To Catch A Killer: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

There are many different types of thrillers, including high-concept sci-fi, criminal dramas, and supernatural horror. Therefore, the greatest crime thrillers are also the best films overall.

Anyone who enjoys excellent acting, writing, and directing should seek out these films; they are not just for lovers of genre cinema. That’s precisely what the upcoming film To Catch A Killer does.

People’s natural desire for justice is what has led to the increasing popularity of crime novels and TV shows. Additionally, we constantly crave closure, and our subconscious wants good to triumph over evil.

However, the reality of our world falls short of our ideals of justice. Additionally, the suspense and thrills in these tales and shows keep us as viewers interested.

To Catch A Killer’s principal photography in Montreal, Canada, started in January 2021 and ended on March 10, 2021. Here are all the details we currently know about the upcoming film.

To Catch A Killer

What Is The Plot Of To Catch A Killer?

To Catch a Killer follows Eleanor, a female police detective in Baltimore. She is someone who excels in her profession but faces her history and her addiction demons. An unidentified gunman opens fire on the city on New Year’s Eve.

This leads to the murder of several individuals before going completely missing. The FBI is called in for a shooting of this magnitude, and the chief investigator is in charge.

Eleanor is brought into the Bureau to assist in finding this enigmatic killer after the Bureau recognizes her ability. The New Year’s Eve shooting that initiates the entire plot is depicted in the television series.

In addition, the shooting appears to be random and indiscriminate, with victims present at rooftop events, inside their homes, or just taking the elevator. The room where the shots were fired catches fire when the cops find the shooting’s origin.

What Is The Plot Of To Catch A Killer?

The trio of Woodley, Mendelsohn, and Jovan Adepo, who plays the third protagonist in the movie, are also highlighted as they do everything in their power to track down the shooter. All of this creates a tense and unsettling atmosphere as authorities search for a psychopath who always seems to be one step ahead. Eleanor might be the only person who can decipher the attacker’s thoughts and bring him to justice given her tortured psyche.

The Cast Of To Catch A Killer

Shailene Woodley portrays the role of Eleanor in the upcoming film. The FBI hired her as a skilled but troubled officer to find the serial killer. Shailene Woodley appeared in movies and series like Big Little Lies, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Last Letter from Your Lover, among other films.

Ben Mendelsohn is additionally a member of the To Catch A Killer ensemble. He portrays the character of Geoffrey Lammark, Chief Investigator. Additionally, he is also well recognized for his parts in The Outsider, Secret Invasion, and Captain Marvel, among others.

The Cast Of To Catch A Killer

Furthermore, Jovan Adepo is also a cast member of the upcoming series. He portrays Mackenzie in the series. This person works for the FBI. The Stand, The Violent Heart, Babylon, and The Leftovers all featured Jovan in prominent roles. He took acting lessons to secure commercial bookings to make ends meet. Additionally, Jovan developed a passion for acting during this time.

Ralph Ineson is the next major character on the list. He portrays the serial killer and trained sharpshooter Dean Possey in the film. The Green Knight, Willow, Trigger Point, and Guardians of the Galaxy are just a few of his other well-known works.

Is There A Trailer For To Catch A Killer?

You must view this trailer. The official trailer of To Catch a Killer was recently released by Vertical Entertainment. This is yet another crime thriller in the current pattern of serial killer movies and television shows.

Additionally, it uses the same title as a well-known 1992 two-part TV drama. Starring Brian Dennehy and Michael Riley, it also featured a murder investigation. It almost appears as though this new movie, which is based in Baltimore, is a proper, modern update of Silence of the Lambs.

When And Where To Watch To Catch A Killer?

On April 21 of this year, To Catch a Killer will be released in movie theaters by Vertical Entertainment.


Woodley stated in a statement that screenplays like To Catch a Killer are well executed in terms of theme and tone when the movie was first revealed back in 2019. With a filmmaker like Damian at the helm, they are uncommon to find. She added that they are working on something that will significantly influence the movie industry.

Audiences will also find it compelling, particularly in light of the current conditions in the movie industry. Szifron continued by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to work with an actress of Shailene Woodley’s caliber. The director also claims that the movie will provide the same kind of visual experience that inspired him to become a director.

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