The Crossover: Official Trailer, Cast, Plot, Release Date, And More

At last, Kwame Alexander’s basketball narrative has found a stage to revive. The Crossover is currently developing and will shortly join streaming services for an unforgettable journey. Since March 2021, discussions have been ongoing about the coming-of-age story. However, this year’s show acquired momentum due to numerous discussions.

In January 2022, the series received official approval, and SpringHill Entertainment, a production company run by LeBron James, began working on it. Additionally, Daveed Diggs was hired to narrate the series in February. In June 2022, the series’ shooting got underway. Here is all the information we currently have on the forthcoming series.

What Is The Plot Of The Crossover?

The Crossover, a new series, will likely adhere to the books from which it was adapted. The same-titled novel by Kwame Alexander is where the basketball drama is based. Additionally, the author has also written up to 20 expandable books.

One of them is The Crossover. Josh Bell’s story will be followed in the series. Along the way, it also experiences affection, devotion, and loss.

What Is The Plot Of The Crossover?

JB Bell is the twin sibling of Josh Bell. However, Josh stands out from the others because of his apparent height advantage and continued dreadlocks. Additionally, conflicts between the boys increase as one of the boys’ most significant games approaches. The pressure is also increased by events at school and home.

The basketball court is the only place where they genuinely feel like themselves. However, when they have a significant falling-out, will basketball be enough to help them get through the challenging transition to young adulthood?

The series will portray the characters’ souls with impressive attention to detail, enabling viewers to experience joy, pain, frustration, and rage. The tension between the two brothers that will develop later in the narrative also qualifies the series as a family drama.

Josh, who first appears in the story, is only 12 years old. As a result, it’s possible that as the show goes on, viewers will notice the characters grow and the Bell family change.

Numerous other characters will also impact the show and the lives of Josh and JB. For the first time in her life, the main character’s mother will also be seen pursuing her goals. Watching what the upcoming series has in store for us will be fascinating.

The Cast Of The Crossover

The producers have decided upon the Crossover’s casting. Jalyn Hall will portray Josh Bell, and Amir O’Neil will portray JB Bell. Derek Luke will play Chuck Bell, Sabrina Revelle will play Crystal Bell, and Skyla I’Lece will play Alexis.

The show will also feature Trevor Raine Bush as Vondle and Deja Monique Cruz as Maya. The series’ lead roles will be filled by the actors listed above.

The Cast Of The Crossover

It should be noted that Josh Bell, the show’s protagonist, is played by Jalyn Hall. The cast roster for the supporting cast is also available to the general public. It stars Gabriela Lopez as Future Maya, Himie Freeman as Future Josh, and Darone Okolie as Future JB. Supporting figures include Johnny Cantley as Future Vondie and Joel Steingold as Basil St. John.

Release Date And Trailer Of The Crossover

An official trailer has been released for the upcoming coming-of-age sports drama on Disney+, The Crossover. Two basketball-playing brothers who are both talented are shown in the film attempting to imitate their father. The project is also characterized as a touching, moving tale about a basketball-playing family. On April 5, The Crossover will be accessible for streaming.

Release Date And Trailer Of The Crossover

It will debut on Disney Plus, as planned. Even though it’s a sports show, the Bells’ family relationships will be a significant focus of the series. It will guide viewers through their highs and lows in a warm-hearted journey.

The lads will face additional challenges, as shown in the trailer. It includes everything from their father’s unexpected health problems to the occasional sibling conflict.


Disney is thrilled to have made an impression on young players with stories like this one. What better way to emphasize that basketball is the narrative’s focal point than to collaborate with King James? It is a moving, poetic story written by Kwame Alexander.

Since it depicts what most teens experience and how life can be challenging, we must admit that we adore the tale. It is incredibly moving and will undoubtedly stick with you for a while.

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