The Night Agent

The Night Agent, a new mystery-thriller series on Netflix with a White House setting, has just debuted its first teaser. The television program is based on Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name.

It is also referred to as a sophisticated, character-driven action drama. The showrunner and executive producer of The Shield and S.W.A.T., Shawn Ryan, developed the T.V. series.

Seth Gordon, Guy Ferland, Ramaa Mosley, Adam Arkin, and Millicent Shelton all appear in episodes that he produced. The story revolves around a low-level FBI agent who works in the White House basement.

Until the night it rings, he operates a phone that never rings. It pushes him into a dangerous quick-moving conspiracy that eventually leads to the White House. Here is all the information you require regarding The Night Agent.

The Night Agent Cast

FBI agent Peter Sutherland, played by Gabriel Basso, is the main character in the story The Night Agent. American actor Louis Gabriel Basso III is well-known for his parts in the Showtime series The Big C.

Before discovering acting, he originally wanted to be a professional football player. Following the conclusion of The C Word, Basso kept acting and was cast in The Kings of Summer, Hillbilly Elegy, and Barely Lethal. The targeted technology boss that Peter is charged with defending is played by.

A filmmaker and actress from New Zealand named Luciane. In The New Legends of Monkey, she played Tripitaka; in Filthy Rich, Kennedy Truebridge; and in Billy, Cherie, Billy T’s daughter.

Hong Chau, who starred in Whale, also portrays Diane Farr in The Night Agent. She serves as the President of the United States chief of staff. She also took on this part before being nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.

The Night Agent Cast

American actress Hong Chau is best recognized for her role in the 2017 movie Downsizing. She received numerous nominations for supporting-actress honors for this role. Additionally, DB Woodside plays Erik Monks, a Secret Service operative making a long overdue return.

He is an American actor best known for playing bass singer Melvin Franklin in The Temptations on television. He also played the roles of Malcolm Franks in Single Ladies, Robin Wood in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Amenadiel the deity in Lucifer.

In The Night Agent, Fola Evans-Akingbola plays Chelsea Arrington. She is in charge of the Vice President’s daughter’s protection. In the Freeform series Siren, she portrayed Maddie Bishop, a British actress.

Eve Harlow, who plays an unpredictable killer, Phoenix Raei, who serves as her sidekick, and Enrique Murciano, who plays a Secret Service supervisor, round out the ensemble. In The Night Agent, Sarah Desjardins plays the Vice President’s daughter.

What Is The Plot Of The Night Agent?

During a routine train journey, FBI agent Peter Sutherland single-handedly saves hundreds of lives. Peter’s sharp senses allow him to recognize that a bomb was detonated in the train. It enables him to halt the vehicle and lead the passengers to safety swiftly.

Peter also receives a position in the White House, where he is tasked with operating an emergency phone in the basement due to his brave deeds.

What Is The Plot Of The Night Agent?

It is tedious work because, even if the phone did ring, Peter’s task would only be to direct essential calls to the group in charge of solving issues.

In the meantime, Peter gets a message from Rose Larkin, a helpless civilian, one evening. When Rose calls Peter, a masked assailant attacks her, prompting the agent to dash to her house and save her.

Following that, Peter is tasked with keeping Rose safe by all means while becoming embroiled in a complicated conspiracy. It involves individuals holding significant positions of authority inside the White House.

Peter and Rose must also battle for their lives because killers follow them wherever they go. Along with thrilling action sequences, it pledges to capitalize on the audience’s paranoia. It’s because Peter and Rose cannot rely on anyone as they search for the truth.

The bestselling novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk is the basis for the television series. The creator, Shawn Ryan, began reading the book at the start of the lockdown in 2020.

Ultimately, he developed a deep love for the author’s writing. The book has also been contrasted with David Baldacci’s and John Grisham’s early reports. The Night Agent seems to follow in the footsteps of current television hits like Reacher and The Recruit.

Is There A Trailer For The Night Agent?

A low-level FBI Agent is thrust into the middle of things in the upcoming action drama series The Night Agent, which will air on Netflix.

We get a great preview of what to anticipate from the show in the Night Agent trailer. In his first significant TV project, Gabriel Basso plays the leading role.

When Will The Night Agent Release?

According to a report, the TV series version of Matthew Quirk’s book The Night Agent was scheduled to begin production on Sony Pictures Television on December 24, 2020. Netflix purchased the show on July 21, 2021, and Seth Gordon was tapped to create the 10-episode run and direct the pilot. On March 23, 2023, Netflix is set to release it.


Viewers have been excited about The Night Agent ever since it was announced. It also seeks to provide an exciting fusion of drama, conspiracy, and action.

The Night Agent has emerged as one of the most talked-about shows in recent memory thanks to a talented cast and crew and an intriguing premise.

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