The Wilds Season 3

The Wilds Season 3: Renewal, Plot, Release Date, Cast And More

We are aware that The Wilds fans are eager to learn whether The Wilds Season 3 will be renewed after watching an incredible season so far. You’ve come to the right website if you enjoy watching The Wilds and want to learn more about The Wilds Season 3.

Sarah Streicher developed the American drama web series The Wilds for Amazon Prime Video. A group of young girls who are stuck on an island following an aircraft catastrophe is the focus of the television series.

They are unaware that they are taking part in a social experiment, nevertheless. On December 11, 2020, the first season of the show was made available on Amazon Prime Video, to generally favorable reviews from critics. The script, plot, and acting all earned a lot of praise.

The Wilds Season 3

Is The Wilds Season 3 Renewed?

When Yellowjacket exploded into our lives in late 2018, it quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon. However, viewers were already engrossed in The Wilds, another show about teenage girls surviving in the wild.

However now that the series has been dropped by Prime Video, everyone is wondering how big of an impact this will have on the show. The Wilds Season 3 has fans concerned.

They want to know if it is happening or if it has been permanently postponed. So, this is the appropriate location. Both audiences and reviewers gave the series favorable reviews.

It rose to prominence on Prime Video rather rapidly. The Wilds were canceled after only two seasons, despite being a hit.

Is The Wilds Season 3 Renewed?

Many people were surprised by the cancellation because it seemed like the show was doing well. Unfortunately, we might never be certain of the cause of the cancellation. Perhaps Prime Video merely decided that two seasons were sufficient.

Additionally, perhaps they didn’t want to keep funding a show that wasn’t certain to be a huge success.

Whatever the cause, it’s unfortunate that there won’t be The Wilds Season 3. The show had a lot of potential, and it might have lasted for several more seasons. The Wilds have come to an end, therefore we will never know what might have been.

Who knows, though? The Wilds Season 3 might be brought back sometime. There have been stranger occurrences.

What Would Be The Plot For The Wilds Season 3?

We’ll never know the story because The Wilds were not renewed for The Wilds Season 3. Nevertheless, we were able to deduce some potential outcomes from cast interviews and the events of the first two seasons.

Shelby’s potential involvement as yet another mole for the Dawn of Eve project was hinted at in the last moments of Season 2.

To TV Line, executive producer Amy B Harris essentially confirmed that Shelby was experiencing a problem.

The third season, she claimed in the same interview, would have investigated the developing relationship between the boy and girl groups.

What Would Be The Plot For The Wilds Season 3?

The two groups have come together in a powerful sense, defending one another, looking out for one another, and engaging in conflict with one another. The chemistry and potential eruptions that will result from these two groups sort of slamming together are quite fascinating.

‘Phase 3’ of the experiment was also hinted at in The Wilds season 2. What it might have been—which has been alluded to as the introduction of yet another group of survivors—is unclear.

Harris has also stated that they are eager to go deeper into Gretchen’s story. He is in charge of her entire structure and the Dawn of Eve show.

The Cast Of The Wilds Season 3

All of the survivors who made it through the second season of The Wilds would have likely returned if the show had been extended for a third season. Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Erana James, and Sarah Pidgeon would have been among the females in the group.

The Cast Of The Wilds Season 3

Charles Alexander, Zack Calderon, Nicholas Coombe, Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Aidan Laprete, Tanner Ray Rook, and Reed Shannon would have been the most likely male returnees. Alex Fitzalan and Helena Howard would have remained in the cast of The Wilds for season three because it is predicted that Seth and Nora will also make a comeback. Sadly, the cast was just as eager for a third season as we were.

When Might The Wilds Season 3 Be Released?

When Might The Wilds Season 3 Be Released?

Sorry, but we don’t have a release date because there was no renewal. Therefore, it appears that we will never truly understand what happened to the survivors. Before the show’s cancellation, Prime Video did, however, release a cute bloopers clip showcasing the antics the cast got up to on set. Check that out, and try to think that it ended happily for everyone.

The Wilds Season 2 Bloopers | Prime Video


Compared to the first season of The Wilds, the second season is more dramatic and entertaining. The series has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers, who also gave it generally positive ratings. The two seasons of the show are thrilling and entertaining.

You are losing out on a worthwhile series if you haven’t started watching the show yet. So don’t wait any longer and start watching The Wilds, the newest Amazon series.

Do you want to watch Season 3 of The Wilds? Which part of the series do you find to be the best so far? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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