Triptych Review: Stream It or Skip It?

Can you imagine going about your life, living the most normal day ever until everything changes when you see someone who looks just like you? Twins and triplets are common these days, however, this Mexican Netflix series tells us the story of three babies separated months after being born, and now, 33 years later, the secrets begin to unravel.

Yes, we are here talking about the series Triptych, which has probably appeared on your Netflix account as a suggestion or on the top ten series because this Mexican thriller is bound to take you on a rollercoaster ride like no other.

Triptych Review

If you have already watched Triptych, then you know exactly why we’ve called this a rollercoaster ride, but if not, this review will tell you why, so make sure you read until the very end.

There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to this Mexican thriller and we will try and highlight everything that worked for us, as well as what didn’t work for us.

Do let us know in the comment section below what you think about Triptych, and we will give you our verdict on whether you should stream it or skip it!

Three is a Crowd, But Not on Triptych

The very meaning of Triptych is “set of three” so if you think this might be a spoiler, then you need to watch the trailer. As the title suggests, and after watching Triptych, here is our brief description of the series, but keep in mind, there will be some spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Triptych tells the story of a forensics officer, Rebecca, who is working on sight after a tragic shooting, where a woman has a psychotic breakdown and is eventually shot by the police force. Rebecca realizes that the woman who died, Aleida, looks exactly like her. Upon further investigation, their DNAs match, and soon after, Rebecca realizes there are three of them.

Now, Rebecca and Tamara, the third of the triplet, are caught up in a mess where Aleida’s family is doing everything in their power to cover up her death. Rebecca has been warned several times to back down from digging in further, by Humberto, a fellow police officer and the man having an affair with Rebecca. But, Rebecca isn’t one to back down.

Three is a Crowd, But Not on Triptych

There is one piece of Triptych that remains constant in every episode, whether it is at the very beginning when Alieda chases her to the roof of the building, or until the very end where she is revealed to be the mastermind behind everything, Dr. Bátiz, who was formerly Aleida’s psychiatrist, and the puppeteer controlling everything.

Science and its experiments have often been used for both good and bad, sometimes intentionally, and sometimes accidentally. Scientists experimented on rats, and in this case, the psychiatrist experimented on humans.

As you go through the episodes of Triptych, you will slowly figure out what is happening, and while the main plot twist isn’t hard to guess, a few elements were surprisingly shocking, and for that, Triptych and its writers deserve an honorable mention.

We will let you watch Triptych to see for yourself the little details that unravel, and you can pen down your guesses as the episodes go by.


Triptych has been successful in maintaining its reputation as a thriller with plenty of suspense, but there were a few things that we liked about this series. One of the main things that caught our attention was the actress Maite Perroni. It shouldn’t be hard to guess why we thought Perroni stole the show considering the fact that she played the role of Aleida, Rebecca, and Tamara, three characters that might have looked alike but were very different from each other.

Perroni did a brilliant job portraying three different characters, especially Rebecca and Tamara, who had the majority of the screen time on Triptych. Triptych would not have been successful without Perroni, and although her characters were flawed in many ways, she portrayed them in a way that narrated the story excellently, and that’s a win for Mexican television! If there is ever Triptych Season 2, we sure hope that Perroni will be a part of the series.


The other thing we really enjoyed about Triptych was how the series often mislead the characters as well as the viewers, through different bombs that were dropped. Usually, when it comes to thrillers and suspense plots, the viewers are smarter than the characters in the series, but with Triptych, everyone was on the same level.

If Rebecca was confused about something, so were we, even though we should have known better. Nevertheless, a lot of credit for this should go to the writers of Triptych, who have carefully woven this fictional tale for us.


Speaking of fictional tales, each episode of Triptych says it has been based on true events, although the exact events have never been revealed.

However, there are similarities between Triptych and a case that came to light in 2018 through a documentary called Three Identical Strangers that focuses on the story of Eddy Galland, David Kellman, and Bobby Shafran who were triplets separated at birth and a part of a social experiment. It is entirely possible that Triptych is based on those events, although it has not been confirmed.

Three Identical Strangers

Triptych did have a few things that didn’t work for it as well, and one of the main things was that until the last episode, not much happens, at least nothing that contributes to the main plot, which was an experiment.

We would have loved to know more about the experiment maybe in the last few episodes and not just the finale. There were too many things happening that didn’t need to happen Nevertheless, it taught us a little bit more about the characters.

We would have loved to know more about the lead psychiatrist who was behind the entire experiment as well, at least more than her watering her plants and flowers.

 last few episodes

Triptych was an exceptional series and a great thriller, but it could have been a little better, and more intense. Hopefully, if there is another season of Triptych in the future, we will see a different perspective.

Of the three sisters, Aleida was our favorite, but maybe that is because we didn’t see much of her. Rebecca and Tamara weren’t the most likable characters, and we weren’t entirely sure whether that was intentional or not.



We think that you need to add Triptych to your list right away because it is the perfect binge and will keep you hooked until the very last episode. Let us know what your thoughts on Triptych are!

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