That '90s Show Review: Stream it or Skip it?

That ‘90s Show just dropped and we know that is exactly what everyone has been watching and talking about. When That ‘90s Show was first announced, everyone had their doubts, simply because this show was going to be a reboot of the very popular show, That ‘70s Show. Let’s face it, reboots don’t always end well, and sometimes the classics should be left as they are. That ‘90s Show hasn’t been out for long, so the jury is still out there for viewers and some critics, but we went ahead and watched the show, so you wouldn’t have to search too hard for a review.

That '90s Show Review

That ‘90s Show can be summarized in just a few words, but we will do a little deep dive into what we liked about the show, what we disliked about it, and just an overall review of whether or not you should invest your time in watching ten episodes of That ‘90s Show. If you are a hardcore fan of That ‘70s Show, we’d say keep your expectations slightly low before going into That ‘90s Show, but we will discuss that a little more later. So, without wasting too much of your time, here are our thoughts on That ‘90s Show:

That ‘90s Show: A Visit Back to Childhood Turns a Little Disappointing

Like we said before, some classic shows should be left the way are, and while That ‘90s Show wasn’t a bad show per se, it lacked the charm of the original show, That ‘70s Show. When the trailer was first released, everyone had a feeling that while That ‘90s Show won’t be a flop, it wouldn’t be remotely close to how good the original was. However, let’s keep aside the comparison between the two shows for now and talk more about That ‘90s Show and how it was somewhere in between a hit and a flop.

That ‘90s Show is a show about the newer generation, the kids in this show are more evolved, they know more, and it shows. That ‘90s Show had some very brilliant things about it, and we don’t know for sure if people have mixed feelings about this, but Ozzie might just have been our favorite character on this show. So, we’re definitely starting with the positives, and Ozzie was an openly gay character, and one of the best scenes of That ‘90s Show was when he came out to Kitty, and also talked about his Canadian boyfriend. Everyone knew that That ‘90s Show was bound to be a little more progressive and diverse in comparison to the previous show, and the creators came through. Ozzie was a no-nonsense guy who strayed away from the usual gay stereotypes that we are tired of seeing in media these days, so his character was truly a breath of fresh air. If there’s another season of That ‘90s Show, we sure hope there will be more screen time given to Ozzie because he usually deserves it. Also, the friendship between him, Leia, and Gwen truly is wonderful.

That ‘90s Show: A Visit Back to Childhood Turns a Little Disappointing

Moving along to the friendships, and more specifically the friendship between Nate and Jay. Male friendships need to be more normalized in a less toxic way, and that’s exactly what transpired between Nate and Jay. Very often when men express their love for each other in friendships, they are shamed for it, but we didn’t see any of that in That ‘90s Show, nothing beyond a little eye roll from Nate’s girlfriend. We don’t want to spoil the ending of That ‘90s Show for you, but if the show continues, the next season could definitely see some friction between Nate and Jay, and it will be interesting to see how they power through it and hopefully come out of it stronger because they make a fun duo. Gwen and Nikki’s dynamic was interesting too because they weren’t too close, but they weren’t really awful to each other too. There were no women on women meanness, and that made That ‘90s Show a lot more superior in terms of what most shows these days are trying to portray. Women don’t need to be jealous of each other or mean, or toxic, instead even if they aren’t friends, they can happily co-exist in the same friendship group. And of course, Leia and Gwen had the sweetest friendship. Both of them were so different from each other in every way possible, they were different types of outcasts, and they found each other, and it didn’t take long for them to become inseparable.

Nate and Jay.

Our favorite part about That ‘90s Show was without a doubt, Red and Kitty, they stole the show and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From the get-go, Kitty was the overenthusiastic grandma and Red was the grumpy old man, and frankly, the older fans are going to enjoy their scenes the most. We also loved the little banter between Donna and Kitty in the first episode. If you are looking for nostalgia in That ‘90s Show, then we recommend sticking around and watching the entire show just for Red and Kitty. They are a part of everyone’s lives in the best way possible. In fact, Kitty even accidentally gets a tattoo after her dentist’s appointment, that’s how chaotic That ‘90s Show is!

Red and Kitty

That ‘90s Show was mostly lovable and was like any other sitcom that has been created after 2010. You might expect to see more of the original characters from That ‘70s Show in That ‘90s Show, but sadly that wasn’t the case. In fact, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis barely pop in and out of the show. Laura Prepon makes an appearance from time to time, and she’s looking more gorgeous than ever, and Topher Grace makes an appearance too. Wilmer Valderrama as Fez plays a prominent character in That ‘90s Show despite not having enough screen time, he makes his presence felt.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

As we said, That ‘90s Show wasn’t a hit, but neither was it a flop. In our opinion, it is definitely worth a watch, we would recommend keeping the comparisons out of the way because that might stop you from enjoying the show. It is a lovely watch if you enjoy teenage drama and cheesy humor!


We would love to know your thoughts about That ‘90s Show, whether or not you have watched it yet. We recommend streaming it, and if you are disappointed or happy by the end of the ten episodes, do let us know in the comments because we would love to know your thoughts about it. Also, should there be another season of That ‘90s Show?

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