Tiny Beautiful Things Movie: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More

Sometimes, life can be chaos at times. However, choosing to concentrate on its tiny, lovely aspects can provide relief from the chaos. In the upcoming Hulu series Tiny Beautiful Things, Emmy nominee Kathryn Hahn will demonstrate how we can make the most of life’s priceless little moments to get through difficult times. The first trailer for it is also available now.

The best-selling book of the same name by Cheryl Strayed served as the inspiration for the upcoming series. The show tells the story of a struggling author who agrees to write a column offering guidance.

At first, the position wasn’t her ideal job, but it eventually transformed her life. The limited series, which features Cheryl’s advice column Dear Sugar writing, has all the ingredients to become the streamer’s next big hit.

What Is The Plot Of Tiny Beautiful Things?

Clare’s tale will be told throughout the series in various periods. It will follow her current situation, where she is about to get divorced and raise her queer adolescent daughter. It will also flashback to when she was a young girl and harbored lofty aspirations of becoming a published author.  To save their marriage, she has been seen in therapy with her husband.

It appears irreparable, though. She is not only losing her spouse but also losing touch with her daughter Rae Kincade. Moreover, she can’t help but feel responsible for her misconduct when she walks in on her playing threesome with her classmates. Clare appears committed to improving their relationship, despite Rae’s ongoing harsh treatment of her.

What Is The Plot Of Tiny Beautiful Things?

She is given an unexpected tool to help her with her issues. It was when an old acquaintance presented her with the chance to start an advice column. Additionally, Clare reluctantly agreed to it despite feeling she wasn’t quite prepared for it. Her new position also encourages reflection as she delves into her own life to provide her followers with helpful insights.

Then Clare sees flashbacks of herself in her 20s when she had a relationship with her mother that was somewhat similar to the one she now has with her daughter. Clare discovers what it means to recover, move on, and let go by going back in time to assess her losses. The film Tiny Beautiful Things is chock-full of touching scenes and promises spectators a joyous, heartwarming experience.

Is There A Trailer For Tiny Beautiful Things?

Hulu has made available the original Tiny Beautiful Things trailer, which offers a glimpse into the action-packed life of the title character Clare. Clare’s character, played by Kathryn Hahn, is depicted touchingly in the movie’s teaser. She faces difficulties in both her marriage and her bond with her daughter. It might be precisely what she needs when the chance to be the enigmatic author of an advice column arises.

Additionally, as soon as the video begins, viewers are made aware of Clare’s issues. “My life is a mess,” she says. She further adds, “My husband kicked me out a few days ago. My Daughter hates me”. At this point, we are aware of how serious her situation is. The remainder of the trailer features some of the series’ most outrageous and embarrassing moments.

Is There A Trailer For Tiny Beautiful Things?

The Cast Of Tiny Beautiful Things

Kathryn Hahn plays the character of Clare, the main character in Tiny Beautiful Things. Clare experiences challenges in her life as a result of her numerous marriage problems. Hahn is a good fit for the role because she does a good job of capturing both the character’s many flaws and inherent charm. Her performances in the series will also be mature and nuanced, as fans might expect.

The Cast Of Tiny Beautiful Things

She also played prominent parts in Crossing Jordan, The Hidden Life of Walter Mitty, and Revolutionary Road, to name a few. Additionally, Sarah Pidgeon from The Wilds also appears in the upcoming series as young Clare. Quentin Plair plays the character of Clare’s spouse Danny Kinkade in the meantime. Additionally, he appeared in Welcome to Chippendales.

Moving on, Rae Kinkade’s character is portrayed by Tanzyn Crawford from Servant, and the character of juvenile Lucas is portrayed by Owen Painter from The Handmade’s Tale. The Tiny Beautiful Things series also stars Michaela Watkins as Amy, Elizabeth Hinkler as Shan, and Merritt Wever as Frankie.

When And Where Can You Watch Tiny Beautiful Things?

Tiny Beautiful Things, a brand-new Hulu series, will make its online streaming premiere on April 7, 2023. All eight episodes of the upcoming series will be made available on Hulu.


The emotional complexity of Tiny Beautiful Things is preserved while the tone is amusing and whimsical. In addition, viewers might look forward to a smart and entertaining comedic series that explores a woman’s existential dilemma.

According to the official trailer and synopsis, it also addresses topics like desire, happiness, and family, among many other things. Liz Tigelaar, who will also serve as the showrunner, created Tiny Beautiful Things and serves as its executive producer.

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