The Company You Keep Episode 1 Review: Stream It or Skip It?

There is a whole lot of competition out there when it comes to thriller series especially those revolving around heists of any kind. So, despite the stellar cast lineup, not everyone had the highest expectations when The Company You Keep was announced, especially with non-linear heist shows like Kaleidoscope released on Netflix.

Nevertheless, The Company You Keep has surpassed most expectations but as of right now, only the pilot episode has been released, so there is still a long way to go until we can decide whether The Company You Keep has been a success or not.

The Company You Keep Episode 1

Even though we have only watched the pilot so far, The Company You Keep has us hooked despite a few cliches that could have us swaying toward an average review. But The Company You Keep’s characters have excited us to watch the next episode, and hopefully the entire series.

For those of you who don’t know much about The Company You Keep, you can read all about it here. But to sum it up in the easiest way possible, this series is about two very different people from very different backgrounds who end up falling in love.

Yes, this is a thriller and drama series, but we will get into that more in this review. So, keep reading to know more about the pilot episode, and there might be some spoilers so proceed with caution.

It’s All About Money, Love, and Family

These three elements: money, love, and family, are some of the most common elements we see going together when it comes to thrillers and drama. The Company You Keep is playing it safe so far by introducing the viewers to some cliché tropes and heists, maybe this is to familiarize the viewers, or to simply ease them into a bigger reveal, but we really hope that The Company You Keep has more up their sleeves compared to what they have showcased so far.

While there was nothing bad about the pilot episode per se, it just didn’t feel like it was enough despite a run time of over 40 minutes. The trailer of The Company You Keep had us hooked from start to finish, and we are truly hoping that the show pulls that off as well. It is too soon to judge The Company You Keep just based on its pilot episode; however, the pilot does give a good idea of what we can expect from the entire season.

It's All About Money, Love, and Family

If the pilot of The Company You Keep is an indication of what we can expect to see in the rest of the episodes, we truly hope that the family drama portrayed in the first episode doesn’t overpower the other plotlines in the rest of the episode. Because there were a few things happening in the first episode, but the focus almost remained on Charlie’s family.

Considering his father’s deteriorating health, we can definitely expect to see more of his family but hopefully, the focus isn’t all on them in the coming episodes. We are certain a good chunk of building relationships and characters will give Birdie and Charlie’s relationship a lot of screen time because at the moment, the brother-sister duo does not seem like they are on the same wavelength.

Birdie and Charlie

Since we are talking about family, maybe in future episodes they will shed some more light on how Charlie and his family got into this business, and whether or not they are going to come out of it.

If Emma is going to be a part of this family, then don’t see heists and stealing continuing for too long, but that’s a worry for the second half of the season, or at least that’s what we’re guessing.


Now that we have finally mentioned Emma, it’s time we talk about the best part of The Company You Keep, and that is Emma and Charlie. They had the perfect meet-cute, a brilliant 36-hour-long rendezvous squeezed into a montage sequence, and of course, the eventual run-in that didn’t go as expected, not for Emma at least.

The chemistry and passion between these two characters have been a lot better than anything we could have expected. While this duo seems nearly perfect in terms of how good they look together and how well their characters have been written, the only complaint we have is that maybe there should have been a slower build-up.

Since this is an unlikely romance, we are sure that things aren’t going to be easy, and more importantly, will Charlie and Emma even make it to their first date?

Emma and Charlie

The pilot episode of The Company You Keep ended on an interesting cliffhanger that proves that the action has only just begun and there’s a lot in store for future episodes. All storylines are intricately wrapped up with each other, and we can see plenty of clashes coming our way.

Some of the things that we are looking forward to the most include more screen time with Emma and Charlie together, because they are set to become the next popular couple that everyone wants together.

It will also be interesting to learn more about Emma’s side of the family, and Charlie eventually interacting with them, even if it isn’t under the easiest circumstances. And most importantly, we want to see some more action in future episodes!

The pilot episode of The Company You Keep

We cannot possibly end this article without talking about the man who stole the show, aka Milo Ventimiglia who plays the lead character, Charlie. Ventimiglia already has a huge fan following from his previous work and a lot of viewers who are watching The Company You Keep are here for Ventimiglia, and they will not be disappointed.

He is suave, sexy, and a family man, what more could one want? Milo Ventimiglia has stolen the limelight in The Company You Keep, and we can’t wait to see more of him. Since he is an important part of the story and the lead character, hopefully, nothing bad happens to him this season at least.

the lead character

As of now, there is no news on whether or not there will be a second season of The Company You Keep, but if all the episodes are as good as or better than the pilot, then hopefully we can expect another season in the future.

We will make sure that we keep you posted if anything is announced!


If you haven’t watched the first episode of The Company You Keep, we highly recommend doing so right away because you are missing out otherwise.

There are a lot of things to like when it comes to The Company You Keep, so do let us know in the comments what really stuck out for you!

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