The Company You Keep Episode 10

The Company You Keep Episode 10 Preview: Release Date, Time And More

On February 19, 2023, ABC broadcast the first episode of Julia Cohen’s American drama television series The Company You Keep. Fans are currently anticipating The Company You Keep Episode 10 with great anticipation. Milo Ventimiglia and Catherine Haena Kim star in the South Korean television series My Fellow Citizens!

This also serves as the series’ inspiration. It tells the stories of CIA agent Emma and con artist Charlie. The two fall in love after a passionate night despite their professional differences. The information we presently know about The Company You Keep Episode 10 is provided below.

The Company You Keep Episode 10 Preview

What Has Happened In The Company You Keep So Far, And What Can You Expect From Episode 10?

What can we anticipate as we get ready for The Company You Keep season 1 episode 10 on ABC the next week? Let’s just say that this is the crucial conclusion. If the producers even want it to happen, there is a lot of plot that needs to be resolved here. Check out the complete The Company You Keep Episode 10 synopsis for season 1 below.

According to the report, Emma, Charlie, and Daphne work together to develop a strategy to finally bring the Maguires down. Will Charlie and Emma remain on opposing sides after the decisive battle, or will they become closer than ever?

Whatever you want to read into the title of this episode, “The Truth Hurts,” is yours to do. For now, the most crucial thing is mainly to note that the stakes are possibly bigger than they have ever been for this show.

Therefore, we expect the authors to want to leave you with a memorable impression. You may expect all kinds of high-intensity excitement simply because this is a spy series. Not having that coming around the bend would be absurd.

In the story, The Company You Keep, Charlie and Emma are two people who meet and fall in love in an unusual circumstance.

Charlie is a con man with experience in deception and cunning, while Emma works as a covert operative for the CIA. Although they lead very different lives and are on opposing sides of the law, when they begin looking for Daphne, a notorious criminal mastermind, their worlds converge.

Through their connections, Daphne works with the Nicolettis crime family to carry out heists and other illegal activities.

What Has Happened In The Company You Keep So Far, And What Can You Expect From Episode 10?

As Emma and Charlie get closer to Daphne, they have to strike a balance between their competing personal and professional lives. Charlie is concerned about how his illicit behavior might affect his relationship with Emma.

Emma strives to strike a balance between her affection for Charlie and her duties as a CIA agent. Viewers wonder if Charlie and Emma’s love will weather the challenges they face as their relationship grows.

The entire series is thrilling as Emma and Charlie try to oust Daphne and the Nicolettis. Along the journey, they must navigate perilous situations and challenging decisions. The show tackles themes of love, loyalty, and treachery as the protagonists face unexpected challenges and uncover surprising secrets.

The first nine episodes follow the development of Emma and Charlie’s relationship, which is hampered by their respective professions as CIA spies and con artists.

The Cast Of The Company You Keep Episode 10

Several well-known and brilliant actors appear in the episode. Charlie Nicoletti is portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia. On The Company You Keep, Milo Ventimiglia serves as both the lead actor and an executive producer.

The actor, who was born in California, is most well-known to TV viewers for his part as Jack Pearson in the six-season NBC drama This Is Us. He received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series because of this.

Emma, a covert CIA agent, is portrayed by Catherine Haena Kim in the movie The Company You Keep. The Korean-American actress made her television debut in the ABC soap opera Mistresses and made her big-screen debut in the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughey. Her television appearances have also been seen on shows including HBO’s Ballers, Good Trouble on Freeform, and FBI on CBS.

The Cast Of The Company You Keep Episode 10

Character David Hill, Emma’s brother and an incumbent senator seeking reelection in Tim Chiou’s The Company You Keep Episode 10. A frequent TV actor, the Taiwanese-American actor is best known for his role as venture investor Ed Chen on HBO’s Silicon Valley.

He also appears in Interrogation on Paramount Plus, Seal Team on CBS, and Truth Be Told on Apple TV. Chiou has also appeared in big-budget films.

Freda Foh Shen portrays Grace Hill in The Company You Keep; she is the mother of Emma and David. The actress, who was born in Atlanta, is well-known for both her on-screen and voiceover work, most notably for playing Fai Li in the Disney classic Mulan from 1998.

Joseph Hill, the head of the Hill family, is portrayed by James Saito. The role of Birdie Nicoletti, Charlie’s older sister who runs a pub with her brother, is played by Sarah Wayne Callies.

When Will The Company You Keep Episode 10 Be Released?

Thanks to a compelling story and likable characters, the show has kept viewers on the edge since it first aired. The on-screen chemistry of the main characters has received praise, and the show’s blend of romance and crime has won over audiences. On May 7, 2023, the highly anticipated The Company You Keep Episode 10 is expected to premiere.

When Will The Company You Keep Episode 10 Be Released?

This indicates that we are getting close to the end of The Company You Keeps. The plot’s progression and resolution have been anxiously anticipated by the show’s viewers. Make a note of the ending on your calendar, and stay away from spoilers for The Company You Keep Episode 10.

Is There A Trailer For The Company You Keep Episode 10?

By chance, we also have a gorgeous, fresh teaser for The Company You Keep Episode 10 of the first season of the show, which whets our appetite and generates some pleasant suspicions.

The Company You Keep 1x10 Promo "The Truth Hurts" (HD) Season Finale Milo Ventimiglia series


As The Company You Keep Episode 10 draws near, the creators of the show put their attention on coming up with an epic conclusion for season one rather than planning for a potential second season. Although there hasn’t yet been an official announcement about the show’s renewal, both fans and critics have shown their support for it.

Fans will have to wait until an official announcement is made to learn whether their favorite characters will continue their thrilling exploits in upcoming seasons.

However, are you looking forward to The Company You Keep Episode 10? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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