The Black Phone Season 2

The Black Phone Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Black Phone is a 2021 American supernatural horror film that was written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson, who also served as producers alongside Jason Blum.

Additionally, The Black Phone Season 2 is currently being anticipated by viewers. It is a retelling of Joe Hill’s short story of the same name from 2004.

Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, and Ethan Hawke all appear in the movie. In the movie, a kidnapped adolescent makes use of an enigmatic phone to get in touch with his captor’s prior victims.

Here is all the information you need to know about The Black Phone Season 2.

The Black Phone Season 2

What Would Be The Plot For The Black Phone Season 2?

The Black Phone Season 2, a new horror film from Scott Derickson, is based on a short tale by horror writer Joe Hill. As “The Grabber,” a masked serial killer who “grabs” kids off the street, takes them captive, and eventually murders them, Ethan Hawke plays the lead role in the film.

Despite the harsh nature of the plotting, it is a dark story that has gained a lot of fans since its theatrical release.

The majority of reviews for this film have been positive, with particular praise going to Hawke for his unusually tense portrayal. If you’ve seen how The Black Phone ends, you might think a sequel isn’t likely. However, the lead actor and the director both appear amenable to making a sequel.

We won’t give you a detailed summary of what happens in the film because it would reveal too many plot points. The main focus is on 13-year-old Finney Shaw, who is kidnapped by a cruel murderer.

What Would Be The Plot For The Black Phone Season 2?

The unfortunate teen is taken to an unidentified residence and imprisoned in the basement. The black phone, which was neatly placed in his pitch-black chamber, begins to ring just when it seems he has little chance of escaping a sad death at the hands of this mask-wearing monster.

We can’t be certain since Joe Hill or anyone else from the spirit world who might know the answer hasn’t called us. Given that The Black Phone didn’t give us much information about The Grabber, a prequel story might be intriguing.

The only problem with an otherwise excellent horror film was the lack of plot surrounding this character. The prequel might focus on his past, his relationship with his brother, and the horrific events that ultimately caused him to lose his mind.

If Derickson chooses to create a direct sequel to the storyline of the original film, it might center on a new protagonist meeting The Grabber. If so, the movie would be considerably different from the first one.

The Cast For The Black Phone Season 2

The Black Phone, an adaptation of a short story by Joe Hill, stars a cast that includes both seasoned actors and youthful up-and-comers. Young talent dominates the cast, totally leading it.

The Grabber, a serial killer and amateur magician who preys on a Colorado suburb, is played by Ethan Hawke in the film The Black Phone. Hawke is a seasoned actor who has played various parts until now.

It includes Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight and King Aurvandil War-Raven in The Northman. The Black Phone’s cast includes an average 13-year-old named Finney Shaw.

Finney is a smart youngster, even though he may be a little bashful, which will help him in the hardships he’s going to undergo.

When Finney discovers that he could be The Grabber’s sixth victim. Thames has previously made appearances on TV shows.

The Cast For The Black Phone Season 2

It includes Walker on the CW and For All Mankind on Apple TV+. To locate her brother, Finney Shaw’s sister employs psychic powers she inherited from her mother. McGraw has previously made appearances in Secrets of Sulpher Springs and American Sniper.

Father to Finney and Gwen, who is violent and drunk. Davies is well-known for his parts in Twister and Saving Private Ryan.

A detective searching for The Grabber. Mitchell has previously made appearances in The Equaliser and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Recasting The Grabber after Hawke’s outstanding performance would be the toughest challenge to overcome if a sequel to The Black Phone were to be made. Casting is very important when it comes to legacy sequels.

When Might The Black Phone Season 2 Be Released?

When Might The Black Phone Season 2 Be Released?

Given the success of the first movie, we anticipate it won’t take long for the sequel or prequel to be released. We say this because the studio will be eager to capitalize on the original’s popularity.

If approved, we predict that 2024 or 2025 may be a possibility. As we previously stated, nothing has been confirmed. While we hope The Black Phone Season 2 will be made, it might take some time before we learn anything for sure.


Hawke never worked on the follow-up to Scott Derickson’s Sinister, most likely because the script was awful and felt like a rip-off of the original.

However, if The Black Phone Season 2 is approved, Hawke may return because the director is eager to work on it again and because Joe Hill has a suggestion for how the plot might develop.

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