The Princess Diaries 3: Release Date, Speculation And What We Know So Far

We are almost certain that the internet broke sometime in the last 24 hours after the big announcement that shocked fans and viewers all over the world. The Princess Diaries 3 is officially in the works! Yes, you read that correctly. If you thought you had seen the last of The Princess Diaries franchise, you were wrong. Fans have waited far too long for this moment, and now that is here, they have a whole lot of questions, and frankly, so do we.

The first question that people have had is whether Anne Hathaway will reprise her role as Mia Thermopolis, and this question has been trending all over the internet, and fans on Twitter are ready to sue the franchise if this doesn’t happen. We will explore her return to the franchise soon, but we also want to fill you in on everything that we know so far. Are you ready to learn more about The Princess Diaries 3? Because if so, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming movie:

Has The Princess Diaries 3 Officially Been confirmed?

According to several trusted sources, Aadrita Mukerji is currently working on a script that will be a continuation of The Princess Diaries movies. Every news outlet has spent the last 24 hours covering this news and right now, The Princess Diaries 3 is all over social media. Disney has officially agreed to a third installment of The Princess Diaries movie and is currently under work. The first two Princess Diaries movies were directed by Garry Marshall, who passed away in 2016.

So far, we aren’t entirely sure about who is going to step in and direct The Princess Diaries 3 but we are aware of Aadrita Mukerji’s involvement with the script. Mukerji is best known for her work Scorpio (2014), Supergirl (2013), and Reacher (2022). She hasn’t previously worked on any of the Princess Diaries movies, so it will be interesting to see The Princess Diaries 3 with a fresh and new perspective.

Will Anne Hathaway and Other Stars Return for The Princess Diaries 3?

We are all dying to know the answer to this million-dollar question. The bad news is, there has been no official confirmation of Anne Hathaway’s return to The Princess Diaries 3. However, we have some good news as well. Recently, Hathaway expressed her interest in a future Princess Diaries movie if it were to happen. She has also been vocal about supporting the third movie and told Entertainment Tonight that she would more than just entertain it, she was pulling for it!

This was like music to all our ears, because The Princess Diaries 3 would be incomplete without Anne Hathaway. Her characterization of Mia Thermopolis is what got fans so invested in these movies, and they can’t see any future movies without her. If for any reason she doesn’t reprise her role, we would assume that Disney introduces a new character instead of recasting Anne Hathaway.

Apart from Anne Hathaway, fans are also concerned about whether or not Chris Prine will return for The Princess Diaries 3. Fans have expressed their emotions on Twitter about how they don’t want another movie if it doesn’t have Hathaway and Pine opposite each other. So far, there has been no news on whether or not Pine is returning for The Princess Diaries 3, however, in an interview, he didn’t seem opposed to the idea of reprising his role for another movie and jokingly said that he’d do it if it were to take place in LA because all of Hollywood seems to be migrating to England. You can watch the interview here.

Lastly, we have the third and very important part of The Princess Diaries franchise, and that is, Julie Andrews.

In 2020, when asked about whether or not she’d do another Princess Diaries movie, Andrews expressed that she might be a little too old for it and nothing has come her way just yet, but she would be happy to work with Anne Hathaway again and would be “up for it.” This has given fans a glimmer of hope as they take a deep dive into the internet looking for all sorts of interviews from Hathaway, Pine, and Andrews, looking for any possible hints at their future in The Princess Diaries 3.

What Will The Princess Diaries 3 Be About?

Since The Princess Diaries 3 has only just been announced and we still don’t have enough information, there is some speculation on the way. There have been rumors which are most likely concrete, that The Princess Diaries 3 will most likely be a continuation of The Princess Diaries 2 and not a spin-off or reboot, and that’s exactly what the fans want too. Even though The Princess Diaries franchise wasn’t always critically acclaimed or appreciated, it garnered a huge fan following because of the story and characters.

These movies went on to become a source of comfort and humor for several people across the globe. We hope that The Princess Diaries 3 showcases the life and romance of Nicholas and Mia, which was one of the best parts of the franchise, which is why fans are really gunning for Hathaway and Pine to return for the third movie.

When and Where Can You Watch The Princess Diaries 3?

Since The Princess Diaries 3 will be a Disney movie, we can expect it to be available to stream on Disney+ when it releases, but also, how wonderful would a theatrical release be? As for the release date, that is still a question mark at this moment.

When and Where Can You Watch The Princess Diaries 3?

However, now that the buzz has been created, we can expect more official news from Disney about the cast, release date, and other updates. Our best guess is The Princess Diaries 3 might release early in 2024!


The confirmation of The Princess Diaries 3 movie was the news the world needed right about now. Amidst some favorite shows being canceled and movies not getting sequels, The Princess Diaries 3 is the silver lining that people did not expect. As and when we learn more about the movie, we will make sure we keep you updated. Do let us know in the comments just how excited you are about The Princess Diaries 3!

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