Tonight You're Sleeping With Me Review: Stream It or Skip It?

We have talked about a lot of movies that have been slated to release in 2023, and on this website, we do admire international movies that make their way to streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime Video.

Today, we’re going to review the most recent Polish movie, “Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me.” If the title sounds intriguing, we wouldn’t get your hopes high just yet, because Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me wasn’t the greatest watch, and we’re here to tell you just why.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me Review

Polish cinema has made a place for itself in the world with some good content every now and then, so we had some hopes set for Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, but all this movie did was disappoint.

The romantic drama is directed by Robert Wichrowski and revolves around a dying marriage and infidelity. While the concept isn’t fresh, Wichrowski chose the least interesting path moving forward with Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me.

This review might contain some spoilers, although we’d recommend just reading the review over watching the movie.

A Slow Burn That Felt Never Ending

If you haven’t watched Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, here’s a brief overview of the movie to sum up what exactly escalates in the 90 minutes of runtime, despite it amounting to almost nothing in the end. The movie revolves around the main character Nina who seems to be trapped in a loveless marriage with a husband who doesn’t care and is away a lot.

The couple has two beautiful young daughters and we can tell that the only reason Nina has stuck around is for her daughters and the family as a whole, convincing herself that she is in love with her husband. Things take a quick turn when Nina meets her new coworker, Janek.

From that very moment, it is established that Nina and Janek share a romantic and sexual past, one that clearly didn’t end with them having a life together. Now, with Janek back in Nina’s life, and her husband, Maciek going away for work, she must try and choose between her own happiness and her family’s togetherness.

Nina and Janek

The premise of Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me is quite simple and something that has been explored in movies and tv shows very often, so one of the biggest downfalls of  Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me was the simplistic premise.

Sometimes, even if the plot has been used and recycled several times, it ends up becoming a huge success because of how the narrative is told, but sadly, that wasn’t the case with this Polish movie.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me felt slow and stretched out despite having the classic 90-minute runtime. It almost felt like this could have been a short film and still been just as impactful, which isn’t great for the movie.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me could have explored a passionate love affair but instead focused on a character that kept leading people on because she couldn’t make a decision.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me

Speaking of the character, Nina, it seemed like wasted potential because, the actress, Roma Gąsiorowska, had the bandwidth to pull off a stronger and deeper character, but the writing of Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me can be blamed for the lack of that.

Nina is the main character of the movie, and you want to empathize with her, you want to try and relate with her, but it never really comes across that way. We wouldn’t say she was unlikeable, not until the last thirty minutes of the movie at least, but she didn’t give us much to love about her either.

Her scenes with Janek had a lot of chemistry, which is probably the only thing that worked for Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me.


When it comes to Janek and Nina, who were the focus of the movie, there were definitely some explicit scenes in Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, and we have to give some credit to the title of the movie which is probably the only thing that lives up to its name.

The explicit scenes were well-curated, and the Maciek being on speakerphone for some of it added a dramatic touch. That phone call led to a scene with the rawest emotion in the whole movie.

We were all expecting a face-to-face confrontation between Nina and Maciek, which sort of happened, only over FaceTime. That’s the thing about FaceTime, you can turn your camera off when things get bad, and that’s exactly what Nina did, leaving a broken Maciek on the other line.

 Nina and Maciek

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me had a bunch of different characters, and out of all of them, there was one character who was genuinely likable, and that was Nina’s father. Unlike her mother, Nina’s father supported her and presented a very real example in front of her, which probably helped her make the decision.

Now the crux of the movie weighed heavily on this final decision, and Nina really left us all hanging towards the end of Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, and that’s another thing that didn’t work in the favor of this Polish movie.


Sometimes an open ending works for movies, the other times, it doesn’t. At the end of Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, Nina has a tough decision to make. She could either go live her life with Janek, a decision she had previously made, be happy, and hopefully have no regrets.

Or, she could stay back with her husband who had been through a traumatic accident and continue living a life of emptiness. In the end, Nina is seen staring into the abyss, and while there is some certainty that she decided to stay with her husband, it wasn’t fully confirmed.

Maybe the writers and director wanted to be a little cryptic and let the viewers write their own ending for Nina, but the movie simply didn’t touch us deeply enough to do that. A more concrete ending would have done wonders and maybe saved an otherwise below-average movie.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me is the kind of movie you can play in the background while doing your chores, or watch at 1.5x speed (thank you, Netflix) because if you truly paid attention to it, you would get bored in the first half of the movie.

Our final verdict is, to skip it. This critique might be a tad harsh, but if you want to test it for yourself, only then would we recommend watching Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me.


If you have had a chance to watch Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, we would love to know in the comments what you thought about the movie!

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