The Big Door Prize: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

We often find ourselves asking certain questions about life, like where we come from, or where we go from here. However, one of the most frequent questions that people find themselves asking is, what is their potential? Why were they put on this earth, to begin with? Looks like we have a series that’s about to answer these questions for some people living in a small town. This article also might make you question a few things about life, so, let’s go ahead and talk more about the upcoming series, The Big Door Prize.

The Big Door Prize is an upcoming comedy series based on the novel written by M.O Walsh. The Big Door Prize will be created by none other than Emmy Award winner and writer David West Read, who is a Canadian writer, best known for his work on Schitt’s Creek, so you just know that The Big Door Prize is going to have some brilliant potential. The upcoming series will be produced by Skydance Television and CJ ENM/Studio Dragon and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about The Big Door Prize, from its plot, to its cast, to its release date and more:

What Is The Plot of The Big Door Prize?

What would you do if you woke up one day and someone told you that you could know the potential of your life? It was simply at your fingertips, and you could find out your life’s purpose. Would you go ahead and take that plunge? Or would you be too anxious to know something this big, which could lead to a lot of other questions in your life? Or what if your life truly didn’t have any purpose? No, we are not here trying to give you an existential crisis, we are simply here to talk about The Big Door Prize. Before we discuss more of the plot of The Big Door Prize, let’s take a look at the official synopsis to get a better idea about what we are getting ourselves into with the upcoming comedy series:

“Based on M.O. Walsh’s novel of the same name, The Big Door Prize tells the story of a small town that is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears in the general store, promising to reveal each resident’s true life potential.”

The official synopsis might be brief, but it gives a good overview of how this series will pan out, and how The Big Door Prize simply couldn’t have fit into a movie. More often than not, mysterious things happen in small towns, because the people are closer to each other, it’s more of a community and everyone knows everyone’s business, which is the perfect setting for a story like this. We are more than certain that when this mysterious machine will appear, there will be some people who will take the first opportunity and find out their true potential. Then, there will be the skeptics or the disbelievers, who will probably think this machine is some kind of a scam. Nevertheless, everyone will be curious.

The Plot of The Big Door Prize

Albeit, The Big Door Prize is a comedy series, it will have some deeper concepts hidden in it, just like M.O Walsh’s book does. Even the people who are perfectly happy and content with their life will begin questioning if they can do more and better in their lives. This machine is bound to impact human relationships in ways that we can’t comprehend until we actually watch The Big Door Prize. We are sure that relationships will be broken and built, all because of a machine that tells your life potential.

This might just be one of the most exciting comedy series of 2023, so let’s explore the cast list in the next section because we are sure that’ll be just as exciting!

The Cast of The Big Door Prize

The Big Door Prize will be set in a small town, and if we go by the book, it’ll be all the way in Louisiana. However, as of now, not every detail of The Big Door Prize has been revealed yet, but we do have some confirmed cast members who will be a part of the upcoming comedy series. At the front and center of the series, we have Chris O’Dowd, who is an Irish actor best known for his work on the hilarious British comedy show, the IT Crowd. Despite starting off there, Chris O’Dowd has also made a name for himself in Hollywood! Other cast members who will be joining Chris in The Big Door Prize are Gabrielle Dennis (The Upshaws, Rosewood), Damon Gupton (Whiplash, This is 40), Josh Segarra (She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Trainwreck), Ally Maki (5 Years Apart, Wrecked), Crystal R. Fox (A Fall From Grace) and Djouliet Amara (A Secret to Keep).

The Cast of The Big Door Prize

So, we are looking at a talented and versatile cast when it comes to The Big Door Prize, and we can’t wait to see which role each other these cast members play, and what their life potential is going to be.

When and Where Can You Watch The Big Door Prize?

While we don’t have a set release date for The Big Door Prize just yet, we can tell with utmost certainty that this comedy series will release in 2023, and hopefully, the release date isn’t too far away. What we do know is that if you don’t have Apple TV just yet, now is the time to get it, because that’s where The Big Door Prize will premiere. The series will have a total of ten episodes, and there is no news on whether or not The Big Door Prize will be a limited series, or if we can expect more seasons in the future!

Is There a Trailer for The Big Door Prize?

So far, we only have a teaser trailer for The Big Door Prize and we hope that you are just as intrigued as we are after watching it. While the synopsis of The Big Door Prize gives us some idea of what this upcoming comedy series is going to be about, the teaser gives us just a little bit more. There is definitely that futuristic Black Mirror vibe that fans seem to be loving lately, and although The Big Door Prize is a comedy series and the actors and actresses are comedy veterans, we can see some interesting thought-provoking concepts emerge from this series. The one question that it will make you think about is: what is your potential? Once the official trailer for The Big Door Prize is posted by Apple TV, we will keep this section updated!


We can’t wait for the official trailer for The Big Door Prize to drop, so we can get a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming comedy series. Nevertheless, we just know it is going to be a rollercoaster ride, so there is plenty for you to look forward to! Let us know in the comments if you are as excited for The Big Door Prize as we are, and if a machine like that dropped in your city or town, would you want to know your life’s true potential?

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