The Elusive Samurai: Release Date, Plot, And More

The Elusive Samurai: Release Date, Plot, And More

Looking for anime with a unique premise? Then; make sure that The Elusive Samurai is on your watchlist for this year. The popular manga series which captivated the audience with its art and brilliant story will make you crave more. 

Yes, even the reviews that; we went through indicated that the readers were spellbound by the art style and the thrilling story, plus; we will also be sharing our review with you for better insight.

We know that you are itching to know the release date so; without any further adieu, let’s start with the release date of The Elusive Samurai.

The Elusive Samurai Release Date

Now how did we know about the anime adaptation of The Elusive Samurai? Well, you will be surprised that in the 16th issue of Shueisha’s weekly shonen jump magazine, The Elusive Samurai news was revealed that; it will be getting an anime adaptation.

Now, before we share with you the release date, let’s; get to know more about this popular manga.

The Elusive Samurai is a historical Japanese manga, yes! historical just; like Dororo or Vinland Saga. It has been written and illustrated by none other than Yusei Matsui, who is also famous for his other manga series named Assassination Classroom. 

Do you remember the anime where the future of the earth depends on students trying to learn to assassinate the octopus-like alien? Yes, that very same author has also written The Elusive Samurai, so it’s for sure going to be a massive success. 

 The Elusive Samurai is being serialized in Shueisha’s weekly shonen jump and as of January 2023, nine Tankobon volumes have been collected. Cloverworks has already confirmed The Elusive Samurai anime release, however, the exact date has not been revealed, but; we are assuming it to be released by the winter of 2023.

The Elusive Samurai Plot & Expectations

The premise is set, between the periods of Kamakura and Muromachi. To be more specific it was during the time of the Kenmu restoration around 1333. Hojo Takiyuki, the heir of Kamakura Shogunate becomes an orphan and his royalty is taken away, desperate to survive; he flees to another province and starts building a following in hopes of taking back the throne. 

The Elusive Samurai: Release Date, Plot, And More

The twist here is that Tokiyuki is not a fighter but a good runner who successfully escapes heated or dangerous situations. The premise sounds great, doesn’t it? Plus if; clover works are leading the project, then; we can rest assured that the animation will be stunning for sure.

The Elusive Samurai Cast & Staff 

The cast for The Elusive Samurai has not been revealed, by the franchise yet, but as soon as it gets revealed; we will surely update the same.

Japanese Staff

  • Story & Art: Yusei Matsui
  • Design: Yuki Matsumoto (Banana Grove Studio)

Japanese companies

  • Publisher: Shueisha

English Staff

  • Translation: John Werry
  • Adaptation: John Werry
  • Design: Jimmy Presler
  • Editing: Mike Montesa

Is there any The Elusive Samurai Trailer Released Yet?

The news of The Elusive Samurai anime has been shared recently through a magazine, so; we are expecting clover works to reveal the cast along with a second trailer through an announcement soon on Twitter or other social media platforms. The first trailer for the same has been shared below.

Nige Jouzu no wakagimi: The Elusive Samurai - official trailer

Where to Watch The Elusive Samurai?

We are expecting that The Elusive Samurai will be broadcasted; on local Japanese TV channels but; as broadcast information has not been shared, yet; we will surely update the same here once it gets revealed. 

Make sure that you bookmark our page and check regularly for more information. Apart from; the live broadcast, Crunchyroll will stream the anime as it’s Cloverwork we are talking about.

The Elusive Samurai Short Manga Review

Now it’s time for a manga review. Manga readers who have already read The Elusive Samurai may skip, and people who have not read yet make sure to read the review to get a better understanding. 

We all have unique skills right, which; makes us different from others. Here, Hojo’s talent is to run away! sounds hilarious? sounds exciting? then make sure to read a few chapters to understand why the hype for it; is so high. 

The Elusive Samurai Short Manga Review

On top of that, the author of both Assassination Classroom and The Elusive Samurai is the same, which means the story will be entertaining and engaging.

We already shared the premise with you, so let’s skip that. So the first two volumes are focused on building the premise and narrating the family history, as the story progresses we get to see a lot of different elements at play. There is an introduction of new characters, and it’s not the typical shonen drama; that you might have signed up for. 

From; character development to story building everything has blended perfectly and given rise to a masterpiece that is a must-read for everyone who loves historical mangas.


We would say that; there is little news available for The Elusive Samurai anime right now, but we will try to update you with more information as soon as we get our hands on more sizzling news.

Let us know in the comments section which shonen anime has inspired you the most.

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