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Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 Review - A Friendly Match

Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 Review – A Friendly Match

Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 Review

The light-hearted sports anime Tsurune: The Linking Shot is refreshing, and you will breathe into the spring-like season while watching it. The pace of the Tsurune: The Linking Shot story is neither too slow to bore you nor too fast to confuse you. The anime is perfect if you are looking for some relaxing sports anime.

Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 7 Recap

Before sharing Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 review, let’s first recap Episode 7. In the 7th episode of Tsurune: The Linking Shot, we finally know why the anime has been named Tsurune the linking shot because the word is crucial to perform unified Kyudo during the team tournaments.

We also witness the characters forging new bonds and surpassing the mental blocks holding them down, allowing them to improve at Kyudo.

Kirisaki and Kazamai High Joint Practice

A trajectory can refer to an object’s past and future, showcased in the episode through a metaphor and has been used as the title of Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 effectively. The Kazamai Kyudo members have a joint practice with the Kirisaki Kyudo club, which takes them back to their rival days and asks them questions about the upcoming tournament.

Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 Review

The Tsurune: The Linking Shot Episode 8 opens with everyone cleaning and practicing their shorts in the morning. As the Kazami Kyudo club enters Krisaki high, they praise the school for its facilities and grand decor. Kirisaki High also has a cafe (I wish I had one at my school anyway).

Kirisaki also has separate shooting ranges for junior and senior high school students. Kazamai Kyudo girl members get compliments from Kirisaki High members for their performance which we saw in the previous episode.

Coach Takigawa Takes the First Shot

Before the beginning of the practice, Shuu requests coach Takigawa to perform the ceremonial shot, which also shares with us a glimpse of the time when he visited his shrine. Ryohei gets questioned by Senichi about Shuu.

Senichi speculates on Ryohei’s relationship with Shuu. Minato and others record the shots to prevent any further mistakes in the future, like the one they did in the previous tournament that we watched at the beginning of the Tsurune: The Linking Shot.

Nikaido’s Lies

By the time we reach the mid of the episode, we get to see Nikaidou and Minato’s time together. Minato is seeing reflecting upon his past with Nikaido. We have discovered from sources that Nikaido’s uncle and Minato’s teacher have some bad blood history. Later we see Nikaido requesting the teacher to increase the budget for their Kyudo club.

We see Nikaido acting crafty and using his wits to convince the teacher to fund them for the trip; the continuous lies he says in the episode indicate that he has a dark and twisted past related to himself and others.

Kazamai High loses to Kirisaki High

The episode starts wrapping up with a practice match between Kirisaki and Kazamai. The CGI of discordant ripples showcasing the Ikiai they tried to achieve during the match was impressive.

The visual direction focused on the rhythms of the archers rather than their targets was a great choice to imply that the target is less important than matching up to the rhythm of teammates. Although Kirisaki high wins the match, Kazamai doesn’t feel miserable. Rather they feel motivated to do better in the upcoming tournament.

The anime ended with some humorous clips on Kirisaki High students. All the elements were placed and scattered nicely, leaving us with questions about Nikaido and his past, which we will likely get to watch in the upcoming episodes. You can watch the anime on HIDIVE.


The anime is going great and is a must-watch for those looking for calming sports anime with meaning to it.

Do let me know which anime you want me to review next through the comments section below.

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