The Seven Faces of Jane: Release Date, Trailer, Cast And More

The Seven Faces of Jane: Release Date, Trailer, Cast And More

We are very familiar with anthology series these days, directors have picked up on this concept and are running with it, and it is always a hit. However, have you heard of an anthology movie? Because we surely haven’t. The Seven Faces of Jane is going to be one of a kind, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. There are several unique things about The Seven Faces of Jane, and first and foremost, the directors. This movie doesn’t just have one or two directors, but eight directors, yes, you read that right: eight. These eight directors include Gillian Jacobs, Alexandra Cassavetes, Ryan Heffington, Ken Jeong, Gia Coppola, Boma Iluma, Julian Acosta, and Alex Takacs.

Apart from the number of directors, The Seven Faces of Jane is an indie movie and daring yet unique endeavor which will explore some very interesting concepts in an anthology form. There are a few details that we know of when it comes to The Seven Faces of Jane, however, the movie as a whole will be something that you will have to experience on your own, and we wouldn’t want to give everything away. However, we will try and give you a rundown of all the things you need to know about the upcoming movie, The Seven Faces of Jane.

What Is The Plot of The Seven Faces of Jane?

Now the plot of The Seven Faces of Jane might be a little difficult to explain because it’s one of those movies which you simply have to experience to understand, but we will try our best to explain it. The Seven Faces of Jane is an experimental movie and an anthology, which essentially means that one movie will have different stories. Normally this works for series because each story is divided into separate episodes, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out in The Seven Faces of Jane. People are wondering if this would have been better off as a series on Netflix, but then, there would be nothing unique about it. So, we recommend putting your faith in the hands of eight directors and some brilliant cast members.

The Seven Faces of Jane follows the life of Jane as she drops her daughter off at sleepaway camp, and makes the decision to drive away from her mundane life, to a road less taken. The different stories told by different directors will show us how Jane’s life would have turned out if she had made a certain decision. The Seven Faces of Jane will be a road trip in itself, where Jane meets different people, creates new experiences, and sees a different version of herself with every director and the story they have written for her.

The Plot of The Seven Faces of Jane

The Seven Faces of Jane is based on the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ Game Concept. This concept revolves around an interesting art of storytelling where there are several participants, and each takes turns writing on a sheet of paper, folding it to hide their contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution. This means that random parts create a whole story. If this concept has been followed exactly this way in The Seven Faces of Jane, it means that the directors were unaware of the story that the other directors were telling, until they finally strung together. We did warn you; this is difficult to explain, and you will have to see it for yourself.

The Cast of The Seven Faces of Jane 

The Seven Faces of Jane is packed with some very talented actors and actresses that you might recognize from other movies and tv shows. On the front and center, we have the star of the show, who is none other than Jane herself. Jane will be played by the very talented Gillian Jacobs. Jacobs turned forty this year, although she could pass for a woman in her twenties! You might recognize her from shows like Community or Love and movies like Life of the Party or Walk of Shame. Gillian Jacobs is one of the most underrated actresses of her time, and this movie will be the gateway to more and bigger roles, or at least so we hope. Gillian is also one of the directors of The Seven Faces of Jane, which only makes this more exciting because directing yourself can be a hit or a miss, but we have a good feeling about this.

The Cast of The Seven Faces of Jane 

Joining Gillian Jacobs and completing the cast of The Seven Faces of Jane are Joel McHale, Sybil Azur, Graeme Buffenbarger, Sergio Calderón, Angelina Capozzoli, and Lupe Carranza amongst several others. Talented folks from all races and backgrounds are a part of The Seven Faces of Jane, which only makes this movie even more special. It will be interesting to see the roles these cast members play in Jane’s life and how they impact the different stories that will be told.

When and Where Can You Watch The Seven Faces of Jane?

Believe it or not, the principal photography of The Seven Faces of Jane took just over two weeks and was shot during the pandemic in 2021. Just like many indie movies, The Seven Faces of Jane premiered to a limited group of people at the Bentonville Film Festival on the 22nd of June, 2022.

This film festival largely focuses on diversity, and given the range of cast, crew, and directors who have been a part of The Seven Faces of Jane, this movie seems like an appropriate selection. Despite being a part of a film festival, the movie didn’t get as much attention but now that it’s about to be available to the larger public, it is gaining some more momentum.

The Seven Faces of Jane will officially release on the 13th of January, 2023, and will be available to watch in select theatres and on video on demand. It is important to support indie movies and indie filmmakers, which is why we urge you to watch The Seven Faces of Jane when it releases.

Is There a Trailer for The Seven Faces of Jane?

The official trailer for The Seven Faces of Jane was released earlier this month and while this movie might be a little underrated at the moment, based on the views of the trailer, we have complete faith that it will pick up the pace. Indie movies usually have a harder time getting traction, but considering the concept and cast of The Seven Faces of Jane, it shouldn’t be too long before everyone is raving about this movie. The trailer is all sorts of brilliant and crazy, with plenty of comedic moments along with brief moments of self-actualization and existential crises, and these are concepts that we are all familiar with.

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The trailer is only a glimpse into what we’re about to experience in this experimental movie and is definitely just the tip of the iceberg. The comment section is filled with people talking about the uniqueness of The Seven Faces of Jane and how Gillian Jacobs will be the star of the movie and deserves way more recognition. Hopefully, you enjoy the trailer just as much as we did.


Although we have mentioned this before, we highly recommend watching The Seven Faces of Jane, whether you watch it for Gillian Jacobs or the plethora of directors and cast that are a part of this movie. It would be interesting to read more about the concept on which The Seven Faces of Jane has been based, which we explored in the plot section of this article, and maybe try and figure out how this unique movie will pan out. If you have watched the trailer, do let us know in the comments what part of The Seven Faces of Jane has intrigued you the most so far.

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