Top 10 Netflix Original Anime 2023

Do you have a Netflix subscription but don’t know which anime to watch? Well, we have come up with a list of the top 10 Netflix original anime, which are anime series that were originally produced by Netflix.

You might have watched much anime from Crunchyroll, VIZ studio, and other Japanese studios, but have you watched any of the Netflix original series yet? No? Then what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Netflix and binge-watch the anime enlisted on the Top 10 Netflix Original Anime.

Top 10 Netflix Original Anime

1. Beastars

If you have watched Zootopia before, then you will be able to grasp the setting of the story very easily. The story takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals resembling our society. Zootopia has a bright and fun theme, while Beastars is the complete opposite. Beastars is grim, dark, unsettling, and weird.

Top 10 Netflix Original Anime

The plot revolves around the strained relationship between carnivores and herbivores and their hardships to coexist in the world. The social hierarchy and the roles of individuals in society have been brilliantly portrayed through the anime.

The detailed characters and the mysterious, thrilling suspense will keep your heart racing on and on.

2. Record of Ragnarok

If you want to see overpowered characters battling against mere humans, then this pick is for you. We think that without Record of Ragnarok, the list of Top 10 Netflix Original Anime would be like a cake without icing. The story is original and straightforward. You will find yourself directly involved in the anime by the second episode.

ROR has received criticism in comparison to the manga, but for those who prefer watching anime instead of reading manga, they will still enjoy the show. The art and animation could have been better, but the battle scenes are amazing.

As new characters are introduced, their backstories are revealed, which, in my opinion, can be a bit sloppy at times. However, the overall construction of the anime is great, and the best fight, in my opinion, was between Adam and Zeus in season 1.

Record of Ragnarok

The plot involves saving mankind from extinction by fighting against the Gods, in a battle known as “Ragnarok”. If you love mythology, then this should be your choice for a weekend binge-worthy anime.

3. Dorohedoro

For people who love gritty and terrifying anime, this is the best pick for them. Dorohedoro has made it to the list of Top 10 Netflix Original Anime with its unconventional anime theme. Dorohedoro will make you feel like you’re watching an anime from the past, but its story is undoubtedly unique and engaging.

You will find nothing cheap in this show. The story is unpredictable and crazy, and even manga readers who have already read the story are bound to enjoy the show.


The plot is based on a man named Caiman who loses his real identity when a sorcerer transforms his head with a reptile’s head and erases his memory. Caiman goes berserk in search of the sorcerer who made him like a reptile, and the story covers his journey and violent assaults as he tries to find the culprit.

4. Disastrous Life of Saiki K

You can never beat Saiki when it comes to his obsession with coffee jello! Yes, the protagonist is obsessed with coffee jello! moreover, he has psychic powers to resolve any problems or hurdles thrown at him.

MC is overpowered, but what makes the story unique; is the introduction of new characters and their bizarre stories, which will make you laugh your guts out. Each script and moment is packed with humor, and if you do not watch the Disastrous Life of Saiki K then you are missing one of the best anime in history.

Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Everyone Saiki meets is a weirdo, the fantastic thing about him is that he does not express himself by saying to others, rather we get to listen to him complaining internally about all the misfortunes that happen around him.

5. Kakegurui

The first episode of Kakegurui will draw you in and you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching till the end. The premise is simple but the execution of the anime was outstanding. Dynamic facial expressions, storytelling, and high-quality artistry are something that we rarely find in anime.

The mood and tone were well-balanced. The minute details range from lightening in eyes to smirks; all the elements contribute to the viewer’s experience, and they understood the assignment of delivering a fantastic anime. The juxtaposition of all elements; like complexity, mood, humor, darkness, etc brings out the best of the show.


The characteristics, patterns, and spins are similar to video games, and the gambling matches will make you become a gambler yourself!

6. Super Crooks

People who have watched the great pretender anime will realize that the art style and pacing are very similar to that of Great Pretenders. Super Crook has based on criminals who work together to outsmart big goonies, and the twist here is that the criminals possess some superpowers.

Super Crooks

The foundation is strong, and the story picks plus character development is no joke. You must be prepared; for some epic battles and gore scenes (not for weak-hearted people for sure). Super Crooks is worth watching considering its originality and concept.

7. Komi Cant Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is for those who want to relax on weekends by watching another slice-of-life anime. Komi Can’t Communicate is picked for the Top 10 Netflix Original Anime because of its light theme with psychological aspects that makes it original and enjoyable to watch.

The colorful personalities and school elements will get you all nostalgic. The deep anxiety, and the relationship building between characters; are worshipped by all viewers. The anime adaptation brought life to the manga with its simple yet effective character designs.

Komi Cant Communicate

Komi’s signature bug eyes will never get old, and the comedy is magical. I am sure you are going to remember this anime for years, as it’s not a typical slice-of-life anime that you would have watched before.

8. Kotaro Lives Alone

How can a 4-year-old boy live alone? Honestly, this anime is one of the best that Netflix would have produced. Kotaro stole the place in the Top 10 Netflix Original Anime with his cuteness and unbelievable story.

The 4-year-old protagonist lives all by himself and makes friends of different ages. He struggles in his daily life, yet we rarely see him cry or whine like a child.

Kotaro Lives Alone

The animation is normal, but the character designs are wholesome. The story is beautiful, and the way everything has been narrated is incomparable. A live-action film is also set to release because of its popularity, you surely need to try watching this one.

9. Lookism

The adaptation of the original manhwa had been done decently. Artwise; it fits the setting of the anime, and the characters are recognizable. Many viewers have criticized the art style as being inconsistent and inappropriate for the manhwa adaptation, yet it has grabbed the attention of many viewers. It is similar to K-dramas but with a more original story, if you are up for something romantic then make sure to watch this with your girlfriend.


10. Romantic Killer

Unlike most rom-com anime which focuses on the love triangle of flat humor, this one comes out with heavily focused comedy and high-end animation that will entertain you for days. The expressive art style and comedy hits slap hard to the face of those who produce anime with slow pacing and erotic visuals.

The show is great, and you should give it a chance. The story involves Anzu who only needs three things in life video games, chocolates, and her beloved cat (just like most of us).

Romantic Killer

Anzu, who is devoid of romance begins playing an otome game and becomes the first subject of the game who gets to experience dating in a harem storyline. Anzu tries her best to avoid romance but will she be able to stay away from love? To know what happens you will have to watch the anime for yourself and find out.

Some Other Netflix Original Anime

People who have already watched the anime; mentioned above can try watching some other anime which are also Netflix Original anime series.

  • Violet Evergarden
  • A Whisker Away
  • Teasing Master Takagi San
  • Vampire in The Garden
  • The Way of Household Husbands
  • Devilman Crybaby


You can find all the anime on Netflix and do not worry we will bring again a new list of Top 10 Netflix Original Anime in the future as more anime will get released in the future.

Till then make sure to finish all the anime from the list of Top 10 Netflix Original Anime if you want to know all otaku in the anime community.

Let, us know which anime you liked the most from the list of Top 10 Netflix Original Anime in the comments section below.

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