airing timeline of its predecessors.

Latest Updates of Season 8 Summer House Show

The cameras are rolling for the Bravo series, with cast members seen enjoying summer festivities in the Hamptons. Lindsay confirmed the show’s production restart in July 2023 while in Washington, D.C., as reported by US Weekly. Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula, both familiar faces from previous seasons, have shared glimpses from what seems to be the Summer House backyard through photos and videos.

Expected Cast of Season 8 Summer House


What Happened to Lindsay and Carl?

What Happened to Lindsay and Carl?

Regrettably, there’s distressing news circulating about Lindsay and Carl from Summer House, as they have supposedly ended their engagement. A blind item posted on Bravo & Cocktails’ Instagram indicates that the couple has chosen to cancel their wedding, initially set for this fall, with Carl being the one to initiate this decision. 

Queens Of Bravo, another reputable Bravo Instagram account, has also asserted the authenticity of this news, stating it’s “100% true,” according to their sources. 

Given the gravity of this development, numerous fans are undoubtedly eager for an explanation regarding the abrupt alteration in their relationship status. Although Page Six has officially confirmed the news through sources, specific details about the reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed at the moment.


Season 8 of Summer House is one of the most awaited of all the seasons. This is not only because the expectations are of some mishappenings of some cast members not being together but also the fact that makers took a little long to announce season 8.

Being said to be renewed officially, fans are still not sure if they will witness another season of the show anytime in 2024. But only the wait will truly reveal. So, keep following us to get as many updates as possible.

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