The Flatshare: Plot, Cast, Release Date and More

While the Americans have produced some great comedy shows over the last few decades, the British have got comedy right, every single time. It is true that British comedy isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea, but this upcoming comedy seems like it will be enjoyed by everyone across the globe. The Flatshare is an upcoming British comedy series that has been adapted from Beth O’Leary’s novel of the same name. People are often weary about adaptations, and it is understandable considering a lot of movies and shows have butchered some perfectly good books, but we have high hopes for The Flatshare.

If there’s one thing that everyone can relate to, is the fact that paying rent is one of the worst things an adult has to do. But you can’t get out of paying rent, right? Well, at least you can work out ways where you only have to pay half the rent, which is the premise of The Flatshare. Don’t worry, this series isn’t about real estate, it’s a romantic comedy! Here’s everything you need to know about The Flatshare, from the plot to its cast, to the release date and much more:

What is the Plot of The Flatshare?

The Flatshare is set in the United Kingdom and follows the life of two people who don’t earn enough money to be able to afford rent at a great apartment. These people are Tiffany “Tiffy” Moore and Leon Twomey. Tiffany has just been through a bad breakup and needs to move out of her current home and with the lack of funds, she and Leon, who have never met each other before, come up with the brilliant idea of sharing the flat. Now, you must be thinking, what’s so unique about sharing a flat? Everyone does it! Well, not like Tiffany and Leon. Leon works the night shift at a hospice and Tiffany has a day job. So, Tiffany spends the night at the flat, from 8 pm to 8 am, and the other 12 hours are for Leon. This way, they never have to see each other, and they both get twelve hours each in the flat, which is shockingly enough to sleep, eat, bathe and have some leisure time by the looks of it.

The Plot of The Flatshare

Now, although these two don’t interact face to face, they still occasionally have to discuss things about the flat. Whether it is about the milk, turning the lights off, or keeping the toilet seat up, the possibilities are truly endless. So, instead of texting each other or having a chat face to face, Leon and Tifanny decide to leave post-it notes for each other. While this might seem like a simple idea to begin with, and despite not meeting each other, they get intertwined in ways that they didn’t think they would, and even begin developing feelings for each other. Will Tifanny and Leon finally meet? Will their chemistry in person be as cute as the little post-it notes? Well, you will have to watch The Flatshare to find out!

The Cast of The Flatshare

When talking about romantic comedies, the on-screen chemistry between the two main characters can make or break the series or movie. The Flatshare is a little different because although this is a romantic comedy, the two characters never really interact much face to face, but despite that, chemistry does come into play. This is why Jessica Brown Findlay as Tiffany and Anthony Welsh as Leon have both been cast perfectly for The Flatshare. Findlay is most popularly known for her work in shows like Downtown Abbey, Black Mirror, and Brave New World, and has created a mark in the British television industry. Meanwhile, Anthony Welsh is also known for his work on Black Mirror as well as the Amazon Prime series, Pure.

The Cast of The Flatshare

Other than these two, there will be other supporting cast members who will help drive the storyline forward, whether those are friends, exes, co-workers, or family members. Some of these cast members include Jonah Hauer-King, Shaniqua Okwok, Bart Edwards, Shaq B. Grant, and Klariza Clayton. For those of you who aren’t familiar with British TV, now is the perfect time to dive into it and get to know some of these talented folks who will be appearing in The Flatshare.

When and Where Can You Watch The Flatshare?

Romantic comedies are perfect for the holiday season, aren’t they? This is why The Flatshare will be available to stream in the UK on the 1st of December. As of now, the series will be exclusively available on Paramount+. There will be a total of six episodes and the run time of each episode is still unknown, however, gauging the other shows with a similar number of episodes and producers, it can be anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes. We are still unsure of when the series will be available worldwide, but we keep you posted with any updates!

Is There a Trailer for The Flatshare?

There is a first-look trailer of The Flatshare that gives the viewers a fair idea about what they’re signing up for! The trailer already has some incredibly cute and funny moments, and the weird bonding between Tiffany and Leon through their post-it notes is one of a kind. We see both these characters interact with other people in person, but never each other, so the trailer really is keeping the suspense alive of whether or not Leon and Tiffany will interact with each other in person! Tifanny and Leon’s personalities also shine through in the first look, and as one of Leon’s patients says about their post-it notes, “that’s so romantic,” and we agree with that!


Mark your calendars because it isn’t too long until you take this interesting journey with Tifanny and Leon. Two people sharing a flat but at different times might just be the new idea that people abide by. Do let us know in the comments about which part of The Flatshare you are most excited about!

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