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Top Boy Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Ronan Bennett is the author of the British television crime drama series Top Boy. Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Top Boy Season 5 after four outstanding seasons. In the fictional Summerhouse estate in the London Borough of Hackney, a television series is set.

It centers on two drug dealers named Dushane and Sully as well as other people engaged in gang warfare and drug peddling in London. 26 episodes from four series in total. The first two seasons each had four episodes, and they were aired on Channel 4. Here is all the information you require about Top Boy Season 5.

What Will Be The Plot Of Top Boy Season 5?

Someone will undoubtedly inhale some smoke that much is certain. There were far too many betrayals last season for there to be no consequences. Most likely, Sully and Dushane have a new chasm between them as a result of Sully’s actions. Dushane’s plan to retire was to give Jamie control of the drug business. We can guess that Dushane won’t take Sully’s decision to scrap that scheme lying down.

Unless, of course, he is paralyzed by anxiety and lying down, which seems to be a season four development. Future touchpoints may involve Dushane’s mental health, which may present a different challenge for him to solve. In terms of getting even, Stef, the youngest brother of Jamie, traded his shock and perplexity for grief in the lengthy stare that passed between Sully and him.

There was also a hint of regret and even some sense of closure on Sully’s end. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to suppose that bookworm Aaron and schoolboy Stef could wish to settle the score.

It would be fascinating to watch what happens with Aaron now that he is supporting the family and is in charge of Stef’s guardianship. Will he abandon his studies at the university and hit the streets like Jamie?

What Will Be The Plot Of Top Boy Season 5?

We won’t know till Top Boy Season 5. There are more disapproved siblings than Jamie’s brothers, so Lauryn, Jaq’s sister, probably needs to keep an eye on her. You’d think that getting rid of her nasty, domineering ex-boyfriend Curtis would put her out of harm’s way. Curtis looks like a lapdog in comparison to his sister Vee.

Unhinged lapdog, but still. There is no possible world in which she wouldn’t seek revenge for the murder of her devoted brother. According to Hocking, the experiences her character has would be difficult for anyone. Simply said, her character never gives up. She simply keeps going, even after she reaches her breaking point.

Although we don’t have a crystal ball at our disposal, we have a feeling that Lauryn’s happily ever after may have to wait while she deals with the bloodthirsty Vee. We’re hoping she still has a little gas in the tank.

We know that Shelley, Dushane’s girlfriend, has at least one skeleton in her closet, and it might just spring to life. We have no idea who will be left in charge of Summerhouse Estate, except Jamie, since it’s the final season.

The Cast Of Top Boy Season 5

Dushane played by Ashley Walter and Sully played by Kane Robinson both survived another season relatively uninjured. At least neither passed away. Therefore, we anticipate their return.

We cannot guarantee that they will appear in the closing credits, though. Jamie, who is portrayed by Michael Ward, is quite unlikely to have survived Sully’s headshot. Therefore, it is fairly certain that we have seen the last of him.

After being shot by Jamie, Kit, who is portrayed by Kadeem Ramsay, won’t be joining the group for Top Boy Season 5. Ats, played by Keiyon Cook, Stef’s best friend, also turned up dead in the middle of season four, making it seem like a dreadful time for best friends.

However, we do anticipate the return of the following. Little Simz portrays Shelley, Jasmine Jobson portrays Jaq, Hope Ikpoku Jr. portrays Aaron, and Araloyin Oshunremi portrays Stef.

The Cast Of Top Boy Season 5

In addition, Saffron Hocking portrays Lauryn, Adwoa Aboah portrays Becks, Lisa Dwan portrays Lizzie, and Theo Ogundipe portrays Ruben. Erin Kellyman’s Pebbles and Ava Brennan’s Vee are set to return as well.

In addition to this, two well-known names have joined the group. Barry Keoghan from Eternals and Brian Gleeson from Peaky Blinders both appear in it.

They both agreed to participate in the following episodes. Since the second season of Top Boy, Ra’Nell Smith, played by Malcolm Kamulete, has been the subject of controversy.

The persona had a major role in the Channel 4 series’ first season. He hasn’t appeared, though, since Netflix renewed the show, and Smith’s destiny hasn’t been revealed on-screen.

When Will Top Boy Season 5 Be Released?

The final episodes of Top Boy have still not received an official release date as of April 2023, other than the knowledge that they will air this year. However, we are getting closer to knowing when that will be this year. The fifth and final season of Top Boy will air on Netflix in September, according to a statement made by the streaming service.

When Will Top Boy Season 5 Be Released?

It was previously said that disagreements over the last installment’s creative direction had caused delays. Fans who may have been concerned that there might have been more to these “creative differences” would be relieved to hear about the release window.

The earliest we can estimate when Top Boy season five will be available on streaming services is in September. We’ll let you know as soon as a specific date is available for Top Boy Season 5.

Is There A Trailer For Top Boy Season 5?

The newest trailer for Top Boy Season 5 may only be a teaser, but it contains a lot of information. Sully has an expression that says he doesn’t regret the violent steps he did in killing Jamie in season four; there is plenty of intensity written all over his face.

YouTube video player

It is not likely that this will improve his friendship with Dushane. In addition, Sully probably has a target for retaliation on his back. Although September cannot come fast enough, this will do for the time being.


The wait for the fifth and final season of Top Boy, which debuted on the streaming service over a year ago, is finally officially ended. Netflix just published the first teaser for Top Boy Season 5.

The streamer has also given an approximate time frame for when fans can say goodbye to Dushane and company. Do you anticipate watching Top Boy Season 5? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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