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The Little Mermaid: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

The Little Mermaid: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

You probably won’t have to wait long to see the classic Disney animated film The Little Mermaid in a live-action adaptation. The 1989 original movie was a musical that was partially based on the same-named fairy tale. Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of fairy stories, wrote it. Ariel, a teenage mermaid, is the main character of the well-known musical.

Rob Marshall, who is well-known for helming the motion picture musical adaptation of Broadway’s Chicago, is in charge of directing it. The Cinderella, Dumbo, Lion King, and Pinocchio tales have already been lived by the media empire. Given this, Ariel and her friends’ admirers have been eagerly waiting to see the characters of this underwater world come to life in means other than animation. 

After being in production since 2016, The Little Mermaid finally makes its theatrical debut in the spring of 2023. Alan Menken, who originally composed the music for The Little Mermaid, is expected to return.

He will create brand-new music with Lin-Manuel Miranda, one of the film’s creators. Everything you need to know about The Little Mermaid is gathered here.

What Will Be The Plot For The Little Mermaid?

The Walt Disney Studios released The Little Mermaid’s formal plot summary. It is the well-known tale of Ariel, a young mermaid who is lovely and courageous and has a desire for exploration.

She is the most resolute and the youngest of King Triton’s children. Ariel is curious about the world above the water and longs to learn more. She, however, develops feelings for the handsome Prince Eric while touring the surface. Mermaids aren’t supposed to talk to people, but Ariel has to do what she feels.

She strikes a deal with the wicked sea witch Ursula that allows her to live on dry ground. However, in the end, her life and her father’s throne are in danger. The storyline of The Little Mermaid is not particularly mysterious.

It is expected that the plot of the movie will largely adhere to the original, as has been the case with many of Disney’s other live-action remakes. Additionally, “Part of Your World,” a well-known song, will be featured in the movie.

What Will Be The Plot For The Little Mermaid?

In this song, Ariel expresses her desire to live in the human world, which is the world that exists above the ocean. As they navigate the difficulties brought on by their differences, viewers will get to witness Ariel and Prince Eric’s relationship.

The Cast Of The Little Mermaid

There were rumors that Zendaya might play Ariel’s role, and fans wanted singer Ariana Grande to portray the role. As a result, the character’s selection has come as a huge surprise.

On July 3, 2019, Halle Bailey was officially announced by Disney on its official social media pages to play the title character of Ariel. Rob Marshall, the director, also gave the young actress praise. It became abundantly obvious, he claimed, after a thorough investigation, that Halle possesses the exceptional fusion of spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and substance.

She also has a beautiful singing voice, all of which are intrinsic requirements for playing this iconic character. Along with her sister Chloe Bailey, Bailey has a successful musical career under the name Chloe x Halle. Since 2018, they have received numerous Grammy Award nominations as a group.

Her portrayal of Skyler Forster in the sitcom Grown-ish helped launch her starring career. Prince Eric, the primary character and love interest opposite Ariel, was cast in November 2019 according to the casting announcement.

The Cast Of The Little Mermaid

Earlier, candidates for the part included well-known vocalist Harry Styles and actor-comedian Jack Whitehall. It was later discovered that Styles had declined the role. Jonah Hauer-King, a British actor, was subsequently announced as the endearing human prince Eric.

Also disclosed was Melissa McCarthy’s potential casting as Ursula in the film. During an interview, she affirmed that she had been chosen as Ursula. She is also a writer, producer, comedian, and fashion designer.

Javier Bardem, a well-known actor, was also chosen to play King Triton. Bardem is well known for his roles in high-profile, foreign films. For his depiction of the psychotic murderer Anton Chigurh in the Coen Brothers’ suspenseful No Country for Old Men, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. King Triton will stick in the fans’ minds because of his stellar performance record.

Next, Art Malik will portray Grimsby, Prince Eric’s devoted butler, and friend. Grimsby makes sure Eric gets the ideal girl to marry. In addition to these well-known figures, Queen Selina will be portrayed by Noma Dumezweni, and Perla by Lorena Andrea.

Furthermore, Kajsa Mohammar will play the role of Karina. Also, unspecified parts have been cast for Jessica Alexander, Russell Balogh, Adrian Christopher, and Simone Ashley in the movie.

Is There A Trailer For The Little Mermaid?

Yes, there are currently several trailers for it. The Little Mermaid released its first official theatrical trailer during the 2023 Oscars. Consequently, we can now eventually get a better look at the upcoming movie’s story and characters. In the new teaser starring Halle Bailey, the Disney movie Ariel saves Prince Eric from a shipwreck.

King Triton tells Ariel that her obsession with people must end after she asks for more information. As “Part of Your World” plays, we see complete views of Ariel’s costumes and extravagant ensembles.

The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer

On February 15, 2023, a second teaser video for The Little Mermaid was released. It was done to mark the 100th anniversary of Disney and the precise 100 days until the movie’s release.

We see Halle as Ariel once more in the preview. She can be seen swimming among jellyfish and endearingly sending kisses to a pufferfish. We also get our first glimpses of four more mermaids and the famous “Kiss the Girl” scene’s almost-kiss between Ariel and Prince Eric.

Near the conclusion of the trailer, we also get our first glimpse of Ursula’s eyes and tentacles as well as hear her evil laugh.

The Little Mermaid’s initial formal teaser trailer was unveiled in September 2022. The video, which is just over a minute long, transports us on an incredible voyage through the ocean as marine life flits about the surface. Soon, a recognizable scaly fin can be seen swimming through a sunken ship.

In the waning seconds of the trailer, we get our first glimpse of Halle as Ariel appears. The teaser quickly gained popularity online, dispelling the racial stereotype that kids wouldn’t accept as a Black Disney Princess.

When Can You Watch The Little Mermaid?

On May 26, 2023, The Little Mermaid: A Live-Action Version debuts in theaters all over the world.


The live-action remake of The Little Mermaid makes it abundantly obvious that the cast will be heavily star-studded. The Little Mermaid comes in the wake of other live-action Disney remakes like Mulan and Aladdin.

Fans can anticipate that The Little Mermaid will retain the majority of its key iconic components.

Given the inclusion of several new songs on the soundtrack, viewers are likely to observe a few minor adjustments along the way.

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