Surgeon Elise Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

Before we share news of Surgeon Elise’s anime, let’s first look at the current situation in the anime industry. It’s been ages since we watched a romantic anime that left an impression on us. Anime like Kamisama Kiss, Maid Sama, Inuyasha, and Achhi Kochhi are rare jewels.

Finding a good romantic anime is like searching for a needle in the grass. K Dramas based on Manhwa have become common, but anime adaptation of the romantic genre manhwa is very rare. 

Talking about romantic manhwa, we are sure that people want their favorite manhwa to release as anime and this year, we will also get to see one such adaptation named Surgeon Elise based on Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp Manhwa.

Do not worry we will not only share with you the release dates, but also the plot and first episode spoilers, it would be recommended to skip the spoilers part if you do not want to know what will happen in the upcoming episodes. If you are a fan of rom-com anime with drama and suspense then, you must read till the end.

Surgeon Elise Anime Release Date

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp or Oegwauisa Ellije is a manhwa illustrated by Mini on a web novel by Yuin, which was well received by fans around the world. The manhwa was issued in Kakaopage from September 2017 to February 2021. The anime adaptation is ready to premiere by Maho Film, and the announcement for the same has been made official already.

Surgeon Elise Anime: Release Date, Plot, and More

Kadokawa one of the top anime studios in Japan that released works like Angels of Death, Black Butler, Bofuri, Bungou Stray Dogs, Fate/Stay series, etc has finally announced new tv anime based on Surgeon Elise. The exact details or confirmed date has not been released yet but we are speculating the release by mid-July 2023

Surgeon Elise Anime Plot & Expectations

The anime story follows Elise, an evil empress who gets executed by her husband Linden and gets reincarnated as Aoi Takamoto in the present world. Aoi remembers everything from her past, so she decides to become a surgeon to save the lives of others to atone for the sins of her previous life. But she meets with a tragic plane crash and gets reincarnated back into her former self as 16-year-old Elise. 

As she wakes up and starts to recall, she realizes that only 10 years are left before she gets executed. Elise is determined to avoid her death and make things right this time. Elise comes up with a plan to prevent the tragedy from getting repeated.

Surgeon Elise Anime Episode Spoilers

Currently, the manhwa has a total of 143 chapters (March 2023) and we are hoping the anime adaptation to cover at least 60 chapters assuming the anime will have a minimum of 12 episodes in the first season. Now people who do not want any spoilers may skip the part below.

Episode – 1: We expect the first episode will focus on world-building and Elise’s current and past life. 

Episode – 2: Elise will confront the emperor and will try to break off the engagement to follow her passion for becoming a doctor. But the emperor being impressed with Elise’s skills and intelligence decides to make a bet with her, which is that if she does something significant which surpasses even the role of an empress then she will be allowed to become a doctor and break off the engagement

Episode – 3: We will see how Elise works at a hospital and works hard to get a medical license in the country. Her advanced skills not only save a life; but become revolutionary and a critical turning point for medical practitioners. 

Surgeon Elise Anime: Episodes Spoilers

As the story will progress we will get to see the cold-hearted prince start harboring feelings for Elise as he keeps visiting her disguised as a citizen. The story gets more interesting and enthralling as it progresses hence if you are a die-hard fan of romantic anime then this should be on your watchlist.

Although you may feel at times that the story has a lot of cliches the sweet and heart-pounding moments will keep you hooked till the end. We do not know what the animation will look like; since Kadokawa is taking the lead then we can rest assured that it will not be disappointing.

Surgeon Elise Anime Cast

There has not been much information leaked related to the cast of Surgeon Elise but Kumiko Habara (I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss) will direct the anime and Deko Akao(Komi Can’t Communicate) is handling the series composition. Yuko Watanabe is assigned to character designs and illustrations.

Is there any Surgeon Elise Anime Trailer Released Yet?

No, till now the announcement has only been done by Kadokawa, but we hope that we will get to see the teaser on Surgeon Elise by April 2023.

Where to Watch Surgeon Elise Anime?

As the anime is one of Kadokawa’s production, hence; we can expect it to release on Crunchyroll and Japanese Local TV channels like Tokyo MX, Tokyo TV, etc.


The hype for Surgeon Elise is on as thousands of fans waited for the adaptation to be released, and finally, their wish has been fulfilled, do not worry if there will be any further updates or announcements in the future; we will update you with the same. Do make sure to bookmark this page for more anime news.

Let us know which romantic anime is on your watchlist in 2023 in the comments section below.

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