Prepare for Donald Glover’s subsequent brilliant work, Swarm, which is about to hit your screens. A contract with Amazon Studios has enabled the singer, actor, writer, and director to plan his upcoming hit show.

Glover hasn’t slowed since the end of Atlanta and has kept up his recent pattern of telling black-centered, music-related stories. Glover and co-creator Janine Nabers came up with Swarm, called Hive initially. Her contributions to Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce are well-known.

Along with co-creator Francesa Sloane, the actor, comedian, and rapper is also slated to appear in and adapt the reboot series of the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Based on the trailer, the series Swarm serves up a significant dose of blood and gore.

A community of bees is one of the main themes. Here is a helpful guide on everything you need to know about the thriller series Swarm before it takes over the screens.

What Is The Plot Of Swarm?

Glover divulged that the central characters of Swarm are obsessed fans and a Beyoncé-like figure. The show is already planning to make some cutting remarks about fan culture.

It will also concentrate on the parasocial interactions between followers of celebrities and them. It is a known truth that Beyoncé and other well-known musicians have devoted followings that tend toward possessiveness.

What Is The Plot Of Swarm?

For Swarm, this series sets up an intriguing narrative that investigates this society. According to the official summary, Dre, an eccentric super fan, is the subject of the TV show.

Dre engages in lewd behavior because she is obsessed with a well-known artist. The story’s primary focus is how far her infatuation will lead her.

The Cast Of Swarm

The series’ protagonist is Dominique Fishback as Dre, the devoted follower. Her performance in Judas and the Black Messiah made her most famous. The American playwright and actor are Dominique. 

She has also acted in movies like The Hate U Give and Project Power. She also made guest appearances on TV programs like The Deuce and Modern Love. Chlöe Bailey, a singer known for her role in Grown-ish, joins her in the ensemble.

She portrays Marissa, Dre’s sibling. She is a well-known American actress, vocalist, and songwriter best known as half of the musical duo Chloe x Halle.

Since 2018, she and her sister Halle Bailey have also received numerous Grammy Award nominations. Damson Idris is the following on the roster. He portrays Khalid, the man who is Marissa’s partner.

Actor Damson is British and Nigerian. John Singleton’s crime drama Snowfall, which debuted on FX on July 5, 2017, has him as the lead.

He co-played the primary role in the sci-fi action movie Outside the Wire on Netflix. The official trailer also unveiled many guest stars, including Rory Culkin, Rickey Thompson, and Paris Jackson.

The Cast Of Swarm

American actor, comedian, and Internet personality Rickey Thompson. He became well-known for his humorous Instagram and, earlier, Vine videos. Thompson also appeared in the YouTube Red series Foursome.

Meanwhile, Paris Jackson is a model, actress, and singer from the United States. She is also Debbie Rowe’s only daughter and Michael Jackson’s second kid. On October 29, 2020, her debut song, “Let Down,” was available.

An American actor, Rory Culkin is also well-known for his parts in Columbus, Lords of Chaos, Scream 4, and You Can Count on Me. 

The ensemble of Swarm also includes Byron Bowers from Irma Vep and Kiersey Clemons from Dope. Although their roles are unknown, Dre’s quest is likely to cross paths with their characters.

When And Where Can You Watch Swarm?

On March 17, 2023, the complete first season of the horror series will make its exclusive online debut on Prime Video. Before the global streaming release, it premiered at SXSW on March 10. On March 17, the show’s entire first season will be made available. Each episode is expected to last roughly 60 minutes.

Is There A Trailer For Swarm?

Prime Video published the first Swarm teaser on February 10, 2023. The story begins with Dre, the main character, staring intently at a TV screen that features a female pop sensation.

Over numerous ominous scenes of her alone, the dialogue repeatedly asks, “Who is your favorite artist?” The glitz and glamour of the performer she appears to adore are intercut with the dialogue. Bee humming rises in intensity as the preview progresses, ending with a startling image.

The disturbing image is of a dancing lady wiping away a bloody puddle. In the brief scene, not much information is revealed. However, it hints at the eerie and surreal horror aspects that seem to permeate the series.

On February 24, the official Swarm trailer was released two weeks later. It delves deeper into Dre’s bond with Marissa, her sister. She and he have had similar musical tastes ever since they were young. However, Marissa’s exile from the community makes Dre feel alone.

Is There A Trailer For Swarm?

She is still dedicated to updating her Twitter account and following Ni’jah on TV, her musical idol. Dre meets new people and potential admirers who know her as A Killer Bee as she gets closer to having a breakdown.

The rest of the clip shows Dre on a road journey with clubs, party outfits, and “crazy-ass fans” in a flurry of violent, manic, and seductive images. In the hopes of meeting her favorite artist, she considers her followers to be friends.


Although there are expectations that Swarm will be the following television series to succeed Atlanta, a second season has yet to be formally confirmed. The show is listed on Prime Video as a numbered season rather than a restricted series. It raises the possibility that it might be revived.

To find out if Dre’s story will be further developed, the audience can wait until the complete first season is released on March 17 before tuning in. This show seems prepared to warn viewers about the perils of today’s heavily online fan culture.

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